My twenty-seventh fanfic and my third sequel to an episode. AnimationFan15 and FirstDrellSpectre gets credit for co-writing. Commentary is acceptable. 

Okay, we're all disappointed of One of the Boys, because of how selfish the male counterparts was towards Lincoln, and I know the girls was caring towards Lincoln. but they're bad too. Although this episode has funny parts like, the Linka universe, Lynn pantsing Lincoln, the genderbent siblings piling on their Dad, this episode was one of my least favorite and honesty, my most disappointed episode of Season 1 and the whole show, so far. Happy Reading!

NOTE: They're numerous fanfic references, I'll give kudos if you can find them all. Some are from episodes. 


(It's been one day of the aftermath of One of the Boys, and Lincoln is in him room, sitting on his bed) 

LINCOLN: (sighs) Hey, there, you may wondering why I'm just sitting in my room. After my horrible nightmare, I'm beginning to think about my gender. Even with me living with a bunch of girls, I'm beginning to question about myself.

(In Lori's and Leni's room, the sisters are about to have a meeting, but they're waiting on Lincoln) 

LORI: Where is Lincoln, he's literally late for our meeting. - Lori said, impatient - First, he destroys my watch, and now, he's late!

LOLA: Uggh, he has no class! - Lola brags - Boys, insignificant species. 

LANA: Uh huh, boys are pretty gross. - Lana said - Even if I'm gross, I am not a boy.

LUNA: Yeah, boys are weird, Lola. - Luna said - But, how you'll think of them?

LOLA: They're gross, stupid, have bad manners, dumb, they smell. - Lola said - (laughing) The list goes on and on.

LUAN: Huh, yeah, I'm mean we're girls. - Luan said - The complete opposite of boys.

LENI: Yeah, we're smarter, prettier, cleaner, beautiful, perfect. - Leni claims - Thank goodness we're not boys, I'll be shocked.

(The girls laugh at this, Lincoln walks into the hallway, he hears laughing outside of Lori's and Leni's door, he use a glass for he can hear better)

LORI: I'm mean, look at Lincoln, he's literally a mess! - Lori laughed 

LUNA: Yeah! - Luna agreed - Reading comics in his underwear

LISA: Eating peanut butter straight from the jar! - Lisa said 

LOLA: Saying untrue girl advice! - Lola said 

LISA: Wearing a ridiculous costume! - Lisa said, laughing

LENI: Not to mention, his hair is white! - Leni said 

(Lincoln heard everything and was heartbroken, as he drop his glass, shattering it; The girls all laugh hysterically, they stop laughing when they see Lincoln, as he is crying because of those hurtful things)

LINCOLN: (devastated) How could you? - Lincoln said, sad - What do you know about boys? 

LORI: Lincoln, we didn't mean... - Lori said

LINCOLN: Save it, Lori! - Lincoln yells - If you don't like boys, then say it!

(Lincoln ran away crying, the girls are silenced at this; In his room, Lincoln is crying in his pillow)

LINCOLN: I can't believe them! - Lincoln bawls - Saying those terrible things about me! Uggh!

(He punches his wall in frustration, he then write on some papers and toss them out of his window, Luan is carrying two trash bags)

LUAN: I can't believe I'm forced to take out the trash! - Luan grumbled - That's Lincoln's chore!

(Luan is about to put the bags into the trash can, she see's something in it, and it's a bunch of papers, she puts the bags in the trash and picks the papers up; Luan sit down and reads them)


(Luan finish reading and was shocked at this revelation; In the house, Lori and Leni are on the couch)

LORI: So, that's why... - Lori says

(Luan busts down the door, shocking both sisters)

LUAN: (with the papers) Guys, look at these! - Luan said - They're papers from Lincoln!

LORI AND LENI: What?! - they said shocked

(Luan handed the two some of the papers and begin reading, they're in tears)

LORI: Whoa... - Lori says, sad

LENI: Poor, Linky. - Leni said sadly

(The others walk in and see the papers, they read them and now they're crestfallen)

LUNA: Little brother. - Luna said - What have we done?

(Luna cries, while Luan hugs her in comfort, the twins hugs in sadness)

LORI: We need to make it up to him. - Lori pointed out - We need to apologize.

LENI: (saddened) I didn't mean those things about Linky, I love his white hair. - Leni said, glum - I dunno what came over me.

