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Frigid Fever title card

Lincoln and Leni get a fever after a snowball fight and both try to get healthy.


Winter holiday morning. The Loud siblings were having a snowball fight expect for Lori and Lily. Lori felt too old for this so she stayed at home to take care of Lily instead. They were shared on 2 teams, but Lisa belonged to none as she served as the judge, but her true intention was to study something only she knew. In Luna's team were Lana, Lincoln and Lucy when Luan's team were Lola, Leni and Lynn. Luna had charisma, but lacked patience to plan, so Lincoln was responsible for strategy. In Luan's team Lola was the strategist. Lola figured out that Lincoln is the brain of the opponent team, so she told her teammates to focus him. Lincoln was ready for this, Luna was his bodyguard. Lynn was annoyed that her rivals have advantage, so started throwing snowballs like a mad girl. Luna was standing to defend Lincoln, but she was reaching her limit. Lincoln threw snowball, but it didn't hit Lynn. She laughed that he missed, but that was merely a distraction so Lana could get closer to Luan's team and throw snowballs to the nearest tree behind them. It made snow from the tree branches fall on Luan's team.

Lisa: I declare Luna's team is victorious.

Lola: [angry] Objection! That trick was a clear cheating!

Lisa: There is nothing in the rules about such trick and all what's not banned is allowed.

Lola was outraged and charged on Lincoln, she slipped and hit Lincoln, making him fall. It happened so fast Luna couldn't stop her.

Lola: You ruined my strategy by such simple trick!

Lincoln: [gulp]

Lola quickly rubbed Lincoln's face with snow. Lincoln was so confused that he couldn't react quickly to defend himself. Lola began force feeding Lincoln with snow much to disgust of rest of the sisters. Lucy and Lana grabbed angry Lola and took her away from Lincoln, letting Luna help Lincoln to stand up.

Lola: Let me go! I am not done with him!

Lana: Lola! The fight is over! Force feeding him with snow?! Are you insane?!

Luan: You should do it to yourself to cool your temperament! [giggle]

Leni: That was just mean! You should respect your opponents.

Luna: Listen to your teammates! Losing fight is one thing but such behavior makes you lose even more.

Lola: Easy to say, because you won!

Lucy: [whispering to Lola's ear] Your heart of ice will melt in hell.

Lola jumped scared by Lucy's whispering.

Lisa: Enough! No more struggle, the snow fight is over!

Luna: Lincoln, are you alright? You look pale.

Lincoln: I feel...Oh, I have a headache.

Lincoln felt bad and sneezed so loudly that it caused all icicles from the nearest houses fall. To check Lincoln's temperature Luna removed glove from her right hand and touched his forehead.

Luna: [worried] Dude, you have a fever!

Leni: We have snow around, just put it on his forehead.

Lisa: It won't help, silly!

Lincoln: I just sneezed. Oh, I feel really bad.

Lisa: You can't stay here any longer! Let's go back home now.

Luna lead Lincoln to their house. Rest of the siblings glared on Lola with deep anger and disgust. Lynn grabbed her collar and lifted her.

Lynn: I knew you hate losing but this?! That was so low, even for you!

Luan: And not cool! I'm not even in mood for jokes.

Lola: Aren't you angry that you lost too?

Lynn: Doesn't matter! We don't do such things to our family!

Lana: We lost our strategist!

Lucy: Our future victories are dead.

Leni: Build a snowman alone, because I won't play with you!

Lana: Let's put snow into her clothes as punishment.

Lucy: Cold punishment for a cold-hearted crime.

Luan: Why? To become as nasty as her?

Lynn: You're right. She's so bad that she's not even worth of holding any longer!

Lynn let Lola go and caused her to fall on her butt. It was quite painful for her. None of the sisters was in mood to play any longer, so everyone was angry on Lola and left her. Meanwhile Lincoln was lying in his bed. Lori checked his temperature and wasn't pleased with the result.

Lori: I don't have good news. With such temperature you can literally forget about playing outside.

Lincoln: No! I hate getting sick!

Lori: Nobody loves this.

