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T-Rated (mild violence, brutal reality, mean people, suggestive themes, innuednos)

Theme song: Hey brother! by Avicii


Linc Luna Forest

Luna takes Lincoln to show him a different life style than video games. Unfortunatelly they get lost in a distant town with no money and try to get back home.


Lincoln went out the bathroom and he detected Luna's sad face in her mirror. He went into her room.

- Luna, why are you sad? - asked Lincoln - You're one of the most cheerful of us, that's a rare sight. What's the problem?

- Take a good look at me, dude. - said Luna turning around - What do you see?

- I see my sister fascinated with rock music, same as always. - answered Lincoln smiling

- So your sight fails you, let's try with touch. - said Luna annoyed and took Lincoln's left hand to put it on her chest - What do you feel?

- Your heart beats normally. - replied Lincoln confused

- No! My chest is falt! That's my problem! - Luna screamed, letting Lincoln's hand go - Lori and Leni were younger than me and already had their womanly valors.

- You're nice and friendly. That's what you're liked for, not for how you look like. - said Lincoln trying to comfort her

- You don't know life yet, bro. Appearance is the first thing boys pay attention to when they see girls. - explained Luna

- I thought you're popular at high school. - Lincoln commented

- You have wrong info, bro. - Luna replied with sad tone - At school they call me "No Moons" what ruined my reputation and made boys ignore me. Even my music talents don't help me.

- You know what? If they choose to ignore you, they're not worth of you. - said Lincoln - Don't bother by opinion of such shallow guys.

- Easy to say as you already have a girlfriend despite being younger than me. - replied Luna sadly - Lori already has a boyfriend when I am a teenage girl and still single.

- You'll eventually find someone like you. - said Lincoln - There's a nut for every bolt.

- I appreciate your kindness, bro. - said Luna sadly - But it really doesn't help.

- Let's play together in Coverwatch. - suggested Lincoln - This popular game cheers up everyone.

- The game you got as a reward for graduation to the middle school? - Luna asked - I haven't played video games for long.

- It's easy to learn. Come, let's try.

Lincoln took Luna to living room so they could play the game. Luna enjoyed it after battle in this game she was terrified by Lincoln's statistics in the game. It showed how much he played this game.

- Dude, do you play this game every night since you received it? - asked Luna surprised

- I want to break the record and to be number one player at least in our state. - answered Lincoln enthusiastically

- Lincoln, you waste too much of your vacations on this. - commented Luna worried

- I just have good fun. Nothing wrong is in having fun.

- You're clearly addicted! You must stop right now. - said Luna, taking Lincoln's pad from his hands and turning tv off

- Hey! I invited you for an awesome video game and that's how you repay me? - asked Lincoln annoyed

- What will you write for an essey if your new teacher tells you to describe your vacations for your homework? - asked Luna with big scepticism - One sentence "I played Coverwatch whole vacation"?

- Oh, fair point. - answered Lincoln - I didn't think about it. I can merely describe what moves I used on my virtual foes, I doubt my teacher will understand anything.

- That's not the most important. - Luna commented - I won't let my little brother waste his childhood on such lifedraining activity.

- What do you plan to do? - asked Lincoln interested

- I'll show you the true life! - answered Luna with passion - We're going to karaoke tonight!

- I haven't sung for long. - said Lincoln ashamed - I'll be terrible.

- You don't have to be perfect, you just need to have fun. - Luna explained smiling - Don't worry, there everyone is an amateur.

- This is going to be interesting. - said Lincoln sceptically

Lincoln thought to himself "I can't disapoint Luna, she's my closest sister but on other hand if I sing terribly and someone records it I'll be a victim of youtube. She claims others are as bad singers as me but I have a long list of times when she made big mistakes". Luna and Lincoln went outside, the brother followed the sister.

- Why aren't we going there by bus? - asked Lincoln

- You're lazy so you need some move. - replied Luna - You think it will be so easy? Oh, no bro. Remember no pain no gain.

- I'm not lazy! - Lincoln protested - I just prefer to play at home but I often invite Clyde.

- Because of those online games you don't visit the city, you don't meet new people, you just sit and train your thumbs. So don't deny it because I see it all.

- And aren't you addicted from music? - asked Lincoln sarcastically - Don't you also just stand in one place and train your fingers?

- I do love music but not above you and rest of our sisters. I sleep at night instead of playing. - replied Luna annoyed - I like meeting my friends and new people so that's why I often go to concerts, music festivals and disco parties. There I meet the real people from flesh and bones. You on other hand don't meet people but colourful virtual characters with written names. You really need to live a real life.

- That's what you think of me? - asked Lincoln annoyed

- When you were a little child you played with the sisters more often. - Luna said - Now you became a lone wolf with nose in comics and video games. Dude, you really need to be more open-minded and more social. You'd have more friends like me.

- You believe in quantity and I in quality. - replied Lincoln - Clyde is my only friend but the most loyal friend. Worth more than rest of my classmates, they are jerks not deserving my friendship.

- We just reached Karaoke club. - said Luna enthusiastically - You'll sing first, just read text you see on screen.