LANA: C'mon, let's talk to him. - Lana suggested 

(They walk upstairs to Lincoln's door and Lori see through Lincoln's peephole and see him looking through his memories in his scrapbook, Lincoln cries again; This make the girls devastated at this)

LUAN: Wow, I've never seen him like that before. - Luan said - Especially, when it's revealed he's adopted.

LOLA: Uh huh. - Lola said - Our big brother is now sad because of us.

(Lori knocks on his door, he opens the door and see them, he slams the door on them)

LUNA: C'mon, we're sorry! - Luna said - C'mon, out! 

LINCOLN: No! - Lincoln said, mad - I don't wanna talk with people, who hate their siblings!

LENI: Please, Linky! - Leni said - We wanna talk! 

LINCOLN: No, Leni! - Lincoln scolded - Even you teased me, and you're the only one who loves my white hair!

(Leni feels regretful, Lynn tries kicking his door down, but Lori stops her, Leni then walk to them)

LENI: I'll talk to him, I love him the most. - Leni said

(Leni knocks on his door)

LINCOLN: Go away, Lori! - Lincoln yells

LENI: It's Leni, Linky. - Leni said

(He slightly opens his door and pull Leni in, he locks his door, as Leni sits next to him)

LENI: What's wrong, Linky? - Leni ask

(Lincoln didn't answer and hugs Leni tightly, while crying; His tears stain her dress)

LINCOLN: Oh, Leni, why you guys say those horrible things about me?! - Lincoln bawls - Are you saying you guys hate boys?!

LENI: No, Lincoln, we didn't mean those things. - Leni comforted 

(Leni pats his back, he rest his head on her lap)

LINCOLN: I just usually questions about my own gender. - Lincoln admitted - Me: the only boy living with ten girls.

LENI: No worries, little bro. - Leni said, sweetly - You'll always be our only brother, let's not insults drive us apart.

(Leni kiss him on his head and rub his back gently, he gets up and hugs her; They walk out of his room)

LORI: So, Leni, what happened? - Lori says

LENI: We talked and work things out. - Leni said

LINCOLN: (walks out) It's true, I forgive you guys. - Lincoln said, kindly - Just don't say those mean words again.

(Lincoln hugs his sisters, they hug him back)

LISA: We're really sorry, Lincoln. - Lisa said - We weren't thinking of what we said. 

LUNA: Let's never insult you like that, again. - Luna said, nicely

(They hug again, Lincoln walk back to his room)

LINCOLN: (to the viewers) I guess they are good sisters after all, unlike my brothers, who are bad.

LOLA: WHAT?! - Lola yells

(It reveals the girls heard that, they are furious, Lynn holds a bat)

LORI: (enraged) What do you mean brothers?! Now you hate girls, Lincoln?! - Lori says

LINCOLN: (nervous) No, let me explain! - Lincoln said, shocked - I had a nightmare!

(Everyone calmed down and realize Lincoln's answer)

LUNA: Okay, you can tell us about your nightmare. - Luna said - Meet us in the living room.

LINCOLN: (relieved) Okay. - Lincoln said

(They walk downstairs to the living room)

LINCOLN: Okay, here goes... - Lincoln said


(Lincoln has tell his sisters about his nightmare, they're astonished at this) 

LORI: (comforting Lincoln) Whoa, that's literally sad, Lincoln. - Lori said

LINCOLN: I know, living with brothers is worse than living with sisters, who are better. - Lincoln admitted

LUAN: Those counterparts were mean! - Luan said, angered - Comedians don't hurt people, if they're pranks! After my April Fools Day rant, I've never hurt anyone like that.

LUNA: (annoyed) Yeah, my counterpart wasn't a rocker, he was a jerk! - Luna said 

LENI: I know, I never do that to my little brother! - Leni said - I'll hate myself, if I'd act like that!

LUCY: Agreed, even goths don't hurt like that. - Lucy pointed out

LORI: I'm short tempered, but I don't hurt my brother for fun. - Lori says - If Mom and Dad caught me turning him into a human pretzel, they'll kill me.

LENI: (angered) And I am still angry, you kick Lincoln out of our room! - Leni said - It's my room, too!

LORI: I know, I know. Sorry, Lincoln. - Lori said 

LISA: (unimpressed) Pfft, that portal wasn't science, but sci-fi. - Lisa said - I mean, we've never do that to Dad. 

EVERYONE: Yeah. Uh huh. Never. - everyone agreed

LOLA: I find dutch ovens really gross. - Lola said, disgusted - It has less class than destroying people watches or eating peanut butter straight from the jar. 