Luna: I wish you get healthy soon, dude. [she put a wet rag on Lincoln's forehead]

Lori: That's a wishful thinking. He will stay in bed for at least few days.

Lincoln: But the holidays just started!

Lori: If you want to heal faster then take a nap. This will make your organism focus fully on healing. I'll make a chicken soup for you according to family recipe.

Lincoln: I hope this will help. I'm losing whole fun rest of my sisters have.

Luna: [patting his head] Sleep well, dude.

Lori: Don't touch him or you'll get infected!

Luna and Lori left Lincoln's room and closed the door. Lincoln tried to read a comic book, but in his state he couldn't focus, so he threw it in anger. He got angrier, because he thought his sisters play outside without him. He had troubles with falling asleep, but he eventually did it. He dreamed that he's in sauna with his sisters, all siblings had white towels.

Louds in Sauna

Lincoln: [blushing] Are we in sauna?

Lori: Where else could we be, twerp? Sauna is the best for cold winters.

Lincoln: How can I be with you here with no problem?

Luna: We made a family reservation of this sauna room. Now we all can be here regardless of gender.

Lincoln: Thanks. I rather be with you than alone in this room full of steam.

Leni: You're one of us, so feel like one of us in our company.

Lynn: Relax and enjoy, little bro. Get rid of your worries along with your sweat.

All siblings enjoyed the sauna steam expressing it with sighing. However the dream ended, when Lincoln heard Lori's screaming.

Lori: Leni! What do you think you're doing?!

Leni: I'm just trying to help Lincoln get healthy faster.

Lincoln [confused]: What are you two talking about?

Lincoln screamed in shock, when he discovered that Leni was hugging him and lying in his bed next to him.

Lori: One sick kid is a problem enough! Now I have 2 kids under my care!

Leni: No way it could get worse. [she sneezed] Or maybe I'm wrong.

Lori: Now you'll stay here with him! Both of you, don't leave the bed!

Lincoln: Can't she at least go to her bed?

Lori: To infect my room?! Literally no way!

Lori left outraged by Leni's stupidity and loudly closed the door.

Lincoln: [annoyed] Sis, what made you go into my bed?

Leni: To get rid of the fever you need a lot of warmth. Family warmth is the best. It's source is love and nobody loves you more than I do.

Lincoln: Leni, love is not a cure for everything. Now we're both sick. Did you not think you can get infected?

Leni: All I thought about was you getting better. Don't you see this?

Lincoln: I see you listen to your heart and not to your head.

Leni: [sad] Lori is right about me, I'm naive like a child believing in fairy tales. No matter how good intentions I have, I always do all wrong!

Lincoln: [sarcastically] Do you want to know if I see anything good in this? At least now I'm not alone in my pain. I feel so lonely when, I'm alone and sick in my room.

Leni: I knew you'd appreciate my deed. [she hugged Lincoln strongly] You're so sweet, Lincoln.

Lincoln: Leni, stop hugging me! I can't breathe.

Meanwhile Lola was walking towards the living room, where rest of the sisters were sitting on couch.

Lana: Look out! The ice queen is coming!

Luan: (Laugh) What a suitable name!

Lola: Ice queen?

Lucy: [angry] After what you did to Lincoln, that's perfect for you!

Lynn: Don't talk to her. You'll get infected by her malice.

Lola: Malice? I was just angry.

Luna: [sarcastic] If someone made you sick, would you accept anger as an excuse?

Lisa: It's pointless. Just leave her.

The sisters came to their rooms, but Lola was left to herself. Lori was walking angry and whispering to herself. Lori: Leni, no brain but heart as big as a moon! She's only a year younger than me, but her psyche in on level of a small child. Instead of dating Bobby I have 2 small children to heal from fever! I wonder if he has similar problems with his sister.

Luan: Are you talking to yourself? That's not how people train Ventriloquism. [giggle]

Lori: Don't anger me more! Now Leni also is ill.

Luan: Leni also?

Lori: Listen up, everyone! Lincoln's room is literally under quarantine. It means whoever goes to his room, will be locked there with him. Leni already is inside. Be smarter and don't follow her example.