Lincoln felt nervous before his turn he was afraid of self-humiliation. Luna kept telling him he should at least try. After listening to how other amateur singers sing Lincoln began thinking he can't be worse than them. Lincoln took microphone and began walking on the stage out of his stress. He was supposed to sing "Ever fallen in love" by Buzzcocks . He was reading the song lyrics on screen, he wasn't confident because it was first time he heard this song. After singing he took some breaths. Contrary to his expectations he received some aplause much to his little joy. His next song was "I bet you look good on the dancefloor" by Arctic Monkey . In pauses between lines he began moving his foot due to rythm. He felt bit more confident after receiving another portion of aplause. His next song was "Heavydirtysoul" by 21 Pilots . However when lyrics began vanishing quickly form the screen he couldn't match quick tempo. He felt disapointment and nobody gave him an aplause this time, except for Luna out of her loyalty. Lincoln's final song to sing was "Maybe" by Sick Puppies and this time he sang it like he was feeling it because lyrics perfectly matched description of his situation. After his performance he smiled out of satisfaction, Luna was happy to see it. The siblings left the club to go home.

- So, was it hard, bro? - asked Luna - How do you feel now?

- I was afraid of failing on the start but that was satisfying. Like I sang in the fourth song, I needed something different than usually. - said Lincoln smiling

- I must say you sang the first and the second songs with wrong accent. - commented Luna - I hardly understand anything from the third one. Only your final song was perfectly performed.

- The last one was very suitable to me, that's why. - said Lincoln caughing - Oh, mann. I've got hoarseness because of this singing.

- I didn't expect you to be flawless, I expected you to be satisfied of trying. - Luna replied - You sound better with deeper voice but it's temporary. Throats of professional singers are trained to resist this.

- You were right to take me here. Thanks. - said Lincoln

- Do you remember when as younger used to memorize songs from animated films we both watched in cinema?

- I do remember it too. - Lincoln replied - You kept me sitting during credits to listen to all songs. Thanks to you I also learned of existence of post-credit scenes.

- We discussed which song is the best after the films ended. - said Luna - Together we sang them much to Lori's annoyance. I told her she's just jealous because she can't sing (Laugh).

- (Laugh) She was so funny when angry back then. - commented Lincoln

- I'm angry right now! - Lori interrupted when Lincoln and Luna approached home

- Sorry, we were just speaking about old times. - said Lincoln nervous

- It's night and you've returned just now! - Lori yelled - I was going to take my car to search for you.

- Don't be angry at our bro. - said Luna, shielding Lincoln with own body - I took him to karaoke but I lost sense of time.

- Go bed twerp and you stay here. - said Lori

- Good night. - said Lincoln running into house

- When do you plan to get mature? - asked Lori angry - You're supposed to replace me as the oldest sister after I move to Detroit.

- Take it easy, sis. - said Luna - I gave Lincoln a different taste of life he needed.

- You should have predicted when you return and inform us about it. - said Lori angry - With such behaviour of yours I'll need to stay here a year longer and delay my carrier because you're not responsible enough!

- I'll surely won't be bossing everyone around here! - commented Luna angry

Lincoln brushed his teeth, get dressed and went into bed. He thought it was a very nice experience what convinced him that he needs some changes. He decided to stop playing video games for a while in order to go with Luna to similar interesting places. At morining Luam visited Lincoln while he was still sleeping in his bed. She tried to wake him up by shouting, touching but it didn't work. She decided to put a small jar with yellow mustard under his nose. He sneezed and woke up.

- Good moring, Luan. - said Lincoln - Yesterday Luna took me to karaoke and it was fun.

- Did she ruin stage, steal spotlight or hurt audience? - asked Luan

- No, she was just sitting and listening to how I sing. - answered Lincoln

- This explain why didn't you return so early. - said Luan - Normally parties ends much earlier when she gets wild. Several clubs gave her permanent ban after sending clients to hospital by throwing herself on them.

- I heard some of such stories but this? - said Lincoln terrified - I'll brush my teeth and go to breakfast.

- Breakfast is over, this mustard is all what's left. - said Luan sadly

- What?! - asked Lincoln shocked - I hate rule "nothing left for the last ones".

- Your face expression is priceless (laugh) - said Luan - I wouldn't let this happen to any of my siblings. I brought you a sandwich.

- Thanks Luan. - said Lincoln hugging his sister - Do you plan to change comedy to acting? I believed in what you said earlier

- Acting is part of comedy. Now eat well.

Luan left Lincoln's room and he ate sandwich from her. Lincoln get dressed and left his room. He met Luna quite sad.

- Good moring, Luna. - said Lincoln to greet her - Why are you sad this time?

- An argument with Lori, never mind. - replied Luna - I smell a mustard. Did Luan give you this?

- It was nice of her to bring me a sandwich for breakfast.

- My poor naive bro. - said Luna grabbing Lincoln's shoulders - She experiments with mustard that gives strange effects.

Lincoln grabbed his stomach and felt unconfortable, he run quickly to toilet. While sitting of toilet desk he said to himself annoyed"Luan is a good actress, I believed in her good intentions". After he left the toilet with angry face he met Luna again.

- If you enjoyed karaoke yesterday, how about going with me on disco party? - Luna suggested enthusiastically

- Today I have to play with Lucy so she wouldn't feel lonely. - answered Lincoln - I also have to play with Lynn so she would not bother me.

- Not now, dude. - said Luna laughing - After lunch. You'll experience another activity than your usual hobby and I hope to meet someone who appreciates my dancing skills over my chest.

At late afternoon Luna brought Lincoln to disco club, where was a crowd of dancing people, flashy effects and a dynamic music.