(Lola see's Lincoln sad, again. She pat his head)

LOLA: Sorry, big brother. - Lola said sadly

LINCOLN: It's okay, guys. - Lincoln said - It would've been horrible, living with ten brothers. Fortunately, living with ten sisters is MUCH better. 

(The girls hug him for his tender comment, Lincoln about to go upstairs, but Lori stops him)

LORI: Hey, Lincoln, you don't have to pay for the watch, I'll take of it. - Lori said nicely - You did it out of panic.

LINCOLN: Thanks, Lori. - Lincoln thanked

(The two hugged, Lori rubs his head and he leaves to go upstairs)


(Lincoln is reading comics in his room, Lori comes in)

LORI: Hey, Linc, come with me, I wanna take you somewhere. - Lori said nicely 

LINCOLN: Okay, Lori. - Lincoln accepted

(Later, the two are driving into the van and they arrive at a spa)

LINCOLN: A spa, Lori? - Lincoln ask

LORI: Uh-huh, since I felt sorry of how boys are, I wanted to show you how girls are. - Lori said sweetly

LINCOLN: Thanks, Lori. - Lincoln said kindly 

(The two hugged and walk into the spa, they're in bathrobes on massage chairs, they're relaxed)

LINCOLN: (relaxed) Ah, this is the life, my hammies are never been this relaxed. - Lincoln said 

LORI: Agreed, little bro. - Lori said 

(They get massages and pedicures; Later, Lincoln is in a sauna, relaxed and wearing a towel)

LINCOLN: This is what I need, a warm sauna to finish off a relaxing day. - Lincoln said 

(Lori comes in sitting next to Lincoln, wearing a towel also, Lincoln is embarrassed)

LINCOLN: (blushes) What are you doing here? - Lincoln ask, blushing

LORI: You feel lonely, so I came in here. - Lori said

LINCOLN: But it's embarrassing when it's the opposite gender. - Lincoln said - We did this on vacation.

LORI: It's okay, nobody said you can't hang out with your big sister. - Lori said kindly

LINCOLN: Thanks, I was wondering why you always mean to me? - Lincoln ask - There was one time you gave a wedgie and you use me as an ottoman. I remember I was brutally injured when you throw me out of your room.

LORI: Well, the house is getting more crowded because more siblings keep appearing and it's hard with nine sisters and one brother. - Lori admitted - I took my frustration out on you all those years, and I'm sorry, little brother.

(Lori kisses him on his forehead and gently rubs his back, he puts his arm around Lori) 

LINCOLN: Huh, I agreed, growing up with ten sisters is a pain. - Lincoln said - It could be one of the reasons that my hair is white.

LORI: True, Linky. - Lori said - Even if I'm one of the meaner sisters, we have a pretty good relationship. (reaches her arms out for a hug) Come here.

LINCOLN: We're in towels, Lori. - Lincoln said 

LORI: Just do it. - Lori says 

(The two hugged each other and continued to relaxed in the sauna; Later, the two are driving home)

LINCOLN: Hey, Lori, thanks for taking me to the spa! It was relaxing! - Lincoln said nicely

LORI: You welcome, little bro. - Lori said - If you want me to drive you somewhere, you can ask me.

(They arrive to their doorstep and hugged each other, Lori and Lincoln went inside, the former walk upstairs and the latter is sleeping on the couch)


(Lincoln is still sleeping, Lynn busts the door open, in anger; This wakes up Lincoln, who falls on the floor)

LINCOLN: What's the matter, Lynn? - Lincoln ask, worried

LYNN: Well, I got two tickets for a baseball game, and I got no one to go with! - Lynn said, enraged

LINCOLN: I'll go with you. - Lincoln said

LYNN: Eeee! - Lynn squealed - Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

(Lynn hugs Lincoln, grab his hand, and run out of the house; At a baseball stadium, Lynn and Lincoln are sitting in the bleachers, wearing baseball caps and jerseys, Lynn is eating nachos and Lincoln is eating a chili dog)

LINCOLN: This is awesome! - Lincoln said, excited 

LYNN: It is, little bro! - Lynn said nicely - I knew you love baseball! 

(The two fist bump, a foul ball is coming to them, everyone rise up from their seats, Lincoln puts on a glove)

LINCOLN: Give me a boost up! - Lincoln called

LYNN: You got it! - Lynn yells 

(Lincoln got on Lynn's shoulders and he caught the ball)

LYNN: Nice job, Lincoln! - Lynn praised 

(They high five; Later, the two are sitting on the staircase outside of the stadium, eating peanuts)

LINCOLN: That was an awesome game! - Lincoln said, happy - Especially, when I got a foul ball signed!

