Lincoln was trying to eat up his food,

But his younger sisters were being quite rude.

He thought, "If I find a way to prove that I'm mature,

I could sit with Mom, Dad and the big girls, I'm sure!".

Clyde said: "No problem, 'cause I've always sat,

With the grownups. I'll show you just where it is at."

Lincoln tried coffee, but spat it all out,

But Clyde said, "You're improving. I have no doubt."

He tried reading the paper. "Are you right in the head?",

Said Lori and Leni. "My back's stiff," Linc said.

The twins were upstairs, they were struggling to cope,

With both of them wanting to have the jump rope.

Lincoln said, "I've got this, you two can share it."

But made them both mad by deciding to tear it.

He then cut himself when attempting to shave,

But Clyde said, "Time for stage two. You'll do it; you're brave!".

He set up cardboard dummies all around the table,

Then said, "Show me the salad fork if you are able."

Lincoln chose wrong, and he ate Lori's bread.

"I'll share my buns with you," the lovesick Clyde said.

He went on to teach Lincoln some other tricks,

Like never make small talk about politics.

Clyde then told Linc to dress up in a suit,

So his training would finally be absolute.

Lincoln said, "Mom, Dad, I think that I'm able,

To sit with all you lot at the grown-up table."

His parents agreed, he was one happy dude,

But he felt disappointed at his dad's choice of food.

And soon he grew bored, but they said, "Don't tell jokes!"

He looked at the young girls being goofy folks.

When they said, "No dessert!", he thought, "That's not for me!".

He said to Clyde, "Help! It's a nightmare, you see!

I have to get back!", but Clyde said, "If you do,

Your parents in the future won't listen to you."

Then, that night, Lincoln had a bad dream.

It was nearly enough to make the boy scream,

But it gave him a thought, "If I act like a kid,

I might be sent back." So that's just what he did:

He joked and he sang and he played with his food,

So his parents said, "Go back! You're being too rude!".

He went back to the table and had a food fight.

Soon, all of the Loud kids joined in on that night.

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