- What are you waiting for? - asked Luna - Come, join them.

- You know I'm a terrible dancer. - said Lincoln embarassed

- No excuses! - replied Luna smiling - Just watch me and imitate my moves. You also need to get rid of your lazy lifestyle.

The siblings joined the dancing crowd and danced until the music stopped playing.

- No matter how flawed you consider yourself, never give up on trying. - Luna commented

- Take your advice and find here your soulmate. - suggested Lincoln

- Breaks are perfect for this. - Luna commented - Wish me luck, bro.

Luna talked to a random cool guy. He got interested by her and bought her a glass of cola with lemon slice. They chatted and drank their cola. When the music started playing again Luna immadiatelly started dancing. Eventually she got excited and wild. She danced so dynamically that she stole others spotlight. Everyone stopped dancing to observe her. She danced not only on floor but also on tables and chairs even on walls. Lincoln got stunned out of excitement and wondered if he also inherited such genes of good fun. After dance Luna's new pal took her hand and brought her to bathroom. He complimented her and they began kissing.

Next day Lincoln and Luna were located in a forest next to a road far away from the disco club. Brother tried to wake up sister by shaking her. Luna was clumsily singing "I'm too sexy" by Right Said Fred in dream much to Lincoln's disgust. After few lines of that song Lincoln decided to awake her with same method Luan used on him. He didn't have the mustard so he used randomly picked flowers with strong scents. Luna smelled them and woke up shocked.

- What are we doing here?! - asked Luna surprised

- Don't you remember? - asked Lincoln - During your wild dance you fainted and I had to get you out of the club.

- What are you talking about? - asked Luna annoyed - I had nice kissing time with my new pal. - said Luna excited - Wait, I don't remember his name or if I gave him my phone number.

- You must have had a dream because were kissing floor with closed eyes. - Lincoln commented

- I'm so stupid. - Luna commented angry - Mom often tells me to not take drinks from strangers. How did we get here?

- I asked for help but everyone just stood and watched. - Lincoln answered sadly - All they cared about is not getting in trouble. I had to get you out of there myself.

- How? You're not strong to carry me alone.

- I took your shoulders and pulled you right to exit door. I brought you to nearest bench to wake you up but you were in deep sleep. You were saying some freaky words. Suddenly you hugged me so strong that I stopped breathing and lost consciousness. Later I woke up on a track trailer and alarmed the driver. I expected him to help us but instead he abandoned us here. I asked him "Why?" and he replied "Not my problem".

- What a jerk! - commented Luna with deep disgust - I still don't understand how we appeared in this truck trailer.

- Before you suffocated me I overheared "First she demolishes my club and now she kills some brat right next to my club. I don't need any corpses to get attention of the cops. Get rid of them".

- Unbelievable! - commented Luna with even deeper disgust - Some bastard adds me something to my cola and later the disco club owner doesn't want to help us! I can't believe such jerks live in our city!

- Speaking of the city, we need to go back home and we're going to have a very long walk. - commented Lincoln terrified

- Just wait for another car and we'll return by autostop. - Luna suggested

- We have summer and if we stand in one place we get burned by sun. - said Lincoln - We need to go on foot.

- Fair enough. We'll reach the nearest city and buy tickets for return.

- Let's call our family. - suggested Lincoln, taking his cell phone from pocket - Blast! I'm out of field!

- I'll try with mine. - said Lunat aking her cell phone from pocket - Doesn't work either!

- Nooooo! - Lincoln and Luna screamed in unison

The two siblings had no other choice but to go on foot straight the road. The morning sun was disturing their vision, they felt hunger and thirst, with each step they got more and more tired. They watched if a random car isn't approaching them.

- I hope we're at least still in Michingan. - said Lincoln

- Don't worry. In one night we wouldn't leave our state. - Luna replied

- We walk about an hour and we still don't know on which road we are. - Lincoln complained - I wish I'd know how far we are from home.

- Sorry, dude, but I know as much as you. - said Luna sadly - Who would have expect this to happen?

- This one drink changed everything. - Lincoln commented - Why did you take it after all?! - asked Lincoln angry

- How could I know he added something suspicious?! - replied Luna annoyed - Why did you didn't you call parents or Lori while we were still in Royal Wood?

- I was busy by trying to help you! My whole attention was focused on you.

- Are you telling it's my fault?!

- Who else is to blame?! You should have remembered to not take drinks from strangers!

- Enough! Stop criticizing me!- Luna lost temper and punched Lincoln in arm

- My arm! - screamed Lincoln in agony - How it hurts! - Lincoln started crying

- What have I done? - Luna said to herself terrified by look of wounded Lincoln - Bro, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean...

- Leave me alone! - Lincoln shouted devastated and ran away

Luna had a flashback when she as a little girl hit baby Lincoln in anger first time. It was Lincoln's First Birthday. His crying summoned mom.

- What's going on? - mom yelled - Why is Lincoln crying? Is this a bruise?

- I told him to not touch my dolls with dirty hands and despite this he did it. - Luna explained

- Luna, you're not allowed to hit your younger siblings! - mom yelled - Look! You wounded him. Did you forget babies are delicate?

- He didn't listen to me! - Luna yelled

- He's a baby and he didn't understand. - mom said taking Lincoln on her arms -  Look, now he's so afraid of you that he can't even look at you.