(Lincoln pulls out the foul ball that was signed, Lynn smiles at this sight)

LYNN: That's awesome, dude! - Lynn said - And all those times I'm bullied you, I'd actually faced bullies in elementary school, just like you. And I took my frustration out on you, little bro. 

LINCOLN: Huh, but you did do nice things, like you help me with my soccer training. - Lincoln said nicely - That was grateful of you, Lynn.

(Lynn gives Lincoln a long, tender hug, the two then walk home, they reach the backyard)

LYNN: Wanna play catch? - Lynn ask eagerly

LINCOLN: Okay! - Lincoln accepted 

(The two play catch with each other)


(Lincoln, in his swimsuit, is lounging in the Paradise for One kiddle pool, Luan, in her swimsuit, joins in with him)

LINCOLN: Hey, Luan. - Lincoln said - What brings you here?

LUAN: Well, who said I can't hang out with my only brother? - Luan ask

LINCOLN: Okay, Luan, what you need? - Lincoln ask

LUAN: (pulls out a flyer) Well, the carnival is back in town, you wanna go with? - Luan ask

LINCOLN: Since you cheer me up when I was depressed, sure, I'll go. - Lincoln accepted

LUAN: Okay! Let's get dressed and meet me in the front yard! - Luan said

(Later, they change into their regular clothes and Lincoln meets Luan in the front yard, they walk to the carnival; At the carnival, the two are walking around, Luan bought Lincoln a balloon)

LINCOLN: I remembered my time here, I was depressed, Luan. - Lincoln said

LUAN: Yeah, I'd cheer you up when you was sad about failing science. - Luan said nicely - And I was their to cheer you up with my laughter.

LINCOLN: Uh-huh. - Lincoln agreed - Wanna go on the ferris wheel?

LUAN: Of course! - Luan happily agreed

(Luan grabs Lincoln's hand and they run to the ferris wheel, they got on, as they at the top)

LINCOLN: To be honest, Luan, even if everyone hates your jokes, I still love your jokes. - Lincoln said sweetly

LUAN: Thanks, Linky, I love having fun with you. - Luan said sweetly

LINCOLN: I begin to think you're one of my closer sisters, Luan. - Lincoln said nicely

LUAN: (loved) Aw, thanks, Lincoln. - Luan said

(Luan kiss Lincoln on his forehead, he hugs her, as they got off the ride; Later, Luan and Lincoln are eating cotton candy, then Luan bought him a soda)

LINCOLN: Thanks, it's time to go home. - Lincoln said

LUAN: Let's. - Luan said 

(The two walk home from a fun time, they walk into the house)

LUAN: I'm gonna watch videos on my laptop, wanna join? - Luan ask

LINCOLN: Nah, I'm gonna sit on the couch. - Lincoln said


(Lincoln is in his room reading a novel, when a knock on the door is heard)

LINCOLN: Who can that be? - Lincoln ask

(Lincoln opens his door to see it's Lisa)

LISA: Greetings, human. - Lisa said 

LINCOLN: Hey, Lisa, what can I do for you? - Lincoln ask

LISA: Well, the science museum is open today, you wanna go with? - Lisa said

LINCOLN: Sure. - Lincoln said

(Lincoln sets down his book and walk downstairs with Lisa, where Lori is waiting)

LINCOLN: Hey, Lori. - Lincoln greeted

LORI: Hey, Lincoln, I'll drive you two to the museum. - Lori said

LISA: Thanks. - Lisa said

(Later, Lori is driving Vanzilla take Lincoln and Lisa to the science museum)

LORI: We're here, I'll pick you guys up in one hour. - Lori says

(Lori drives away and the two enter the museum, they're walking around)

LINCOLN: Talk about slow business. - Lincoln pointed out - We did went to the museum when we didn't spend that time together.

LISA: Well, yeah, we're only ones here. - Lisa said - So, we got the whole museum to ourselves.

