My forty-third fanfiction. I've been wanted to do a fanfiction on Lincoln's birthday, since he's 11 years old (and they're 11 kids in the family), it's reasonable. Commentary is acceptable and I hope you can enjoy this one. And credit to FirstDrellSpectre for this photo.


(It's early at the Loud House, the eleven siblings, in their PJs, are eating breakfast in the dining room, Lincoln has finish eating and head to the fridge for a glass of milk, he went to the living room to watch TV)

LINCOLN: (to the viewers) There's is nothing like eating breakfast and watching some morning television.

(As he watches TV, the girls all finish their breakfast, and went to the living room to watch TV with Lincoln)

LINCOLN: With my ten sisters.

LORI: So, Lincoln, your birthday is next year, you got anything planned for it?

LINCOLN: Well, I'm planning to go to the beach.

LUNA: Awesome!

LOLA: I love the beach!

LILY: Poo Poo.

LINCOLN: This excitement reminds of my 11th birthday a year ago.

LUAN: Oh yeah, that birthday party was chaotic. (sighs happily) Good times.

LYNN: Hey, Lincoln, you have our scrapbook?

LINCOLN: (pulls out his family scrapbook) How can I forget? 

LENI: Can you tell us how it goes, Linky?

LINCOLN: Of course.

LANA: Oh, is it story time? 

(Hops then hops on Lana's head)

LINCOLN: Gather around, my ten sisters as we take a stroll around memory lane.

(The girls then gather around Lincoln, he opens his scrapbook and find a photo of him and sisters are having a party)

LINCOLN: Okay, let's go back one year ago at my 11th birthday party.

(It flashbacks to one year ago on Lincoln's 11th birthday. It's early at the Loud House, Lincoln is sleeping in his bed peacefully, he wakes up and he happily jumps out of his bed, he looks at his calendar and crosses off the date)

LINCOLN: (to the viewers, excited) YES!!! Finally! Today's my 11th birthday! (annoyed) And the irony of 11 kids on the family. (excited) I'm gonna break the news down to my sisters!

(Lincoln then get dressed and runs to Lori's room, it's empty)

LINCOLN: Hmph, Leni is always in there making her dresses and Lori is always in here texting. Maybe they're downstairs.

(At that exact moment, Lori walks in and finds Lincoln, she's enraged)

LORI: How many times I have to tell you: stay out of my room! Now, I'm gonna turn you into a human pretzel!

(Lori then cracks her fists and attacks Lincoln, he runs out of Lori and Leni's room and falls)


(Lori slams her door, making Lincoln stumble and fall down the stairs, Luan is playing with Mr. Coconuts and Lincoln crashes into Luan. The two then get up and Luan see's Mr. Coconuts is completely broken)

LUAN: Oh no, Mr. Coconuts! (As Mr. Coconuts) Sorry, Luan, now I'm in a hallow grave.

(Luan then sobs in sorrow, Lincoln walks to Luan)

LINCOLN: Luan, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it.  

(Luan, in tears, then gets up enraged and shoves Lincoln)

LUAN: Are you kidding me?! I had Mr. Coconuts all my life, Lincoln, and this is how you repay me, man?! 

LINCOLN: It's not my fault, I fell down the stairs!

LUAN: I don't want to hear it, Lincoln!  

(Luan takes her broken puppet and walk upstairs to her room)

LINCOLN: Man, I didn't even mean to do that, I'll apologize later. Maybe some of them are outside.

(Lincoln then exit the house and head towards the backyard to find Lynn is bumping a soccer ball on her head)

LINCOLN: Hey, Lynn!

(This startles Lynn into accidentally kicking the ball to the wall and it ricochet off the wall and hits Lynn in the face, giving her a black eye, Lincoln then runs to Lynn, but she respond with a punch to the face)

LINCOLN: OW! What was that for, Lynn?!

LYNN: You ruined my streak! I was close to 500 bumps, you moron!

(Lynn then slaps him on his face, he holds it in pain as Lynn leaves)

LINCOLN: Even she didn't remember it's my birthday. Ow.

(Lincoln is strolling in the hallway while he's flipping a coin, Luna is playing her guitar that is connected to her base amp, she strums a chord, emitting large waves that causes Lincoln to hold his ears and drop his coin, the coin then went inside Luna's amp and it shuts down, which vexes Luna)

LUNA: (agitated) Dude, are you serious?! I was in the middle of my jam session!

