This is based off of one of my favourite editorials on my DeviantArt page.

This list will be about episodes where the Loud Sisters were nice to Lincoln or had them working together vs. the episodes where the Loud sisters were mean to Lincoln. First off, I'm going to mention the rules of my list:

1) An episode will be disqualified if Lincoln does something wrong and his punishment does not exceed the crime.

2) The Lincoln torture can't come from other characters (ie the Green House.)

3) I'm not including episodes where the fighting was every Loud for themselves (like the Sweet Spot.) It can only make the list if the sisters gain up on Lincoln.

4) An episodes placement on the list does not reflect my views on the actual episode.

5) And the most important rule: an episode will not be on the mean list if it ends with the Loud sisters doing something nice for Lincoln.

As an added note, I won't include No Such Luck because the actions of the family were out of fear rather than anger, plus Lincoln himself spread the rumor that he's bad luck.

Episodes where the Loud Sisters were nice to Lincoln or working together +

Left in the Dark (They cheered him up when he missed his favourite show.)

Heavy Meddle (They try to help him with his bully problem.)

Making the Case (They forgive him for making an embarrassing video of them and give him a best brother trophy.)

A Tale of Two Tables (It ends with them having fun at the kiddie table.)

Project Loud House (They all help Lincoln with his project after his diorama breaks.)

Picture Pefect (They hug him after he gives their parents the first photo, saying it shows who they really are.)

Linc or Swim (They let him use their pool.)

Ties that Bind (They won't let their parents kick him out.)

Along came a Sister (They all work together to protect Frank and Lincoln's reputation.)

It's a Loud Loud Loud Loud House (They all agree to share the money they get.)

House Music (They form a band for the talent show.)

Cover Girls (They help him get into the house before their parents notice that he missed curfew, and come home when he sends an important SOS.)

Cereal Offender (They buy him a box of Zombie Bran after they cost him one at the grocery store.)

Roughing It (There are many scenes of Lincoln hanging out with his sisters.)

A Tattler's Tale (They have a club where they tell secrets, and the only rule is that tattlers don't get in.)

Study Muffin (They help him realize that his failing grades where due to his crush on his substitute teacher.)

Homespun (They spend their time talking about memories about the house.)

11 Louds a Leapin' (They all celebrate Christmas and their Christmas traditions together.)

Vantastic Voyage (They work together to convince Lynn Sr. to get a new van, and later convince him to get Vanzilla back.)

Lock N Loud (They work together to protect their house from a "burgaler")

The Whole Picture (They help him realize that he didn't lose his childhood memories after he loses his photos.)

Party Down (They all enjoy a party together.)

Fed Up (They all work together to get a pizza dinner which they enjoy together. And they do end up fighting over what to cook, but that's a case of every Loud for themselves.)

Pulp Friction (They help him get his comic book to the post office.)

Potty Mouth (They work together to get Lily into the daycare, plus nobody blames one person over Lily saying the D-word.)

L is for Love (They support each other to find out who wrote the love note.)

Room with a Feud (The sisters all move back to their old roommate arrangement for Lincoln.)

Job Insecurity (They all work together to get Lynn Sr. a new job.)

Health Insecurity (They work together to get their parents to start exercising.)

Yes Man (Lincoln Loud, the best dang brother anywhere around.)

Tricked (They work together to teach the bullies a lesson, and make sure the two don't come back to Royal Woods next year.)

The Crying Dame (The siblings spend the whole episode working together: getting Lily to stop crying, getting rid of Fenton, and cheering Lily up.)

Anti-Social (Trying to convince Lynn Sr. about the wonders of Wi-Fi, then trying to help him remember the importance of family.)

Snow Way Out (They all go to Burpin' Burger to get the winning wrapper and help Lana meet her idol.)

And keep in mind that I only focused on episodes with all of the sisters, and my list does not include the one on one bonding episodes like For Bros about the Rock, Funny Business, and Frog Wild.)

Episodes where the sisters were mean to Lincoln -

Sound of Silence (Even if Lincoln was being rude, they do go overboard with their revenge.)

Sleuth or Consequences (They make fun of him for liking Ace Savvy.)

Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru (They laugh at him when he mentions his girl guru business.)

Brawl in the Family (The sister protocall.)

So even if you don't agree with my list, you can agree that the nicer moments greatly outnumber the meaner moments, even more so now that the second season has finished.

Also, I'm ok with you disagreeing about the list, but try to be civil in the comments section.

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