(It shows no people, except for Lincoln, Lisa, and the workers; The two stare and smile, as they run)


(Later, at a gift shop, Lincoln and Lisa are looking at stuff)

LINCOLN: This is nice, Lisa. - Lincoln said

LISA: It is, Linc. - Lisa agreed nicely - I remembered I'd help you with that science fair

LINCOLN: And you help me get an "A" on my test, I was nice enough to take you out for ice cream. - Lincoln said

LISA: Thanks, Lincoln. - Lisa said, joyful

(A horn honks outside, meaning Lori's outside)

LINCOLN: That's Lori, it's time to go. - Lincoln said

LISA: Lets make it snappy and buy all this stuff. - Lisa said

(They buy stuff from the gift shop and they head to Vanzilla, as Lori drive them home)

LORI: Did you two have fun? - Lori ask

LISA AND LINCOLN: Yeah! - they said happily 

LINCOLN: (to the viewers) Having my sisters taking me to places is fun, so I'll give a go. 


(In the cemetery, Lucy and Lincoln are walking through the cemetery)

LINCOLN: (terrified) What are we doing out here, Lucy? - Lincoln ask, terrified

LUCY: I came here to write poems. - Lucy admitted - And I love how you spend time with me, writing poems.

LINCOLN: Okay. - Lincoln said

LUCY: I usually come here for seances, too. - Lucy said

(Lucy begins writing, Lincoln is terrified that bats is around her)

LUCY: (smiles) No worries, they're friends of mine. - Lucy said nicely

(One bat flew on Lincoln's head and stays there)

LINCOLN: This one like's me. - Lincoln said, kind - You know, bats aren't so bad, after all.

(Lucy smiles again at this)

LUCY: I remembered we'd went through here on Halloween. - Lucy said - And at that old house.

LINCOLN: Uh huh, I'd remembered that I ignored you for wasting my time at the park. - Lincoln said - Sorry for that.

LUCY: It's okay, Lincoln, it is I, who should be sorry, I should've tell you that fortune was fake. - Lucy said - If I did, you'll have fun. Unfortunately, you didn't.

LINCOLN: It's okay, Lucy. - Lincoln comforts - We all make mistakes.

LUCY: (pulls out a card) I got another fortune. - Lucy said  -"You'll be in the air and to your home".

LINCOLN: That's a bunch of... - Lincoln said

(Bats then pick both Lincoln and Lucy up and lifted them to the air and they fly home, to their doorstep, the bats flew away, Lucy waves goodbye, the one bat from before lands on Lincoln's head)

LINCOLN: This one likes me, I'll call you, "Zubat". - Lincoln said 

LUCY: (smiles) Nice name, Lincoln. - Lucy said nicely 

(The two hugged and walk into the house, Lincoln put Zubat in a cage; Later, Lincoln is reading outside, Lola is driving in her princess car to Lincoln) 

LOLA: Hey, Linky, hop on. - Lola greeted - I wanted to take you somewhere. 

LINCOLN: Okay, Lola. - Lincoln said 

(Lincoln hops in the passenger seat and she drives him to a dance hall)

LINCOLN: A dance hall, Lola? - Lincoln said, confused - I thought it was gonna be a beauty pageant. 

LOLA: Beauty pageants is not the only thing I mastered. - Lola admitted - C'mon, put on some tights and meet me inside. 

(Inside, Lincoln is wearing a white t shirt with black leggings, he stretches, Lola comes out, wearing ballerina attire, she bows)

LINCOLN: (whistles) You look great, Lola. - Lincoln said 

LOLA: Thanks, let's dance. - Lola said

(Lola turn on a radio and do a jete, Lincoln do a pirouette, Lola spins, she lunges, as Lincoln catches her and they dance beautifully, they pose)

LOLA: You is quiet the good dancer. - Lola said nicely - I remembered you're my only supporter when I enter in that contest.

LINCOLN: Thanks, Lola. - Lincoln said - Even if we've the worst relationship in the family, you're a good sister.

LOLA: Thanks, Linky. - Lola said sweetly - All those time, I was selfish at you, is because of my beauty training and my determination of winning, and every time I lose, I'd took my anger out on you, and to be honest, I love you, Linky.

(Lincoln was touched by Lola's saying, he embraces her in a tight hug)

LINCOLN: Aw, thanks, Lola. - Lincoln said, exhilarated 

(The two hugged each other and they change into their regular clothes, and they drive, they're in traffic)

LINCOLN: That dance was cute. - Lincoln said

LOLA: Uh huh, it shows emotion and passionate to dance. - Lola said 

(They drive in the front yard and walk into the house, Lincoln went into his room and went to sleep)


(Lincoln is sleeping, he hears soothing music playing outside, he wakes up and find Luna playing on her violin, he claps for Luna)

LINCOLN: Nice music, Luna. - Lincoln said nicely - And, good morning, too. 