Luna: [sadly] Two siblings got sick one day, that's just awful. We can just hope they'll get healthy soon.

Luan: [angrily staring on Lola] Are you proud of yourself?! You stole holidays from two siblings.

Lola: I didn't tell Leni to visit Lincoln, stop blaming me!

Lana: [angry] All started by you!

Lisa: [angry] What if Lily makes you angry? Will you also make her sick?

Lori: It seems she's a danger to us all. That's why I'll take Lana to myself and you'll sleep alone tonight in your room. You also eat dinner alone today.

Lola: You're not my mom to punish me!

Lori: Still I'll suggest mom to punish you this way. Enough. Now I need to make chicken soup.

Lori went towards kitchen, all sisters went to their rooms. Suddenly Lucy performed a strange dance around Lola and whispered strange unintelligible words.

Lola: What's that supposed to be?

Lucy: I just put a curse on you. I won't lift it until you atone for your atrocity.

Lola: [scared] What curse? How does it work?

Lucy: You'll learn it yourself. For now fear the unknown.

Lucy left Lola alone and she got nervous. Back to Lincoln's room he was still lying in his bed with Leni, they looked on each other and talked as they had nothing better to do.

Leni: I see you still have the stuffed bunny I gave to you.

Lincoln: I call him Bun-bun. That's the only plushy I didn't give Lola or Lana.

Leni: You know? I used to make stuffed animals myself. When I was little, our parents didn't have sufficient salaries to buy toys for us. I had to make them myself from rags I found on street.

Lincoln: Mom and dad told me this. Then mom was trained as a dentist assistant and dad had the lowest position in his company.

Leni: I also made clothes for toys. They were based on clothes in fashion magazines and that's how my fascination with fashion design began.

Lincoln: You're quite crafty.

Leni: At least you notice this. Lori constantly criticizes my works.

Lincoln: If your fashion designs aren't appreciated you can always return to toy making.

Leni: Do you remember how we as little kids used to play together with my homemade plushies?

Lincoln: I do, sweet old times. We gave them to my younger sisters.

Suddenly Lynn opened door to Lincoln's room. She was holding a board with two cups of cocoa.

Lynn: Hey, guys. Lori forbid to come to you, but she didn't forbid to give you cocoa drink.

Lynn put the board on floor.

Leni: That's kind of you.

Lincoln: Thanks, Lynn.

Lynn: Without you snowball fight isn't so exciting

Lincoln: During winter break nothing is worse than getting sick and losing fun.

Lynn: I hope you'll get healthy soon. I'd like to have you in team in next fight. My fighting talent combined with your strategies would make us unstoppable.

Leni and Lincoln drank half of the fluids from their cups without a break. Then suddenly they both got red and sweaty. Inside their mouths they felt burned. They exposed their tongues and waved their hands like fans to cool them.

Lincoln: [angry] Are you Luan in disguise? That joke is very unfunny!

Leni: [angry] What did you bring us?

Lynn: Cocoa with kind of wasabi. Spicy food kills bacteria. I eat spicy things when I'm sick and it helps.

Leni: But none of us both is you! We all react differently.

Lynn: I only tried to make your healing faster. Does it matter to you that I wanted to help? [she made puppy eyes]

Lincoln: You want to help? Then take it back and drink it yourself!

Lincoln put both cups on floor outside his room and then he closed door in anger. Lynn was sad after hearing this from Lincoln. She poured cocoa drink from one cup to another and drank it to drown her sadness in it. She walked towards her room.

Lincoln: Maybe I was too hard for her.

Leni: I think you were right to be angry at her. Ouch, my tongue.

Lincoln: I will apologize her when I meet her again.

Lori entered Lincoln's room. She was holding two plates of chicken soup.

Lori: A chicken soup for my patients. I see you really need it, you are red because of the fever.

Lincoln: [sniffing the soup] The very scent of this makes me breath better. I start eating now!

Leni: I can't smell anything, I have blocked nose.