- Mom, I'm sorry. I just lost my temper.

- That's why you won't play with him anymore. - mom said leaving with Lincoln - If you hit him once how can I be sure you won't do it again?

After this flashback Luna felt even more sorry. She chased Lincoln, telling him to stop but he didn't listen out of fear. She jumped on him and catched him. They both were lying on their knees on ground. Lincoln was still crying and Luna was hugging him from behind.

- Don't hurt me! Let me go! - Lincoln said scared

- Lincoln, I'm really sorry for hitting you in anger. - said Luna with tears in eyes - I shouldn't have done this.

- Leave me alone! I don't want a sister who beats me! - shouted Lincoln crying

- Please, don't cry, I'm really sorry. - said Luna trying to calm her brother down by hugging him - I can't leave you because you won't survive on own. An older sister shouldn't abandon younger brother.

- Enough that Lori and Lynn beat me in anger. I can't endure you doing this too. - Lincoln said - I don't beat my younger sisters!

- Then you're a good older brother. Please forgive me that I lost temper. - said Luna sadly - I shouldn't have hit you especially as I'm responsible for this mess.

- I was so angry at you, maybe I used too strong words. - Lincoln commented

- No, you're right to blame me. I was careless and that's why it all happened. - Luna admited with shame - I was focused on fun instead of safety. Now I'll be focused on nothing but you. Please don't cry because of me any longer.

- Sis, the real reason I'm so upset is because we're lost in this forest. - said Lincoln turning around to hug Luna - I wanna go home.

- I'm terrified as well. I would lie to you if I said otherwise. - Luna was rubbing Lincoln's back - Please, don't escape from me anymore.

- I'm sorry, it won't happen again. - Lincoln said calmly - I was just shocked.

- Now I'm responsible for you. - Luna said - But I need your support as well.

- You're right. - Lincoln stopped crying - We need each other to go back home.

Lincoln and Luna finally reconciled and continued their long walk to the nearest town. After some time Lincoln fell on his knees and hand palms because he was out of energy.

- Sis, I'm exhausted. - said Lincoln - We must rest.

- Dude, your lazy lifestyle cost you fitness. - Luna commented with facepalm - I'm also tired. Let's go to this shade.

Luna supported Lincoln in approaching a big tree. They sit next to each other in shade. Luna picked some berries from nearest bush for their breakfast.

- You must be hungry. Take this. - commented Luna - All we can eat are the local berries.

- They're so sour! - Lincoln complained disgusted after eating some of the berries.

- Sorry, bro, but we have no other options. - replied Luna - Just swallow them without biting.

- Now I wanna go home more than ever. - Lincoln commented

- Same with me. - said Luna - Oh, irony. I tried to get you out of house and now we wish to be nowhere but there.

- Our house is crowded and noisy and chaotic. But that's the only place we can return to. - Lincoln commented

- Tell me, if then you had successfully escaped me what would you do? - asked Luna with curiously

- Back then I didn't think rationally. I was just scared and I wanted this to be over. - Lincoln replied sadly - I surely would have searched for you because as you said I won't survive this alone.

- I'm sorry again for this. - said Luna patting Lincoln - I don't like when someone scolds me for my mistakes even when I really deserve this, especially if it's Lori. But I shall not react like this.

- Does Lori scream at you? - asked Lincoln surprised - I thought she only yells at me.

- When we returned from karaoke I had another argument with her. - Luna sadly admitted - Lori often scolds me and tells me that I'm irresponsible. Our situation only proves she's correct.

- I also hate when she's right. I made a lot of mistakes and I always feel worse when something reminds me of them.

- Don't be so hard for yourself. - said Luna - At least you tried to fix them and it made you better. I still have my big mistake to fix.

- We have more in common than I thought before. - commented Lincoln - I thought only I am overshadowed.

- Overshadowed? - asked Luna laughing - Bro, you're not the only one. I've always lived in Lori's shadow, so I tried to be good at things she's not, like singing. Do you think I overshadow you by my talents and number of rewards? That's not everything. You don't give up. No matter how awful mistakes you make, you don't stop trying to fix them. You have good school grades, better than I had at your age. You also are the second of us who found love interest and at age of 11 when I still have no boyfriend. You also overshadow me in some aspects as well.

- Thank you for opening my eyes, Luna. - commented Loncoln - I feel recovered, Let's go.

- Now I'm your only protector and I'll make sure you can count on me. We'll return together or not at all.

- I don't want "not at all" option. - Lincoln commented frightened

While the siblings continued their walking they detected an approaching car. They waved their hands in hope the driver will stop.

- What are you doing here kids? - the driver asked very surprised - This is not a safe place.

- It's a long story. In short we were kicked out from car. - answered Lincoln - Can you take us to the nearest town?

- Please. We walk since morining. - Luna added

- Alright, you can get in but behave yourself keep my car clean. The girl sits next to me.

- Thank you very much! - said Luna and Lincoln in unison

After they reached the nearest town the driver locked the car while still being with the two siblings inside.

- Excuse me, the doors I locked. - Luna commented

- Not so fast. - the driver replied - Did you really expect I'll transport two brats for free?

- We can merely clean your car. - said Lincoln

- I'm talking to the girl now. You'll pay, "naturally" if necessary. - said the driver with suspicious face expression

- Cover ears, bro! - said Luna quickly

Lincoln followed his sister's advice and observed like she screamed until she made the driver lose consciousness. The siblings unlocked the door and escaped as fast as they could. They got tired after running so they decided to rest on the nearest bench.