LUNA: Morning, bro. - Luna said - How did you sleep?

LINCOLN: Really good, Luna. - Lincoln said - You're playing is good. 

LUNA: Thanks, dude. - Luna thanked - After breakfast, you wanna go somewhere with me?

LINCOLN: Sure, Luna. - Lincoln said 

(Luna pats Lincoln's head and he went downstairs to the kitchen; In there, he cook two eggs and eat them, after eating, he meets Luna at the front door)

LUNA: Ready to go? - Luna ask

(Lincoln nods and the two walk on the sidewalk, they reach a music store)

LINCOLN: A music store? - Lincoln questions 

LUNA: Uh huh, that's where I got most of my instruments, including, (pulls up her guitar) this bad boy! - Luna said 

(Luna strums a chord, Lincoln claps for Luna; They walk in and browse through many instruments)

LINCOLN: (pick up bongos) I do need a pair of bongos. - Lincoln said 

(Lincoln plays the bongos, Luna picked up an acoustic guitar and plays it, customers gather around the two and they cheer for their playing)

LUNA: Nice playing, dude. - Luna said, excited

LINCOLN: Thanks, Luna, you was good too. - Lincoln said

(Lincoln see's a flute, he picks it up)

LINCOLN: Huh, this reminded me of the time you teach me to play the flute. - Lincoln said - And you bought me a new flute.

LUNA: You deserve it, little brother. - Luna said, sweetly

(The two embraced each other, and Luna paid for Lincoln's bongos, they walk home, while Lincoln is playing his bongos)

LUNA: Talk to you, later. - Luna said 

(Luna kissed on his forehead, as she walk upstairs, while Lincoln watching TV, Lana walks in and sit next to Lincoln)

LINCOLN: (notices) Hey, Lana. - Lincoln said nicely

LANA: Hey, big brother. - Lana said - What are you watching?

LINCOLN: A nature documentary. - Lincoln said - It this channel called, "Creature World".

(Lincoln and Lana are watching a nature documentary on tigers)

LINCOLN: Awesome. - Lincoln said, excited

LANA: Seeing these animals making wanna go to the zoo. - Lana said 

LINCOLN: Me too, Lana, wanna go? - Lincoln said

LANA: Let's do it! - Lana said, happy

(At the zoo, Lincoln and Lana are looking at tigers)

LINCOLN: I remember you took me here, because I was mistreated by Lola. - Lincoln said

LANA: I wanted to make you feel better because of how Lola treats you selfishly. - Lana said nicely - Now, we're here at my favorite place, again. 

(The two hugged, an elephant trunk picks Lana up and Lincoln grabs her in time)

LINCOLN: I don't want that to happen again. - Lincoln said - Let's go home, but first...

(Lincoln takes a photo of her and Lana, at home, he puts it in his scrapbook, as he went to sleep)


(Lincoln is reading under the tree outside, he see's Lily crawling, he follows her)

LINCOLN: (gasp) Oh no! - Lincoln said, shocked

(Lincoln follows Lily, she leads him to a park)

LINCOLN: (realizes) Oh, you wanna to go to the park. - Lincoln said

LILY: Poo Poo. - Lily said 

(Lily points to a red and blue see-saw)

LINCOLN: (gasps) I remembered this see saw. - Lincoln said


(A one-year-old Lincoln is carried by a seven-year-old Leni)

YOUNGER LENI: Here's a sew-saw, Linky. - Leni said

YOUNGER LINCOLN: See-Saw. - Lincoln babbled

YOUNGER LENI: Uh huh. - Leni said

(Leni placed Lincoln on the bottom and the two go up and down in the see-saw)


(Lincoln is carrying Lily, while sitting on a bench)

LINCOLN: Good times. - Lincoln said - Good times.

(Lincoln puts Lily on the see-saw and they went up and down, then they got on the slide, and now on the swing; Later, he is walking home, while pushing Lily, who's napping, in a stroller) 

LINCOLN: Aw, your so cute when you're sleeping. - Lincoln said cutely 

(They reach home, Lincoln take Lily upstairs to her crib and put her in it, he kiss her and leaves, not before turning off the lights) 


(Lincoln was taking a nap, and he wakes up, he change from his PJs to his regular clothes, his shirt got at tear in it, Lincoln takes it off and see it, he gasps, Leni walks into the scene and see's him)

LENI: What's wrong, Linky? - Leni asl

LINCOLN: Mu shirt is ripped. - Lincoln said - And I got no clean shirts, because the others are in the washing machine.