Leni and Lincoln ate their plates of chicken soup. Lori took the dirty plates and let them rest. She also rubbed them with aromatherapy salve so their noses could breath. Meanwhile in Lynn finished drinking cocoa in her room. Lucy was also in this room.

Lynn: They are right, I'm not helping them. Lucy, did you really put a curse on Lola?

Lucy: No, it was an act. I just wanted to make her fear. Mom and dad grounded her, but that's too light for her.

Lynn: Because you lost the strategist? Without Lincoln and Leni I have no desire for snowball fight.

Lucy: Lincoln is my brother first in every situation and I hate when my siblings hurt my other siblings.

Lynn: What are you doing anyway? [she took a closer look] Do you still sleep with dolls? I though you've grown out of this.

Lucy: Those are voodoo dolls of our sick siblings. I'll sleep with them to transfer my body heat through them to Lincoln and Leni.

Lynn: [giggle] Don't you know voodoo is fairy tale? At least I give them real cocoa, not some mumbo jumbo.

Lucy: Your lack of faith won't stop me from trying. I also hope Lola will have nightmares tonight.

Lincoln was constantly changing pose, because he couldn't sleep. Leni noticed this.

Leni: Problems with sleeping?

Lincoln: Yeah. All my muscles are in pain.

Leni: I can barely breath. I hope I won't get suffocated during sleep.

Lincoln: Put your head on your pillow vertically to bed. This will make your breath better.

Leni: Thanks for advice. If you can't sleep, I can hug you like a plushy. It helped when you were a baby.

Lincoln: I doubt it will work. Wait, I don't remember this.

Leni: You as a baby often refused to sleep. If Luna didn't sing you a lullaby, I had to sleep with you like with a plushy. You were much better than teddy bear.

Lincoln: [confused and terrified] Am I a toy for you?

Leni: [embarrassed] No, I don't mean this [sigh]. Sorry, I poorly chosen words. You simply helped me in sleeping by lying next to me.

Lincoln: So much good time together and I don't remember this.

Leni: I miss times of our younger years. We had less troubles, we were carefree and we played together.

Lincoln: Leni, you make feel better with those stories.

Leni: Oh, I'm so glad I'm helping. So, do you agree for what I suggested before?

Lincoln: So be it.

Lincoln allowed Leni to hug him like a plushy, he hugged her back, then they both went sleep.

Lincoln and Leni: Good night.

In same time Lana went to Lori's room and took Leni's bed. She did this, because she didn't want to share room with her twin. Lola was sleeping in her bed alone in her room. She started moving like a fish caught in net, because had a bad dream. In this nightmare she was drinking tea in her room, when suddenly it became icy cold, so she started spitting it. Later she noticed a pale hand grabbing door. Owner of this hand revealed himself, it was Lincoln, but he was very pale like suffered on hypothermia. He approached Lola, leaving freezing steps behind. Lola was immobilized by fear. Before he could reach her, the floor was frozen enough to crack. Whole floor in Lola's room collapsed and Lola landed on table in kitchen below her room. Lincoln fell and shattered on pieces of ice. Lola felt relief, but suddenly the ice pieces assembled into a bulky humanoid with several spikes on back. The ice golem's head reshaped into Lola's head. Lola screamed, watching the ice golem approaching her. Lola woke up terrified.

Lola: Ahh! What a nightmare! If that's Lucy's curse, it worked.

She started interpreting her dream. Lincoln was a symbol of her guilt, when the ice monster was her spite and ego. She realized what she did to Lincoln was malicious and how her big ego blinded her. Fact she was alone in her room meant everyone abandoned her.

Lola: I must fix my mistake. But how?

At morning Lincoln woke up in Leni's arms, yawning.

Leni: How did my little prince sleep?

Lincoln: Very well. [shocked] Wait, how did you call me?

Leni: My little prince.

Lincoln: You haven't called me this for while.

Leni: When you were younger you read book "Little Prince" and you showed me a picture of the titular character. You said you wanted a costume like his one for child carnival. I made it for you.

