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    Leni and her work friends were looking for chow.

    Miguel, who was scared and he wanted food right now,

    Got burger smoothies, which tasted icky.

    Then, they said, "Mrs. Carmichael is so nitpicky."

    Leni said, "I can see both sides," and then,

    Mrs. Carmichael called a staff meeting again.

    She said, "For a while, I'll be going away,

    So Leni, you'll sub for me while I'm gone. K?"

    Leni said, "Can I be a boss and be fun?"

    Lori said, "Yes, if you get the job done."

    She made her friends food, and, in addition,

    Made folding sweaters into a competition.

    They completed their jobs and had fun a whole bunch,

    And she let her friends have a long lunch.

    A bunch of old people pulled up by the mall.

    She didn't know how to cater to them all,

    And if she called her friends back,…

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    Charles, Cliff, and Geo looked over too see,

    Walt looking at a fake flamingo lovingly.

    They fancied him off and so off the bird flew,

    But he found it was fake, so he went off to stew.

    He was still sulking when it got to be night.

    Then, Walt's three friends thought, "We must set things right.

    We just have to do what they did on the show:

    Find him a partner!", so off they did go.

    A hummingbird was nice, but a little too quick.

    A dove was too sad, an owl had a gross trick.

    A hawk was too scary, but when they met a duck,

    They finally had a bit of good luck.

    They dressed Walt again and set them up for dinner.

    When it was over, Walt felt like a winner.

    The duck, on the other hand, felt pretty sad,

    Because she had to go away, which made Walt feel bad.

    The pets m…

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  • Discofurby

    Hello, Loud crowd! This is my eighth chapter of Lincoln's Memories. You can read the first seven parts here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. This details Lincoln learning to ride a bike.

    It was an ordinary Saturday afternoon in the Loud house, and Lincoln, age five, was wandering around looking for something to do.

    As he observed everybody, he realised that everyone in the house was currently learning something, except for him.

    His mother, Rita, had been going to dancing school on Friday nights, his father, Lynn Sr., had been trying to learn Cantonese, and all eight of his sisters were learning something too--

    Lori, the oldest at age eleven, was learning how to leave the house on her own, ten-year-old Leni was learning to tie a knot, n…

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    The Louds, in disguises, were sneaking round town,

    With the exception of Luan the clown.

    April Fool's was tomorrow and they needed a plan,

    To not have their butts pranked off them by Luan.

    Should they hide out with Bobby? Go overseas?

    Go into space? Beg on their knees?

    Then a woman said, "Everyone out of the way.

    We're filming a stunt in a movie today."

    The Louds watched the stunt and it looked pretty rad,

    And the stuntsman looked rather a lot like the dad.

    They then thought, "Let's each of us hire a stunt double.

    That's a fine way to stay out of trouble!".

    So they hired doubles, all Louds but Luan.

    Lincoln's stunt double was an old man.

    The Louds taught their doubles how to act right,

    And they made the switch in the darkness of night.

    The doubles went of…

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  • Discofurby

    Mrs. J said, "I must speak with your mom and dad."

    Lincoln thought, "Yikes! Does that mean something bad?!"

    He was very nervous, the only Loud brother.

    Was this about that time when he called her his mother?

    But when the poster said, "First come, first served,"

    Suddenly, Linc was a lot less unnerved.

    "I just have to stall my old mom and dad,

    And they won't find out if I did something bad!"

    He didn't wear pants, then a shirt, then he said,

    "Whoops! I have now put my jeans on my head!".

    The parents went off with their only son,

    And on the list, they were the last one.

    Linc said, "I've done my part and now all of you,

    Get all of your parents to stall for me too."

    Rusty's dad tried selling Mrs. J duds,

    But she didn't like them. One of his other buds,

    A young …

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