I talked about the worst episodes, time for the meh episodes of the Loud House to be talked about. At least 9 of them, ones that aren’t good or bad just in the middle. I’m going to keep this somewhat brief since writing this much does tire me out so sorry this isn’t as long as it’s normally is.

Sleuth or Consequences: Yeah, I find this meh not because of the sisters teasing or the toilet clogging as it isn’t a big deal. Why? First of all in real life, I’ve dealt with teasing from my family and others and my family does tease me, but it doesn’t make sad as it annoys me and that’s kind of the way it seems the sisters did it to Linc and even Linc thought it was annoying also there wasn’t that much teasing. In fact this was all of the teasing in the episode directed to Linc.

[his sisters notice his costume and laugh at him.] Lynn: "Get a load of this!" Lori: "That is literally the funniest thing I have ever seen!" Lola: "You aren't going out in public like that, are you?" Lisa: "I might point out that you are well past the recommended age that this behavior is deemed acceptable." [they laugh some more] Lincoln: [to the viewers] "Harsh, right? But you know what? It doesn't even bother me. With 10 opinionated sisters, you gotta have a thick skin." [to his sisters] "Your insults are like the wind beneath my cape; they only lift me higher! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some guyliner to apply." [more laughter from his sisters; as he enters the bathroom, water from the toilet gushes out.]

Also I don’t see how teasing is evil. Trust me it isn’t great, but this teasing wasn’t that bad and even in the end when they got released from their punishment they didn’t even tease him. This just felt like normal family teasing. Overall people whined about one part that barely took up 1/10 of the episode. Linc trying to find the culprit took up majority oft the episode. Also the clogging part makes sense they would blame him as he did it three times. Overall I didn’t like Lucy’s role as they changed her just for a plot just to change her back to normal at the end and her trying to frame her sisters came off a bit wrong. Also the episode was boring.

Crying Dame:  With Lily crying for a new toy, problem is she has a blankie and a teddy bear so it comes off as a weak motivation for her, but she’s a baby so what can you expect. The song was annoying and what I hated how the siblings somehow hated the fox, but liked the song, but it comes off stupid since they clearly hated the song so it comes off confusing. Also the parents not helping in any way, but what I should I expect from them? I kind of wished it had Lily learn that her siblings are what makes her happy.

Roadie to Nowhere: A weak motivation to quitting and that leads to a boring mess.  She quits just because Chunk failed, and its dumb since many fail in any category you’ll get a job in, but just because they failed doesn’t always mean you will. It comes off stupid to me and the fact it had two plots with her trying to use music somewhere else to finding a new interest came off as two episodes. I would say this decreased Luna’s chances of being liked since the other two episodes didn’t do much for her either.

Heavy Meddle: A bad moral. They could have deconstructed it in a clever way. Bad start to Ronnie Anne, feels very incomplete episode.

ARRGH You For Real!: Making Clyde whine for the dumbest reason wasn’t good. Could have Clyde only not believe in ARRGH and Linc wants to see that show still which creates a better conflict instead of giving Linc a weak motivation and making Clyde look like an idiot.

Study Muffin: Making most Louds like Hugh was weird and it showed what the Clyde effect does, but not as bad as Clyde is. Hugh was pointless since Linc never needed him so most of this episode was not needed.

Pipe Dreams: The parents have somewhat a good reason to get a second bathroom, but come off bad in wasting their money on worthless security measures and it comes off clunky to me.

Making the Grade: Both Linc and Lisa were bad. Lisa shouldn’t have been a buzzkill and shouldn’t have listened to Linc and Linc shouldn’t have tried to change her.

Future Tense: The parents forcing their kids to join stuff since they want to beat the Yates while being lazy. Only the SAT stuff made sense, the rest didn’t. Also competing with the Yates came off annoying.  Also the ending came off forced.

Please don't argue over this, try to be mature. Also I'm kind of tired to deal with $$$$ lately so sorry once again for this being weird. I'm currently very, very tired, but I had to get this out and yeah not that proud of this hopefully it got its message out.

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