Lincoln: I remember now. You used to call me that for some time, because I really enjoyed wearing this costume. Lori and Lynn mocked me and asked sarcastically "where is your kingdom?". It didn't matter to me, because you told them "Surely that's not a kingdom of meanies".

Leni: I made them embarrassed by this choice of words. At least Luna and Luan liked you in this costume. You wore it until comics were introduced to you. [sadly] We grew up and saw each other less and less often.

Lincoln: Why are you sad? You look better than yesterday.

Leni: I have to tell you the truth. I intentionally got infected to be with you.

Lincoln: [surprised] What?! That was dangerous!

Leni: Each year we spend less and less time together. I wanted to be with you like we did in old times. In this situation we have only company of each other. We had nothing better to do than talking.

Lincoln: It was smart and silly at same time. Was your speaking about warming family love also a ruse?

Leni: No, I really believed in this.

Lincoln: I tried to spend some time with you, but you don't like my new hobbies.

Leni: We picked different ways and we couldn't find anything in common. It made me sad that I didn't know how to talk with you anymore.

Lincoln: You have a big heart, a really big heart but it clouded your judgement.

Leni: [confused] What do you mean?

Lincoln: You're very kind, but act recklessly.

Leni: I'm a pretty and nice girl, that's all I need to love my family.

Lincoln: True.

While Leni and Lincoln were talking, Lola knocked at the door.

Leni: Who's there?

Lola: It's me, Lola.

Lincoln: You can leave, I have no intention to speak with you.

Lola: I'm sorry for what I did yesterday morning.

Lincoln: You're sorry? You took me at least 2 days of holidays.

Lola: What I did was terribly wrong. Please, don't be mad at me.

Lincoln: You don't want my forgiveness. You just want to feel better.

Lola: I knew you'd say this, so I brought something for you.

Lincoln: What's this?

Lola: You wanted to build a snowman today. You can build it from white sand.

Leni: Where did you bring the white sand from? You didn't leave the house.

Lola: When we were on Aloha beach, I took a bucket of the local sand as a souvenir.

Lincoln: I would expect this from Lana, but you? I accept it.

Lola: It's not the same as playing outside, but I hope you'll enjoy.

Leni: I'd like to build a with sandman with you.

Lola opened the door and left a bucket of white sand in Lincoln's room. Leni and Lincoln played with the sand and pretended it's snow. Lincoln's sand statue reminded Ace Savvy, Leni's one reminded Lincoln in costume of the Little Prince. When Lincoln saw this he felt selfish, so he quickly remodeled his statue into Leni. The sister was confused, when her brother ruined his statue, but then she smiled, when she saw it now resembles her. In same time Lola met Lucy.

Lucy: What did you just do?

Lola: I gave Lincoln and Leni something that would remind them playing outside. I hope that's enough for my atonement.

Lucy: I hear Linc and Leni laughing, so that means they enjoy it.

Lola: Your curse is really scary. I had a nightmare like never before. Will you lift it now? I want to sleep in peace.

Lucy: We all will sleep in peace one day forever.

Lola: [annoyed] Spare me your sarcasm. I want to end my atonement.

Lucy: There is no curse. It was a random improvised dance to make you fear. You deserved this after such nasty act.

Lola: No curse, then what about the nightmare?

Lucy: Perhaps it was caused by your guilt. I am not sure. I'm no psychologist and I don't have power to influence dreams.

Lola: [angry] So that was all an act? You... [she changed her mood] Maybe I really deserved this. It seems we have scaring others in common.

Lucy: Speak for yourself! I use surprise to scare people instead of hurting them or destroying their favorite toys. And often I don't do this intentionally, surely not for petty vendettas. Your problem is that you can't accept failures, you can't acknowledge you make mistakes and can't take lessons from them. Your philosophy is that if you can't be a victor then nobody can.

Lola: Are you going to lecture me?

Lucy: Someone has to. You think you can destroy, what you dislike and hurt people, when they don't act as you like. You know what? Such fear is temporary for everyone, because it eventually turns into simple disrespect for you and when you're in really deep trouble you'll be all alone with it. We all learned this lesson and now it is your turn.

