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Full Name: The Mayor of Royal Woods

Other Names: Mr. Mayor, Sir, Mayor

Age: 53

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good (to Lincoln and other good people); Neutral (thanks to Clyde and other mean and rude people)

Status: Alive

Voiced by: Carlos Alazraqui

Inspirations: Aunt Bethie from Disney's Marsupilami, The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Red from Angry Birds, John Silver from Treasure Planet, The Red Guy from Cow and Chicken and I Am Weasel, Ren Hoek from The Ren and Stimpy Show and Chris Savino


Lovely, funny, kind, sweet, nice, adventurous, caring, honest, happy, enthusiastic, joyful, protective, careful, friendly (to Lincoln); Loyal, selfless, heroic (to Lincoln kindly again and also other good people); Grumpy, bossy, sarcastical, cynical, selfish, angry, unkind, aggressive, brave, arrogant, greedy, short-tempered, strict, stern (thanks to Clyde, the rest of the Loud Family and other mean and rude people)


Accessories: Blue dress

Hair colour: Grey

Eye colour: Black


City mayor


To protect Lincoln Loud like a special friend and to defends the city (successed)


  • Parent(s): Unknown wife, unknown father, unknown mother, unknown daughters, unknown sons, unknown nephews, unknown cousins, unknown brothers and sisters
  • Pets: Maurice (Pet Bulldog)
  • Friends/Allies: Lincoln Loud, the security, his friends, his butler, his bulldog, Pop Pop, Lori Loud, Leni Loud, Luna Loud, the rest of the Loud family, Ronnie Anne Santiago, Bobby Santiago, The Casagrandes Family, Becky, Dana
  • Enemies: Clyde McBride, Flip, Katherine Mulligan, Agnes Johnson, Principal Wilbur Huggins, Lincoln's other friends, other school kids, Coach Pacowski, Hank and Hawk, Scoots, Lori Loud (formerly), Leni Loud (formerly), Luna Loud (formerly), The rest of the Loud Family (formerly), Ronnie Anne Santiago (formerly), Bobby Santiago (formerly)


Powers/Abilities: His mall, computer, city key, money


  • Likes: Lincoln Loud, Lincoln's heroism, Lincoln's kindness, Lincoln's rights, Lincoln's good and nice face, Lincoln's white hair, lasagna, chicken nuggets, chicken fries, coffee, bullying and treating bad all bad guys, good people, the Loud family treating good Lincoln, his city, his citiziens, his family, friends, his pet, Lincoln's story, everyone treating good Lincoln, Lincoln treating bad everyone, Lincoln and Bobby as good brothers despite their the friends, his bulldog kindness to Lincoln, Lincoln's fortunes, Ace Savvy, Smooch, ARRGH, Lincoln's sisters (currently), city good rules, city goodness, getting happy at Lincoln, his relationship with Lincoln, love and kindness to Lincoln, tucking Lincoln in to experiences, taking selfie of him and Lincoln together, humiliating and insulting everyone for Lincoln, being happy, unselfishness
  • Dislikes: Mean people, rude people, bad guys, everyone bullying and treating bad Lincoln, everyone messing with Lincoln, everyone reprimanding Lincoln, being annoyed or angered by Clyde for his rude behavior, Lincoln's bad mood, Ronnie Anne's rude behavior, Bobby with other girls, bullies, selfishness, the city bad rules, bad news, his bulldog rudeness to Lincoln, Lincoln's sisters (formerly), bad guys insulting his things, Lincoln's sad mood, enemies, being disappointed by bad people, schools, getting angry at mean and rude people for Lincoln, everyone insulting Lincoln, losing his temper by bad and rude people for Lincoln, being cruel, Lincoln in danger


The Mayor of Royal Woods is temperamentally likeable and kind to Lincoln, treating him carefully as a great friend, but he's unlike, unpleasantly, severely and aggressively too authoritarian towards everyone, mistreating them properly, for the attentions of Lincoln that is happily defended.

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