LENI: Aw, how about this, I can take you to the mall and buy you a new one? - Leni ask nicely

LINCOLN: I'd loved that. - Lincoln accepted

(Lincoln finds a jacket to wear and the two head out to the mall; At the mall, Leni has bought Lincoln a new polo shirt, he went into a bathroom and put it on, he comes out wearing his signature shirt)

LENI: (pleased) So much better. - Leni said nicely

LINCOLN: Thanks, Leni. - Lincoln said

(Later, the two are walking around, while carrying bags, they sit on a bench)

LINCOLN: Thanks for taking me here, Leni. - Lincoln thanked

LENI: You welcome, anything for my little bro. - Leni said nicely - I'd remembered we went together, and the others were jealous of our close bond. 

LINCOLN: Uh huh, I also remembered we was sick together and we have to stay in bed. - Leni said - We had fun with that too, when you hugged me while you sleep. 

LENI: And I'd watching you while you sleep. - Leni said, enamored 

(Leni kissed him on his cheek, while Lincoln hugs her. Then, they're at the food court eating pizza)

LINCOLN: I'm stuffed. - Lincoln said

LENI: Me too, little bro. - Leni agreed - I was wondering, when we had that meeting, I was wondering what was the third thing you said, but we all stop you before you can answer.

LINCOLN: was gonna be at a water park. - Lincoln revealed

LENI: What park is made of water? - Leni ask, confused

LINCOLN: (facepalms) No, a water park, I got us all tickets to a water park, (transits to a flashback) but since you guys insist of going to the mall, I wanted to surprise you guys for being good sisters to me. Unfortunately, when I arrive at the water park, they're closed down and I couldn't use the tickets. (It cuts back to the present) I still have the tickets, but they're no good, anyway.

(Lincoln walks away, as Leni frowns in sorrow; At home, the girls are in the living room with Leni, who told them everything of what Lincoln said)

LORI: Dang.... - Lori said sadly

LANA: And I thought it was gonna be something boyish... - Lana laments - And we rejected him. 

LOLA: And all those times I tell him, he don't have any class. - Lola said, regretful 

LUAN: He wanted to do something nice for us, and we teased him. - Luan said, glum

LUNA: (gotten an idea) I got an idea! - Luna said, excited - Everyone, gathered around.

(Everyone huddles as Luna tell her idea to them)


(Lincoln is reading comics on his bed, the girls come in, dressed in their swimsuits)

LORI: Hey, Linc, get your things ready and change into your swimsuit, were all gonna take you somewhere. - Lori said

LINCOLN: Okay, give me five minutes. - Lincoln said

(Lincoln closes his door and change into his trunks, he meets with them and they head into the van, Lori handed him a blindfold)

LINCOLN: A blindfold? - Lincoln ask, confused

LOLA: Put it on! - Lola said

LINCOLN: Why? - Lincoln ask

LOLA: (annoyed) Just do it! - Lola said, mad 

(Lincoln puts it on the blindfold, they're driving, Lincoln is in the middle seat with Luan and Leni)

LINCOLN: Are we going to the beach? - Lincoln ask

LORI: No. - Lori declined 

LINCOLN: Are going to the community pool? - Lincoln ask

LUAN: Nope. - Luan declined 

LINCOLN: Are we going to the lake? - Lincoln ask

LOLA: Nuh-uh. - Lola declined 

LINCOLN: Then where are we going? - Lincoln ask

(They parked and it's a water park, Lincoln is still blindfolded as Luan and Lynn guides him to the entrance)

LINCOLN: Okay, where are we? - Lincoln ask

LUAN: Okay, little bro, take it off! - Luan said 

(Lincoln removes his blindfold and he seen the water park, he gasps in happiness)

LINCOLN: Whoa, it's that water park I was talking about! - Lincoln said excited 

LORI: Uh huh, we were so proud of you of being a good brother to us, we decided to take you. - Lori said nicely

LINCOLN: Wow, so, that's why you guys do all those fun things with me? - Lincoln ask, kind

LOLA: Uh huh, to show how girls are, and now we see how boys are. - Lola said, sweetly

(Lincoln was touched by his ten sisters for this, as he hugs them, they share this tender moment with a hug too) 

LINCOLN: Thanks, girls. - Lincoln said - I love you all. 

