• IronRaphRa

    Loud Sibling Question

    March 29, 2020 by IronRaphRa

    Which two Loud siblings have the best relationship with each other? For me, I'll have to go with either Lori and Leni or Lana and Lola.

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  • IronRaphRa

    Just because an episode features Lincoln doing something dumb or crazy doesn't mean it's going to be bad. In this year alone, you guys thought that A Grave Mistake, Last Loud on Earth, and Rocket Men were going to be bad episodes and they weren't. Seriously, stop assuming the worst for the show just because Lincoln isn't being portrayed like the greatest human being that ever lived.

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  • IronRaphRa

    A Loud Runaway

    April 1, 2019 by IronRaphRa

    (Scene starts with Lincoln walking in the park. Clyde enters.)

    Lincoln: I’m running away, my sisters are mean!

    Clyde: What about the time they helped get our Ace Savvy comic to the post office? Or the time they wrote that song about how great you are and got SMOOCH to perform it?

    Lincoln: I don’t care, they laughed at my Ace Savvy costume once.

    Clyde: But Lincoln, where will you go?

    Lincoln: I don’t know, but I’ll show them!

    (A Volkswagen pulls up by them. And then it transforms.)

    Bumblebee: That’s right, you’ll show them how mean you can be.

    Lincoln and Clyde: Bumblebee!

    (Bumblebee walks over to Lincoln and Clyde.)

    Bumblebee: Isn’t it better to try solving problems instead of running away from them?

    Lincoln: Maybe I could try talking to my sisters a…

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  • IronRaphRa

    While the title says it all, the only ones I will review are the couples that feature the Louds.

    I mentioned this before, but it’s one of the stronger points about these two. It seems like TV parents in general are people who make you wonder why these two haven’t gotten a divorce yet. The same can’t be said for the two Loud parents. Whenever they appear on screen together, they’re always working together and agreeing on stuff with the only “argument” being featured on the show being over Lynn Sr.’s tie collection. That makes them one of the few parental couples you actually want to see.

    The show’s most famous couple, the two have been together since day one and it seems like their relationship has developed ever since the show went on. At fi…

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  • IronRaphRa

    To all the people complaining about it (especially when it happens to Lincoln,) I think this clip sums it up perfectly:

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