Lincoln: Dear beloved fans...

Lori: We literally appreciate you being fans for this long and...

Lola: And tuning in to me my beauty! And the other siblings as well whenever you can...

Leni: But, like, how dare you think we are abusive to our Linky and each other?!

Lynn: Hearing that has got to be the stupidest thing I have heard of my 13 years of life!

Lucy: It makes me even more depressed that you can think that way about us.

Ronnie Anne: I know I like messing with Lame-O, but I’m not a monster! Even I have limits! I do kind of like his company!

Luna: We may not be a model or perfect family. But what family is perfect?!

Lynn: Siblings mess with each other! Big deal! Do you guys have any siblings yourselves?!

Lori: Sure I may have been a bit harsh tossing Lincoln out of my room, but remember when I drove all the way to the store to replace his expensive virtual reality goggles out of my own pocket money? Nobody talks about that now do they?

Lincoln: Yes, there are times where I do feel like a “black sheep”, there are times where I do get angry at my sisters, and at least one or two times I’ve thought about running away. But what I do is just remember all the good memories and I’m feeling better again. Like what Luna said, we’re not a perfect family, but no family is. We fight, we argue, we do pretty nasty things to one another, but we also really do love each other. For all the times we do those bad things, there’s lots of time we show our appreciation to one another. I don’t know who’d I be if I lost any of my sisters. So with that said, we hope you can take this message to heart, and continue watching our show with this new thought in mind.

Sincerely yours, Lincoln

Lori: Lori

Leni: Leni

Luna: Luna

Luan: Luan...wait, that’s all I get to say?!

Lynn: Lynnsanity

Lucy: Lucy

Lola: Lola

Lana: Lana

Lisa: Lisa

Lily: Poo-Poo!

(Special thanks to Dustin Lee James for that new Lori line)

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