LENI: (enamored) Aw, we love you, too, Linky. - Leni said 

LYNN: What are we standing here for, let's go! - Lynn said, ecstatic

(The eleven of them run inside, Lynn and Lana are in a pool, playing with pool noodles, Lincoln is floating, Lynn splashes him with water, she laughs; He goes to a wave pool with Luan, and it's moving fast)

LUAN: Whoa, that's a tidal wave! - Luan laughs

(Lincoln groans and sit down on a chair, lying on it; Leni and Lori are sunbathing)

LENI: Hey, Linky, can you rub sunscreen on my back? - Leni ask

LORI: Me too, Lincoln. - Lori says

LINCOLN: Sure! - Lincoln happily accepted

(Leni lie down and Lincoln apply sunscreen on her back, he does it to Lori next; Lincoln lies on his stomach and Leni put sunscreen on his back)

LINCOLN: Thanks, Leni. - Lincoln thanked nicely - Wanna go on the water slide?

LENI: Yeah! - Leni said happily

(The two are in line for the slide, after some time, Lincoln and Leni reaches the top and Lincoln went down, he cheers, as he reaches the bottom)

LINCOLN: That was AWESOME! - Lincoln said, excited

LENI: (reaches down) It was little bro! - Leni agreed

LANA: You guys wanna eat? - Lana said

LINCOLN: Yeah, I'm getting hungry. - Lincoln said 

(Later, the eleven are sharing a pizza at a food court, Lana burps, making Lola disgusted)

LOLA: Ew, Lana, have some class! - Lola said, disgusted 

LANA: Sorry, it's just pizza is so good! - Lana said

(LIly farts in her diaper, meaning one thing)

LINCOLN: Not it! - Lincoln called

EVERYONE: Not it! - Everyone, sans Lori, called

LORI: Literally, not it! - Lori called

(Lori realizes she's the last one, everyone smiles)

LORI: Dang it. - Lori said

(Lori took Lily to a bathroom for a diaper change; Lincoln is lounging in a pool with half of the sisters)

LINCOLN: You know, I finally know how girls are. - Lincoln said - Everyone's is different from another.

LUAN: Uh huh, and we know how boys are, Lincoln. - Luan said - And they're different too.  

LOLA: We're always tell you advice, unlike you. - Lola said - You can't tell good girl advice.

LINCOLN: (slyly) Do you girls know any advice about boys? - Lincoln ask - Do you know how boys act?

EVERYONE: Um... Well... Yeah... - they said nervously

LINCOLN: Yep, that's what I thought, lets just accept that no matter what gender, everyone is equal. - Lincoln said nicely

(The girls all hugged Lincoln for his tender comment)


(At home, Lincoln, in his PJs, is about to go to sleep, when Lori and Luan, in their PJs, walk into his room)

LORI: Hey, Linky, come into my room. - Lori said - And grab your pillow, too.

LINCOLN: Okay, Lori. - Lincoln said

(Lincoln takes his pillow and pursuit to Lori's room, to find the others, in their PJs, are already there)

LINCOLN: What's all this? - Lincoln ask 

LUNA: Who said, we can't have a family slumber party with you, bro? - Luna ask

LENI: Even if we're the opposite gender, we can even have slumber parties, little brother. - Leni said

(Everyone else agreed, as they pats Lincoln's head)

LINCOLN: Thanks, girls. - Lincoln said - We did do it once, after you five made up with me. - Lincoln said 

LOLA: It's the least we can do, Linky. - Lola said

LINCOLN: You guys wanna watch a movie? - Lincoln ask 

SISTERS: Yeah! - the girls happily agreed

(In the living room, Lincoln, Leni, Luan, Lucy, Lisa, and Lily, are on the sofa, while Lana, Lola, Lynn, and Luna are on the floor, watching the movie, Lincoln is eating popcorn, he pass it to Lana)

LANA: (grabs a handful) Thanks, big brother. - Lana thanked

(Leni is shampooing Lincoln's hair)

LENI: Here's shampoo for your hair, Landon, to prevent baldness and dandruff. - Leni said

(Lori comes in with a tray of pizza bites)

LORI: Pizza bites are done! - Lori said - Who want some?

(Everyone takes some and eat them)

LINCOLN: (to the viewers) I discover that gender can't be affiliated by everything, because gender can be important, and it's important with my sisters. My ten sisters.

(Lana lets out a fart, everyone hold their noses, Lincoln sniffs it and he pass out)

LENI: (sniffs Lana) Now farts have peanuts too? - Leni ask, confused 


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