- What was that? - Lincoln asked - I didn't know you can do this.

- It's cacophony. - Luna answered - For long I use it when someone tried to hurt me. It's useful at school for a problem with bullies.

- Would you teach me this? - Lincoln asked with enthusiasm

- Sorry, bro. It requires years of practice and a proper voice and your one doesn't fit.

- What did the driver mean when he said "naturally"?

- Better if you don't know. - answered Luna embarassed - We need to call our family.

Luna used her cell phone to call her parents because she didn't want to argue with Lori.

- Luna, where the heck are you and Lincoln? - asked Dad angrily - Are you alright?

- Dad, we're safe but in deep trouble. - Luna replied - Because of a chain of unexpeced events we're now in a town called Rotten Peaches.

- I've never heard about this town. How did you get there after all?

- We were captured and abandoned by strangers.

- What? Lori warned me to not let you go with Lincoln and now I regret I didn't follow her advice. I believed you're mature enough to stay out of trouble.

- Dad, I know. Don't scold me! It won't help. We'll buy bus tickets to return.

- When do you assume to be back?

Luna said and got stunned when she heared her phone battery was empty.

- We need to find a bus station. - said Lincoln - And plan how to return.

- Right, that's what I was going to tell. - said Luna.

- $ 50 per ticket?! - said Luna and Lincoln in unison surprised

- Sorry, at summer tickets prices get higher and we have an inflation. - said a bus station cashier

- We don't have $ 100. - said Lincoln

- Then earn it and then return to me. - the cashier responed - Now get out of here and let the other customers buy tickets.

- Bro, I'm not gonna lie. - said Luna sadly after walking away from the cashier - We're in very very deep trouble. I spent most money on the disco party. I truelly don't know what to do.

- Luna, I feel so helpless. - Lincoln complained sadly - For what I have we can merely buy some food.

- Don't cry. - said Luna hugging Lincoln - We'll sing on street and people will throw us money for our performance. We'll buy the tickets when we earn $100. It will take only few days.

- I knew I can count on you. - said Lincoln happily, hugging Luna back

- I've never faced such hopeless situation. I wasn't ready for this. - commented Luna

- None of us was prepared for this. - said Lincoln - I hope people here are nicer than this driver.

- Call dad and tell him about what we plan to do.

Lincoln called dad and revealed Luna's plan. Dad was devastated that his two kids were lost and with no food, no money and no place to stay. He wasn't pleased with the plan but he had no other choice but to trust in his kids. Lincoln asked him to tell mom and sisters to have faith in them and prey for their safe return.

Luna and Lincoln were singing and dancing on the street but none of the citizens was interested in giving them money. One man throwed them something. The siblings were furious when they discovered it's no coins but crown corks.

- We're trying to get back to home! - Lincoln yelled - Have heart and help us!

- Lincoln, it won't help. - Luna commented - We need to find another place and hope to have friendlier people.

- I'll just start collecting cans. - Lincoln commented

- What? Do you not want to help me? - asked Luna annoyed

- I just find my idea better and I advice you to do the same. - answered Lincoln

- Fine. Go to collect rubbish. - Luna replied sarcastically - I'll wait here and watch you return dirty with empty hands regretting you didn't help me.

- Luna, don't be mean. - Lincoln complained - Let's do it in both ways. If you don't want to help me, then at least don't interrupt me.

- Good luck bro. - shouted Luna sarcastically

After some hours Luna was tired and didn't earn much money. She detected Lincoln approaching her. He was dirty but bit smiled

- Hey, bro. - said Luna - How did you handle? I have about $16.

- I collected cans and bottles, earning $35.

- Wow! - said Luna surprised - You were right. I'm sorry for my sarcasm. How did you get so much?

- I have years of experience with my chore. - Lincoln answered - I tried to beg for more but it didn't work. I don't have sufficient level of charisma and charm. Shame I can't see number of the level.

- What are you talking about? - Luna asked confused

- From rpg games I learned some persuading lines and I tried to use them. - Lincoln explained - They are available only if the player has enough of charisma.

- Dude, you really play video games too much.- Luna said making a facepalm - They will never teach you how to live in the real world.

- He demanded to give him $5 for "wasting his time". - Lincoln added - I'm surprised myself I naively thought it will work. I guess I should have spoken with people more to learn more social skills. 

- When we return home, we'll meet a lot of people to speak with. - Luna replied - But when someone offers you a drink, then refuse.

- First we must take more money. - Lincoln replied - For what we earned today we won't buy bus tickets but at least we can eat well in a milk bar and hire a motel room for one night.

- That will consume most of our income. - Luna complained

- I know but tommorow we'll try to work harder. - Lincoln explained - If necessary we'll find temporary jobs.

- Bro, you're better planner than I am. - Luna commented

Luna and Lincoln came to a milk bar for a lunch. They bought two plates of dumplings.

- Not bad for a bar food. - Lincoln commented

- Still not close to mom's cooking but that's enough for now. - Luna commented

- After lunch we'll seek go to motel and pay for one night with no meals.

- That's very harsh.

- We have too much limited resources for easy, nice and pleasant life here.

- I must say this is the first time I've ever worked. - Luna said sadly - I just learned that except for dancing, singing and playing music I can't do anything more.