LINCOLN: Luna, I'm sorry, the coin slipped and it fell into your base amp.

(Luna, livid, then pushes another base amp in front of Lincoln and she strums another chord, sending Lincoln flying downstairs, he gets up)

LINCOLN: Et tu, Luna?

(Lincoln sighs in sorrow, in the attic, Lincoln is reading his comic, he is shedding tears)

LINCOLN: I can't believe that my sisters didn't remember that is my birthday. (sniffles) Four of my sisters now hate me, but six I can't make mad.

(Unfortunately, with the other sisters, he ends up making them angry as well; Lucy is writing her poems and Lincoln is feeding Fangs, he accidentally release him from his cage, Lucy whistles and multiple bats then attack Lincoln. Lana is making mudpies in the front yard with her pets around her, Lincoln is playing his handheld, he trips and fall into the mud puddle, getting mud all over Lana's pets, they then chase Lincoln, he then get mud on Lola's princess car, the twins then attacked Lincoln. Lincoln has forgotten to change Lily's diaper, he runs to Lisa's room and change her diaper and he drops it next to her, she hits him with her rattle, he stumble backwards and knocked over Lisa's beaker, causing an explosion, Lisa then walks in and see's her beakers destroyed, she summons Robot Todd and Lincoln zooms out of Lisa's room)

LINCOLN: Nine sisters all hate me, but only one who doesn't.

(Lincoln then walks to Lori's room to find Leni is making a dress)

LENI: Hi, Linky! Can you help me with my new dress?

(Lincoln nods and he picks up some thread and he hand it to Leni, a spool of thread is around his leg, Lincoln then tries to remove the thread off of his leg, he bumps into Leni's sewing machine, which causes a bunch of rips and tears in the dress, thus ruining Leni's dress in the process. Now she's infuriated)

LENI: I've spend over 3 solid weeks on this dress, and you ruined it!

LINCOLN: (teary-eyed) I didn't mean too.

LENI: (pushes him out of her room) Get out of here, Lincoln.

(Leni then slammed her door, Lincoln is crestfallen that all ten of his sisters hates him on his special day) 

LINCOLN: I can't believe this, on my special day, my sisters hate me.

(Lincoln then walk downstairs and plops on the couch. He got tears in his eyes as he begins crying on the couch)


(Leni is stitching her dress again, she then feels bad on how she treated Lincoln)

LENI: (in her mind) I think I was a bit too harsh to Linky. I'm gonna apologize to him.

(Leni then walk out of her room and went downstairs to the kitchen, she finds Lincoln in the backyard crying)

LINCOLN: I can't believe them, I accidentally make my sisters mad, and they forget my birthday.

(Lincoln resumes crying, Leni is now crying herself at the revelation)

LENI: How can I forget about his birthday? I need to tell the others.

(The other sisters are in the living room, hanging out with each other, Leni walks in with tears on her face)

LORI: Leni, what's wrong?

LENI: There's something I need to tell you about Lincoln.

LUCY: What's it about?


(The other girls are in tears at this)

LUNA: What have we done? Poor Lincoln.

LOLA: (upset) I can't believe we forgot Lincoln's birthday.

LANA: I've been a jerk to my big brother.

LUAN: I didn't even mean to yell at him like that.

LISA: I don't use these emotions, but... (breaks down crying)

LUCY: My heart can't take it.

(Everyone sighs in sadness at this, Luna then gets an idea)

LUNA: Dudes, I know how to make it up to Lincoln!

LORI: How?

LUNA: By throwing him a surprise birthday party!

LISA: That'll be perfect.

LORI: That'll literally be awesome for him!

SISTERS: Yeah! / That's cool! / Let's do it!

LUAN: Wait, how is Lincoln not suppose to know if he's around the house?

(The girls then then think of something, Lola has gotten something)

LOLA: Leave that to me!

(Lola runs off to the kitchen, Lincoln then walk in the house, solemn)

LOLA: Hey, Linky!

LINCOLN: What do you want, Lola? I just wanna go in my room and read my comic books.

LOLA: Can you get me something from the basement?

LINCOLN: (confused) Okay.

(Lincoln then opens the basement door and walk down the stairs, Lola then shut the door behind him and place a chair under the knob, preventing Lincoln from opening the door. She then use various other locks to lock the door)

LINCOLN: (twisting the knob) Lola, what are you doing?! Open the door!