Lola: Is this a threat?

Lucy: No, it's a harsh lesson you would eventually get anyway.

Lola: [defeated tone] So be it. I am just a child, who can't control own anger. I need to get mature.

Suddenly Lola heard an echo of her recently said words. Lana revealed herself and showed Lola an audio recorder.

Lana: [smiling] All recorded. Whole conversation. I needed to record this moment of your sincere admitting.

Lola: [annoyed] One sister tricked me and other sister recorded it. May it end already.

Lori brought Lincoln and Leni breakfast on board. She opened the door, put the board on floor behind the door.

Lori: Good morning, here's breakfast. [surprised] What's this snow doing here?

Lincoln: That's a white sand. Lola brought it.

Leni: I didn't expect it from her. We could build sandmen.

Lincoln: Thanks for the breakfast. [he took the board] So many vegetables in sandwiches just to make us healthier.

Lori: I'm going to wait till you end eating. How do you feel?

Lincoln: Better than yesterday.

Leni: I talked with Lincoln a lot. We had nothing better to do stuck in one room.

Lincoln: I hope we'll get healthy today. With all those vitamins in those vegetables we should.

Leni: I've finished.

Lincoln: Me too.

Lori: Now I need to check you.

Lori measured temperature of both her siblings and smiled.

Lori: Good news, you look good and your body heats are stabile.

Lincoln and Leni: Yeah! [the hugged each other out of joy]

Lori: I'll bring you your clothes, Leni.

Lincoln got dressed and left his room, Leni also did this. They both met rest of the sisters happy that all are healthy. Lola approached Lincoln.

Lola: I'm sorry, Lincoln. I hope you forgive me.

Lincoln: Family forgives eventually. However I'll remember this.

Lola: I can live with that.

Lincoln: Lynn, I'm sorry for not appreciating your good intentions. I don't want you to feel bad.

Lynn: Bro, don't be sorry, I helped you unwisely. [she began sweating]

Lincoln: You look pale. What did you do with the cocoa?

Lynn: I drank it. [she sneazed] Why would I waste it?

Lincoln: Oh, man! You drank a cocoa with fever virus and got infected.

Lynn: Oh, no! I hate getting sick!

Lori: Nobody likes it. Lynn, you're sick, go to Lincoln's bed.

Lincoln: What? Why not to her bed?

Lori: In order to not infect Lucy in her room. She needs to be isolated like you and Leni before.

Lincoln: It won't be so bad, Lynn. There is a white sand to play.

Lynn: White sand? It will remind me of beach and make me feel warm.

Lucy: So Lincoln will share a room with me. I'm excited to play with you, brother.

Lincoln: After 30 hours in bed I have a lot of energy for playing with all sisters.

Leni: One problem solved and another one appears. Why can't we have a happy ending?

Lori: Life is brutal.



  • The idea for fanfic came from imagining sick Lincoln seeing his sisters fighting on snowballs. This later evolved into story focusing on bond between Lincoln and Leni. Later I added secondary topic in form of Lola's guilt.
  • This is my first fanfic with such big cirtical acclaim.
  • This is my first fanfic that reached 100 comments.
  • This is the first fanfic in which I asked AnimationFan15 for title.
  • Lola is the antagonist of the story by making Lincoln sick because I thought Lincoln getting cold by accident would be unrealistic. I knew only Lola's bad side back when I wrote the story. However I didn't want her to be portplayed as irredeemably evil so I made her trying to atone for her mistake.
  • After Sound of Silence I wanted Lola in this story to experience what Lincoln experienced in Making the Case, distrust and detest from her family because of her grave mistake. She fixed it by giving Lincoln white sand what reminds snow so he could act like playing with snow.
  • Idea for Lincoln dreaming about sauna because of Leni's body heat was inspired by 2010 film Inception.
  • To imagine Lola's nightmare I listened to melody Welcome Imlerith by Marcin Przybyłowicz
  • Luna quited a line from "When you're evil" by Voltaire
  • Leni wanted to be with Lincoln so he wouldn't suffer alone but she sincerly believed her love can cure him.
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