- Until today we just received pocket money from our parents and we just had to do our chores. Now nobody cares about us and we have only each other to depend on.

- I knew life is brutal but not so brutal. - Luna commented finishing her meal

- But I'm glad I'm with you. - Lincoln said - Alone I wouldn't be so confident. Your very presense makes me feel better.

- Thanks, bro. - said Luna - It's strange I'm supposed to support you but its more you who support me. Lori would laugh from this.

- We support each other - Lincoln replied - Don't compare yourself to Lori anymore.

- Right, I should focus on us both right now.

After lunch Luna and Lincoln went to collect more cans and bottles to earn more money. It was a very hard work requiring a lot of walking and looting garbage. Luna sold her belt and bracelets for some dollars. At late afternoon they reached motel and paid for one night. Their room was very small and there was only one bed.

- It's a bit bigger than my room Lincoln commented.

- I'm surprised you didn't get claustrophobia because of living in such small room. - Luna replied

- Bring my clothes and toys and add lot of noise and I'll feel like in my room. - Lincoln joked and laughed

- You just impersonated Luan. - commented Luna laughing

- We're out of cash, out of hope, we're helpless and waiting for our inevitable fate. - said Lincoln, covering his eyes with hand

- Wow, that was creepy. - Luna complained

- What did you expect after playing Lucy? - asked Lincoln

- Please, help me with remove my boots. - Luna asked for help

- Ugh. They sticked to your legs - Lincoln commented

- It hurts but you're doing it good. - commented Luna - You did it. Now the second one.

- With little experience it will be easier. - said Lincoln smiling

- Thanks, I'll remove socks myself. - said Luna doing what she said - (Sigh) Now my tired feet can breathe. We need a good rest.

- You look really tired, I can massage your feet. - Lincoln suggested

- That would be kind of you but I see you're exhausted. - Luna replied smiling - Besides I don't want to use you like Lori. Just sit next to me.

- With pleasure. - said Lincoln, sitting next to Luna - You know, I start to see positive sides of this mess.

- Really? - asked Luna surprised - Then you're more optimistic than me because I see no good here.

- If it didn't happen I wouldn't learn how much you are ready to sacriface to keep me safe. - Lincoln commented

- It's because I love you, little bro. I've always loved. - Luna replied, putting hand on his shoulder

- You sold your favorite belt so we could buy a night in motel. How can I not love you for such sacriface? - said Lincoln smiling

- That belt belonged to a famous rockstar. I took it as a souvenir and wore it since then. - said Luna - But family is more important to me. Shame that Lori often reminds me that I've always been the worse sister.

- That's harsh even for her. - Lincoln commented - When Lynn beats me in sports she can't for once don't remind me she's better.

- On the start I wanted to be like Lori but later I ceased to care about it completelly. - said Luna - I don't to be a control freak, I'm very liberal and my siblings' happiness is what matters to me. Do you remember how we used to play together?

- Of course I do. How could I not? - answered Lincoln smiled - We played with plushies along with Leni and Luan. Lynn prefered balls over other toys.

- Yeah but when you went to school you met other kids and they introduced you different hobbies. - Luna commented with sad tone - I tried to keep your interests close to mine so we would not distance ourselves.

- You learned how to read early so you read me fairy tales for goodnight but I prefered you singing. - said Lincoln touched by his words - Back then I wanted to sing like you but I was always never close to you.

- It didn't matter how good at singing you were but how much fun you had. - said Luna smiling - You liked drawing us. I still have your drawings to remember the old good times.

- Really? - asked Lincoln surprised - Luna, I really love you. I'd like to see them again after we return.

- We'll see them and be happy from adorable memories. - said Luna enthusiastically - I keep them because I love the moments we spent together. In fact we're so close because technically I was your guardian.

- I still remember you protected me and guided me. I still consider you my best friend. - said Lincoln with tears in eyes - In fact I remember you used to sing lullabies for me and I hardly remember our mom doing this for me.

- To be honsest I sang for you when you were still in mom's belly. - Luna said - Then I was just learning how to sing and I had a softer voice not resembling my present voice.

- You sang for me before I was born? Why?- asked Lincoln surprised

- Because I wanted you to know my voice and recognise me when you come to live. - Luna answered touched by own words - As a newborn you didn't have sight yet but you already had hearing. When I spoke to you the very first time you responded immadiatelly by trying to touch me.

- What about Lori, Leni, Luan and Lynn? - Lincoln asked fascinated

- Lori was envious, I on the contrary was as much fascinated as Leni, Luan and Lynn. We expected another sister, imagine our shock on news that you're our brother. You were so tiny and adorable that I loved you when I saw you first time.

- I start to remember. - Lincoln commented with water in eyes - Other sisters were talking a lot when they saw me first time but your voiced was the only familiar to me. I don't remember images but this feeling, I searched for the familiar sound.

- My voice was what you knew the best and you trusted me. That's why I was chosen by parents as your guardian. I enjoyed playing and walking with you but like others I never liked changing diapers. I asked Lori for help but she replied "If you play with him, sing for him and feed him, then take full responsibility and change his diapers yourself. Don't expect others to do your least favorite duties.". I used to sing for you to make you sleep and kissed you for goodnight, I wanted you to remember me as your best friend.