LOLA: (from outside of the story) Hold up just a minute!

(It cuts back to the present to a miffed Lola)

LOLA: I did not lock him in the basement!

LINCOLN: Yes you did! After I went down there, you locked the door!

LOLA: I did not!

LORI: Lola, you did! You told us that at the time!

LYNN: That's a lie!

LUAN: Lynn, she did told us that.

LYNN: Oh, yeah.

LOLA: The only reason I'd locked him in the basement is because we're trying to keep Lincoln's party a surprise!

LANA: Ha, you admitted it.

LINCOLN: I was locked there for three hours. (shivers in fear) It was so cold.

(Leni and Luan put their arms around Lincoln)

LOLA: Get over it, Lincoln! We had to!

LUNA: Dudes, can someone shut the little tyke up for we can get back to the story?

LOLA: (now getting disgruntled and mad) Why you paper-clip wearing, ear destroying, music playing little--

LANA: Lola, shut up!

LOLA: (grumbles) Fine.

(Lola pulls out her phone to play Angry Birds)

LENI: (to Lincoln) Linky, if you please.

LINCOLN: With pleasure.

(It cuts back to the story)

LOLA: Sorry, Lincoln! You need to stay there until further notice!


(Lola then walks away smiling, the others are in the living room, Lola plop on the couch, not know she's sitting on Lily)

LOLA: Okay, girls, I've gotten rid of Lincoln. (to Lily) Oh, sorry, Lily.

(Lola then gets up and helps Lily, she angrily blows a raspberry at Lola, she gives Lily to Leni)

LUAN: How'd you get rid of him?

LOLA: I locked him in the basement.

LUCY: That was selfish of you.

LOLA: How else we'll keep him away from the surprise?

LORI: Lots of ways. You could've kicked him out of the house.

LOLA: Whatever.

(Cuts back to the present)

LUAN: (slyly) I told you so!

LOLA: Will you shut up already?!

LINCOLN: As I was saying...

(It cuts back to the story)

LORI: Okay, we need to get this party started. Lynn, you and Lucy will decorate the living room with balloons, streamers, and a banner saying "Happy Birthday" on it. 


LORI: Luna, you'll provide music.  

(Luna nods at Lori and plays her guitar)

LORI: Lana, Lily, and I buy presents for Lincoln, Luan will provide entertainment, Leni and Lisa will bake a cake, and Lola once we're done setting up the place, you'll get Lincoln. Who's ready?


(Then a montage of them setting up the house for Lincoln's surprise party, Lynn and Lucy are decorating the entire living room, Lynn is blowing up a bunch of balloons with Lucy placing streamers, Luan is looking through her party supplies and she found her old puppet stage, Luan then smiles at this, Luna is tuning her guitar for her playing, Leni and Lisa just put the cake in the oven, Lisa smells smoke and she quickly takes the cake out of the oven. Luckily, the cake's not burnt, Leni and Lisa sighs in relief) 


(Lori, Lana, and Lily have just gotten back from the mall with all of Lincoln's presents, they went inside and set the presents in the dining room)

LORI: Uggh, three hours of shopping for Lincoln and it was totally wroth it.

LANA: Wow, the house looks great!

LILY: Poo Poo.

LYNN: Okay, the house is finally decorated. Lola, go get Lincoln.

(In the basement, Lincoln is crying into his hands on his special day)

LINCOLN: This is the worst birthday ever. (shivers) It's cold down here.

LOLA: Linky, are you there?

LINCOLN: Lola, is that you? Get me out of here!

LOLA: Okay, but promise not to hurt me because I locked you down there.

LINCOLN: I promise. (under his breath, mad) I don't.

(Lola then removes the chair and unlock every single lock, thus unlocking the door. Lincoln then grabs Lola by the shirt)

LINCOLN: (livid) Why did you lock me in the closet, Lola?! WHY?!

LOLA: (strained) Let go of me, and wear this blindfold.

(Lola hands Lincoln a blindfold, he takes it and wrapped it around his eyes, Lola is guiding Lincoln to the living room where it's dark)

LINCOLN: Okay, what is going on here, Lola?

LOLA: Okay, Lincoln, take it off!

