• Frostare

    Inspired by a dream I had; decided to draft it, complete it and script it out. And thanks to Harvey Beaks Number 1 Fan and others, I now want to share it. Thank you all for the nice comments! It's in script form:

    Chaperone Alone

    Summary: After Lincoln surprisingly (and secretly) reconciles with his crush, Cristina, both agree to meet at her house. Once there however, he can't shake the uneasy feeling that something's missing.

    [Outside view of the Loud House, where Lincoln can be heard humming in glee, cut to Lincoln's room where he is seen dressing up with his eyes closed, still humming. He suddenly opens his eyes and turns to the audience]

    Lincoln: "In a family as big as mine, you always end up putting on your shirt as your pants!" [perplexed…

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