Hello, it is I, Grand Admiral Pope Cardinal Archbishop Inconsistency here with an important message on YOUR salvation.

Ever walked down the street and been both stabbed to death AND found out your debit card has no money on it? Who am I kidding, we all have! Do you wish things like this would stop happening to you and your life would lighten up? Well, well, well, I have just the solution.

Orange Juice!

Now, I know some of you are like "Incon, you vile bag of toasted eggs, what are you thinking?!", but hear me out. You can see right in this image tangible proof of our Fine Lady Orange Juice (Image may be a bit lewd), doesn't simply looking upon it bring you happiness? 

What if I told you, it could get better?

By simply dedicating your soul and truely believing in the Fine Lady, you can achieve Zen like levels of peace, tranquility and happiness. You will also be guaranteed a place in the afterlife, for Orange Juice forgives all wrongdoings in the end.

Or there's Option 2, we can get the boys up the RA to come and burn down your "Baby Hugh" churches as they are herecy of the highest order.


also I know there's a gun there but in the context of the picture it was innocent please dont report me to Veen

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