- This reminds me of my relationship with Lily. - said Lincoln - I thought I don't have a lot in common with my sisters but now I see we aren't so different. I'm glad to know it.

- You say you feel different. Why? Because you're the only boy?

- Actually I do. Till our conversation I felt so different like I don't match you, like a wrong puzzle in a jigsaw called family.

- You're so silly, Lincoln. - commented Luna with disapointment - You're shortsighted to think gender is what defines people. It's personality and hobbies developed during whole life.

- You're right. I was blind out my stupidity. I just didn't see it.

- I'm glad you realised it in such young age. - commented Luna - I also used to be the middle child like you are now. I always did my best to make you feel you're one of us. There shall be no barriers between family, especially siblings.

- I really appreciate it. I just need to remember it. - said Lincoln touched by Luna's words so he hugged her with whole his strength - Luna, you're my guardian, my best friend and my sister I love above all else. You made me feel like someone. May last as long as possible.

- Lincoln, you make me cry. - commented Luna with tears in eyes - I hate crying but this time I don't mind it. - Luna hugged Lincoln back

- I enjoy this very much but we need to sleep. - Lincoln commented

- You're right even if it's nice to forget about whole world for a moment like this. Good night, little bro.

Lincoln and Luna went into bed wearing only shirts and underwear. They were lying next to each other with eyes on same level. Lincoln kissed Luna in cheek and she kissed him in forehead before they finally closed their eyes. Luna had a nightmare in which she wakes up alone and seeks for Lincoln. She finds him lifeless in forest and screams. When she returns home with his body her family kick her out of house outraged by her irresponsibility. She's later surrouned by crowd of people glaring at her with deep disgust and throwing rocks in her. Terrified Luna woke up and immadiatelly checked if Lincoln is OK. She released her stress with deep breath,covered her brother with blanket and then she could sleep in peace.

Next moring Luna observed with smile Lincoln still sleeping and waking up.

- Morning, bro. You're still so cute when you sleep. - Luna commented

- Morning, sis. - said Lincoln yawning - I haven't slept so well since, I don't know, forever.

- Then you must have broken memory. - commented Luna humorously - I perfectly remember when you were little and got scared of thunder so much that you couldn't sleep. Then you came to me to calm yourself down. I needed to sleep next to you to make sure you have nothing to be afraid.

- I don't remember this. - Lincoln said with sad tone - Why do I forget such adorable events in my life? I feel ungrateful.

- Don't blame yourself. You were simply too small to remember this. It's natural.

- But I wanna remember this. - Lincoln commented

- For now we both need to remember that we need to go back home. - Luna replied

- I'd like to stay here with you longer and talk about old times but ... - said Lincoln and didn't finished

- I know we paid only for one night and now we have to leave - Luna finished Lincoln's sentence - Nostalgic moment destroyed.

Luna and Lincoln got dressed and left the motel. They walked towards city so they could buy a cheap breakfast. However it was very early so all shops were closed. Luna detected a homeless begger. He reminded her their own situation so she decided to give him $5. He thanked and left.

- Why did you do this? - asked Lincoln - We need all money we have.

- I didn't expect such selfishness from you. - Luna commented - He's a homeless poor guy like us.

- There is more. Just observe what happens next. - commented Lincoln

Luna watched the begger she gave money to be attacked by another begger. The latter quickly defeated the former and stole all he had.

- By becoming richer he attracted attention of others like him. - Lincoln continued - Out of poverty and envy he was robbed.

- Wow! My kindness brought him more suffering. - commented Luna sadly

- We can't stay here because we get attacked as well. - Lincoln added

- I hate this town more and more, we need to earn enough to leave this. We can't help others but we can help ourselves.

Determinated by this terrible scene the siblings started collecting cans and bottles without breakfast. They were doing it till they saw the local shops opened. They bought a small bread to gather some strength. After sharing it and eating they exchanged collected rubbish for some money but still they didn't have enough for tickets. In trash container Luna detected a broken guitaur and decided to take it. She thought with an instrument she'll attract more people to see her street. Lincoln agreed to support her idea. This time they made a performance for people who seemed to be music enthusiasts. Luna was playing and singing when Lincoln was dancing. Much to their surpise they were appreciated. After several hours they had earned enough money for tickets. However their hapiness didn't last long as another street musician approached them.

- What do you think you're doing?! - asked the musician angry - That's m territory and I don't like competition.

- Lie! That street is a public properity. - Luna explained annoyed

- Not only ignorant but also arrogant. - the musician commented - I was supposed to get this money. Give me it back and I'll let you go unharmed.

- You must be kidding! -Lincoln commented - We earned it fairly, you have no right to this!

- I'll tell you what rights you have, little punk! - the musician said rubbing his fists

- Don't even think about touching my bro! - said Luna pushing the musician and punching him

- You punch like a girl, boy. - commented the musician - You think it's impressive?

- Boy? - asked Luna confused - I thought you're blind to reason but now I see you're litterally blind.

- These were your final insults. Ugh.. - said the musician and then screamed in pain

It was Lincoln who caused this pain by kicking the musician between legs. It made him fall. Luna used the found guitar to hit him in head and make him lose consciousness.

- This was a nice distraction, sis. - commented Lincoln

- I didn't know what you were up to but I know if we stay here soon we'll have trouble.

- Right, let's go, nothing keeps us here anymore. - said Lincoln

The two siblings bought the bus tickets and went into bus. They sat next to each other.