(Lincoln then remove his blindfold and find the lights to the living room turned on, he gasps in shock, as Lola smiles proudly)


(Lincoln is teary eyed at this wonderful surprise)

LOLA: You like it, Lincoln?

LINCOLN: Like it? I LOVE IT! I can't believe you guys threw me a surprise party!

LORI: You earned it, buddy! Now, Luna is gonna to play a song for you!

(With that out of the way, Luna then tune her guitar and plug it to her base amp)

LUNA: (singing)

"♫This is your very special day and you're now 11

Just because you have presents and cake

Doesn't mean we can't celebrate with you ♫"

(Luan then use a confetti launcher and confetti is blown everywhere, Lincoln is in awe, Luna then strum her guitar)

SISTERS: (singing)

"♫We know it's your birthday, Lincoln

And want to celebrate the event with you 

And wish you a Happy Birthday, Lincoln

So, Happy Birthday from all of us

And Happy Birthday from the Louds♫"


LINCOLN: (euphoric) Holy moly, guys! That was AWESOME! (to Luna) Your singing was beautiful!

LUNA: Thanks, little brother. (rubs Lincoln's head)

LORI: Oh, yeah. (puts her hand on Lincoln's shoulder) Lincoln, we're really sorry for acting so mean on your special day.

LOLA: We're also sorry for forgetting your birthday as well.

LINCOLN: Aw shucks, I forgive you, guys. I'm sorry for ruining your things.

LYNN: It wasn't your fault, our anger gotten the best of us.

LINCOLN: What are we waiting for, girls? Let's party!  


(Lincoln heads to the dining room, Lincoln sits down in one of the chairs, Luan puts a party hat on Lincoln, and it's his signature color: orange. The other sisters then put on party hats of their respective colors, Leni then puts the cake on the table, it says, "Happy Birthday, Lincoln!" with eleven candles on it)

LENI: (lights all the candles) Make a wish, Linky.

(Lincoln then blew into his candles, the girls clap for Lincoln, Lori then cuts the first slice for Lincoln, he tastes it and let's out a large smile)

LINCOLN: This cake is so awesome!

LENI: We made it ourselves.

LINCOLN: I'm surprised you didn't burned the cake. (chuckles)

LISA: (nervously) Yeah... ha ha...

(Lana then eats a large chunk of it, much to Lola's anger)

LOLA: Ew, Lana!

LANA: What? I wanted some too.

LORI: You could've just wait until you gotten a slice.

(After everyone has eaten their cake, they begin having Lincoln's party, Luan entertain Lincoln with her sock puppets, Lola and Lisa are doing magic tricks for Lincoln, Lola then have her top hat and she tries to find a rabbit, Gary pops up and attacks Lola)

LORI: Time for presents!

(After that, the girls are watching Lincoln opening his presents, he's gotten a couple of Ace Savvy comics, a Muscle Fish comic, two new games for his console, and a t-shirt, he tries it on)

LENI: You look totes adorable in your new shirt.

LINCOLN: Thanks, girls, this have been the best birthday ever.

(They turn to Lincoln and they embraced him in a group hug, Luan then pulls out a camera)

LUAN: Let's take a photo to remember this occasion.  

(Luan then sets the camera on a tripod and places a timer on in, they all pose for the camera, Luan slides in the shot and pose, then the photo was taken, a flash of light occurs and it shows the photo in Lincoln's scrapbook, cutting back to the present and ending the story)

LINCOLN: (closes his scrapbook) The End.  

LUNA: Man, that party was so awesome.

LORI: Yep. Especially, with that song of your, Luna.

LISA: That was really spectacular.

LUCY: And we spend it with the one and only brother we love.

LINCOLN: I love you, girls.

LENI: We love you too, Linky.

LINCOLN: Truly, the greatest gift for me is...

LOLA: (interrupting) Let me guess. Your Ace Savvy comics?

LISA: Older sister, please stop with the constant interruptions. (to Lincoln) Continue.

LINCOLN: Me having you ten girls as my sisters, and that's the greatest gift of all.


LOLA: Aw! Group hug!

(The girls then surround Lincoln and embraced him in a group hug)

LINCOLN: (to the viewers) I can always count on my sisters to have fun with on my 11th birthday, and that was the best party ever.

LORI: We can't wait for next year.

RITA: (off-screen) Hey, kids! Why is there a rabbit eating your father's carrot cake?!

LUAN: (in shock) Oh, dear...


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