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  • I live in Scotland
  • I was born on June 29
  • My occupation is being bored.
  • I am tired.
  • Bio Taking it easy.
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  • Inconsistency

    Is Lincoln racist?

    January 26, 2020 by Inconsistency

    Let me preface this by saying I am completely and utterly serious. Inconsistency is never the type of user to joke around.

    I think Lincoln Loud is racist. All throughout the show he is shown using Clyde, a hard-working and upstanding African-American citizen, for his own personal gain and constantly steps on him and his Mexican "girlfriend" (read: slave), whom he is shown illegally human trafficking to Great Lakes City so she may learn the ways of the Bodega to service Lincoln and his massive cash register. Lincoln also dyes his hair white in solidarity to white supremacist movements, and has red victory undies because he's a nazi. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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  • Inconsistency

    Hello, it is I, Grand Admiral Pope Cardinal Archbishop Inconsistency here with an important message on YOUR salvation.

    Ever walked down the street and been both stabbed to death AND found out your debit card has no money on it? Who am I kidding, we all have! Do you wish things like this would stop happening to you and your life would lighten up? Well, well, well, I have just the solution.

    Now, I know some of you are like "Incon, you vile bag of toasted eggs, what are you thinking?!", but hear me out. You can see right in this image tangible proof of our Fine Lady Orange Juice (Image may be a bit lewd), doesn't simply looking upon it bring you happiness? 

    What if I told you, it could get better?

    By simply dedicating your soul and truely believin…

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  • Inconsistency

    Late as heck but that's how I do.

    About half way between The TLH Wiki Server and New York the motor road hastily joins the railroad and runs beside it for a quarter of a mile, so as to shrink away from a certain desolate area of land. This is a valley of blocked users — a fantastic farm where blocked users complain to the admins about their blocks; where blocked users take the forms of little babies and brainless fools and, finally, with a transcendent effort, of men who move dimly and already crumbling through the sad air. Occasionally a line of gray cars crawls along an invisible track, gives out a ghastly creak, and comes to rest, and immediately the ash-gray men swarm up with leaden spades and stir up an impenetrable cloud, which screen…

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  • Inconsistency


    January 1, 2018 by Inconsistency

    Doing one of them Status blogs 6 months late because that's how I roll. 

    Since I am not familiar with the Wiki Staff, I'm just going to focus on the ones at the Discord.

    Veen - Great leader and rolemodel for the server as a whole. He always knows how to handle situations and talks in a very down-to-earth and straight way. I couldn't imagine anyone better to own the server. I've always wanted to try and become stronger friends with him, but I don't want to bother him. He's usually swarmed with DM's and all that nonsense and I don't want to increase that.

    Blazing - Mostly quiet but very chill. Mostly seen fishing but his interactions towards the chat are often humourous.

    Vossie - Very, very, very nice guy and loads of fun to talk to. He's always…

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  • Inconsistency

    Hello everybody, it is I, Inconsistency.

    I would love to wish all users of this wiki a happy holiday season and a marvelous New Year!

    It's been just over 6 months since I arrived here and it's been nothing but fun. I would like to extend my thanks to the users of the TLH Wiki Discord and the entire staff team for making my time all the better. 

    I do hope you all have an enjoyable holiday!

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