- Finally we're getting home. - said Lincoln satisfied

- We will ride whole day right to Royal Woods. - replied Luna smiled - I hope we'll never return here.

- It wasn't that bad. Thanks to this adventure you reminded me my happiest times with you and I learned a different taste of life.

- I have mixed feelings. - Luna commented with sad tone- I'm still sorry for putting you in this mess. At least it's finally over.

- I'd say it's the beginning of the end. - Lincoln commented smiling - I wonder how we're gonna be punished. - Lincoln said saddly

- I rather be grouned in our house than be lost in such unfriendly town like Rotten Peach. - Luna replied

- Me too. - said Lincoln yawning - Luna, I feel so tired, can I take a nap on your lap?

- Sure, bro. You deserve it.

Lincoln changed position on his chair so he could lie and put his head on Luna's left thigh. He was napping and she was looking after him and holding him. She smiled while observing her little brother, she also kissed him in forehead. Luna called her parents to inform them about their returning. At evening the bus reached Royal Woods. Lincoln and Luna were greeted by their sisters and parents.

- Finally you've returned! - said Mom - You both have a lot to explain.

- Where were you for the last two days? - Leni asked after hugging both Lincoln and Luna in same time

- How did you survive? - asked Lynn punching Lincoln gently - You're thinner, I guess you didn't eat well there.

- With limited budget we can expect limited weight gaining. (Laugh) - commented Luan

- Luan, nobody is in mood for jokes, especially weak. - Dad commented annoyed

- I wanted to say, I'm more than happy to see you in fine and healthy.

- Lincoln, Luna, I'm happy you've returned. - commented Lucy smiling- Your misadventure will be a good inspiration for my new poetry.

- It's a very long story. - said Lincoln

- You have to wait with telling it. - said Lori - Luna, I knew you're irresponsible but this is beyond my understanding!

- Can you yell at me at home? - Luna asked annoyed - We've been facing poverty for 2 long days. We're exhausted, hungry and we need a bath. Scolding is the last thing we need.

- On the contrary. - Lori said - You were missing in some forgotten town and we were greatly worried about you. The worst is you endangered Lincoln. Look at him and see how bad he looks.

- Hey, don't be so harsh for her. - Lincoln defended Luna - She did my best to support me in hard time. Thanks to her we're both here.

- I know how much you love her, Lincoln, but she must face the consequences. - commented Dad

- I along with Dad and Lori decided for your penalty. - said Mom with stern tone - You're not allowed to go outside for the rest of vacations. You'll spend rest of vacations on helping your younger siblings in doing their homework. You are forbidden to meet friends, play music and listen to radio. Your pocket money will also be halted till we decide it's enough.

- This is unfair and extremally harsh. - commented Lincoln annoyed - She doesn't deserve this.

- Bro, that's enough. - said Luna - I made a series of terrible mistakes and I must take responsibility for this. It's time for me to get mature, stop thinking about fun and face consequences.

- May your actions be as sincere as you sound. - Mom commented

Back at home Luna and Lincoln were decontaminated. They both told the whole story, but their family didn't give believe in all details. Luna's music stuff was removed from her room and she felt sad but she knew she's paying price of her actions. Next day she was preparing Lincoln for middle school by telling him what she was thought at his age and showing him examples.

- If my teacher tells me to write essey about my vacations, will you help me in describing our adventure? - asked Lincoln

- Yes, I will but some things must be changed to make it sound credible. - Luna agreed

- You said you still have my old drawings. Will we watch them after we finish today?

- Definitelly we will. - Luna answered similing - We'll remember the old good times.

Later Luna gave to Lincoln's hands a folder with sign "Lincoln's drawings". Lincoln opened it, smiling. While Lincoln was sliding his old drawings he and Luna were joyfully laughing.



  • This is the very first fanfic with added theme song.
  • For long I wanted to write a story focused on Luna, my favorite of Lincoln's sisters. I seeked for topic quite long and finally picked irresponsibility as Luna's personal problem.
  • This is my second survival story after Lost on the Open Ocean
  • Innuendo: Luna puts Lincoln's hand on her chest to make him realise she has no breasts but Lincoln is too innocent to realise. It comes from observation that Luna is 15 and still has no breasts unlike Leni and Lori. 
  • Innuendo: The driver met on road said to Luna he wants her to pay "naturally" what means to sleep with him as payment.
  • I wanted to show some reality issues like most people are unhelpful and selfish, hardly anybody is altruistic and selfless, being hit by the loved one hurts a lot, street performances are hardly profitable, what people learn from songs and video games hardly works in the real world, people can count only on their family in hard times.
  • I wanted to make an artistic contrast - dark themes (desperate siblings lost with no money and unhelpful people) and heartwarming moments (flashbacks and mutual support of Luna and Lincoln)
  • I added heartbreaking scene of Luna punching Lincoln in anger for drama and realism. Hardly anybody would remain calm in such situation.
  • Lincoln's deeper voice is reference to his voice actor Grant Palmer hitting his puberty.
  • Game Lincoln shows Luna is a reference to 2016 online game Overwatch.
  • Idea of one begger robbing another begger as a side effect of charity is a reference to 2005 game Star Wars: KOTOR2.
  • Lincoln trying to use charm or intimidation in conversation is a reference to 2007 shooter RPG game Mass Effect.
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