Note: For the title, I got inspired by this episode.

Plot: After Lincoln and Clyde saved Royal Woods from one of Lisa's experiment monster, they decided to become full-time superheroes and protect Royal Woods.

The episodes starts off with Lincoln chilling in his bedroom reading an Ace Savvy comic.

Suddenly, the door barges open.

Clyde: LINCOLN!!!

Lincoln startled.

Lincoln: Clyde! You could have just knocked!

Clyde: Lincoln! There is a dragonfly terrorizing Royal Woods! ITS BIG, SCARY AND PINK!!!

Lincoln: Yeah... I don't see why I would be scared if that "monster" was pink. Secondly, oh Clyde, sweet innocent Clyde, there is not a big, scary and pink dragonfly terrorizing Royal Woods.

Clyde: But, its real! Look.

Clyde shows Lincoln the news channel on his phone, showing the dragonfly attacking buildings and people.

Lincoln: Holy shamoley! Clyde, we got to do something.

Clyde: Like what?

After that, Lisa, looking guilty, entered Lincoln's room.

Lisa: Ha ha... Apologies, Brother unit and his trusty companion.

Lincoln, looking confused: What's wrong Lisa?

Lisa: I might have unwittingly let the colossal Anisoptera out of his cage.

Lincoln and Clyde: YOU WHAT?!!

Lincoln: Wait so, the dragonfly was yours?

Lisa: Indeed.

Clyde: How are we going to stop it?

Lisa: Don't worry, I build a machine that can combine your DNA with actual real-life superheroes DNA. Hence, giving you super powers

Lincoln and Clyde: Woah!

Lincoln: Lisa, can you give us Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack powers?

Lisa: Of course, Lincoln, follow me

Lincoln and Clyde followed Lisa into her room.

Lisa: Behold! The DNA Combiner 3000.

Lincoln: Hurry up and zap us Lisa!

Lisa: Hold on! I'm trying to mix DNA's to include all of Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack's powers


Lisa: Finished.

Lincoln: Awesome, now zap us.

Lisa: Now stand still. This will only hurt a lot.

Lincoln: *gulp*

Clyde: Don't worry Lincoin, Dr Lopez told me to endure pain, all we have to d-- AHHHHHHHHHHH

Both of them screamed in suffering as the electrifying zap jolted through Lincoln and Clyde's bodies.

Soon, the machine started malfunctioning.

Lisa: Oh no, I gotta take cover!

Lisa went under Lily's bed

All the sudden, "BOOM" an explosion occurred.

The explosion was so huge that it blew off the roof.

Lisa's room was all camouflaged in smoke and Lisa couldn't see Lincoln and Clyde.

Lisa: Lincoln! Clyde! Are you two still alive and existing on Earth

Nobody responded.


Lisa then followed up by starting to cry tearfully

As the smoke started to clear up, Lincoln and Clyde (In Ace Savvy and One-Eye Jack costume) walked up right behind her.

Lincoln: Hey Lisa, why are you crying?

Lisa stopped crying.

Lisa: Wait, where did you go?

Lincoln: Oh, after realizing that we have superpower now, we decided to go get our costumes. You thought we were dead, didn't you?

Lisa: Of course not, I react with little to no human emotions at all.

Clyde: Sure,(rolling his eyes) alright Ace Savvy, lets squish this bug!

(The cut scene then skips to Lincoln and Clyde running to Burpin Burger where the dragonfly is)


Clyde: First of all, he is a monster. Secondly, there are other Burpin Burgers in town so chill bro.

Lincoln: Oh right I forgot..

(The dragonfly then noticed them, and gave them eerie glare)

Clyde: Man, he's really starting to "bug" me out. ha ha...

(The dragonfly roared vociferously at them)

Lincoln and Clyde: RUN!!!

(The boys started running away from the dragonfly)

Clyde: So whats our plan now?!

(After Clyde said that, Lincoln notice a giant statue of a swatter)

Lincoln: Oh convenient.

(Lincoln went up to the statue and use his super strength to lift it)

(The dragonfly followed behind Lincoln, attempting to eat him)

Lincoln: Bye bye, Mr Dragonfly.

(Lincoln then swatted the dragonfly which then resulted in the dragonfly splatter onto the ground and passing out.)

(People came up to Lincoln and Clyde to cheer for them)

Lincoln: Clyde, We saved the day. We're heroes!

Clyde: And people are cheering for us!

(Seconds later, the mayor showed up to the scene in his limo)

Mayor: Ah, the two ideal heroes who saved the town from possible catastrophic damages

Lincoln: Yep, that's us.

Mayor: Say, would you become Royal Woods full-time superheroes?

Clyde: Well actually we ca--

Lincoln then abruptly interrupted

Lincoln: Of course we will!

Mayor: Great! Here's a phone. Whenever someone needs help, they will call your number and it will beep, and you will have to be there as soon as possible.

Lincoln: Sweet, thanks Mayor.

(The mayor then drove away in his limo)

Clyde: Lincoln! We can't be full time heroes. We have other important things to do!

Lincoln: But Clyde...

Clyde: No! We are not doing this.

LIncoln: Please!

Clyde: NO!

Lincoln: Pretty Please!

Clyde: NO!

Lincoln who's magically turned into a girl: Pretty Please!


Lincoln turned back into himself

                TO BE CONTINUED... I will write more tomorrow. See you then!
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