Spoilers alert, please leave if you haven't watched that episode yet.

I'm making this post to talk about my unpopular opinion about the episode Kings of the Con from Season 4. 

Basically, it isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be imo. I can explain, don't throw shade at me yet.

For starters, it isn't "wasted potential" at all. The progression of the episode was pretty good and there was quite good action in between, specially towards the end, and the extended time of it was pretty well-used in my standards. Plus, the sisters did have a lot of showing in the ep, enough to make it good use of potential

Secondly, at this point it's just dumb to complain about Lincoln or Clyde being too "selfish". It's part of his character and many eps wouldn't be the same without it!

Finally, Lincoln and Clyde did REALLY deserve to have their win taken off and have the litter box scooping role. They caused a HUGE mess by stealing that cat just to outrank the sisters, so that punishment is less than enough.

Anyway, get mad at me all you want =))

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