What is everyone's opinion so far about Season 4? Personally I feel like Season 4 is one of the best seasons of The Loud House so far but I'd be interested in seeing what other people's opinions are about Season 4 because it seems to vary depending on who you talk to because I've seen some people who aren't really liking Season 4 and some people who are absolutely loving Season 4. Now the reason that I think Season 4 is one of the best seasons of The Loud House is because the animation seems like it's more clean in the later seasons and I feel like each Loud Sibling has been given some good character development this season. The writing is also still the same quality that I've come to love about The Loud House over the years. I'll hold off on saying what my favorite episodes of Season 4 are because I want to do a similar blog post that I did for Season 3 when I listed my favorite episodes of that season with a brief review of each episode. Man doing that one blog post took a lot longer than I thought it would

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