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    Lincoln: It's me Lincoln and I'm trapping Big Billy from the Gangrene Gang on the railroad tracks. Billy: SOMEONE HELP ME! BILLY HELP!
    Lincoln: Literally, Billy no help!
    Lori: Now you're literally reminding me of someone else I know! ME!
    Lana: Hey guys! Me and Lily are now names of Pokémon characters! C'mon!
    (Lana, Lincoln, and Lori leave! Meanwhile, Thomas chugs along and crashes into Billy)
    Thomas: CINDERS AND ASHES! You're causing me confusion and delay Big Billy.
    Billy: Ooh! A shooting star. (Walks over and it comes near him. Billy runs away and screams. The box opens up saying Poké-Trix which resembles the Omi-Trix from Ben 10) Woah! Is like Ben 10 (PokéTrix strap on him) Or BILLY 10. (Time card says To Billy Continued!)

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  • LPCDDude

    Better Report

    February 3, 2018 by LPCDDude

    Sorry guys about this blog I made. I'm hoping you guys on your blogs can come up with a better scripts.

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    Stan and Steak Cheated

    November 15, 2017 by LPCDDude

    I think Stan and Steak Stankco cheated in "Legends" (especially the last round). I bet they cheated because they were jealous or that they did not want to wear Lincoln and Lynn Sr.'s suits. They won the final round so fast. I bet they had fast shoes to go through. Do you think the Stankos cheated in the episode? Why or why not.

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    Lincoln's Report

    October 24, 2017 by LPCDDude

    Here's what would've happened with Lincoln about telling the birth story in class in "Not a Loud".

    (Episode opens up with [[Lincoln Loud|Lincoln and Clyde with in the Royal Woods Elementary School school corridor.)
    Lincoln (nervous): (Gulps) I'm a little nervous about telling my birth story Clyde. I promised my parents I would not tell anyone else.
    Clyde: You don't have to tell her. I mean Mrs. Johnson does not mind if you keep secrets from her.
    (Scene switches to a close-up of Mrs. Johnson sitting on her desk.)
    Mrs. Johnson: I would mind if anyone would keep secrets from me.
    Lincoln (distressed): Sighs! Do I have a choice?
    Mrs. Johnson (angry): No!
    Lincoln (regretful): Sighs! Okay! Gulp! Guys, I'm worried my parents and Donald Trump will be mad after…

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    Here's a sequel to my fake My Life As a Teenage Robot crossover ( Since none of you requested what happened next, I decided to come up what happens next myself. 

    Lincoln: Lana, Tuck! Why are you having a water fight?

    Tuck Carnbuclke: There was one Sprite can left. So we decided to have a water fight to see who gets it.

    Jenny: I know who gets it. 

    Lana and Tuck: WHO?

    Lincoln: Me! (Runs down stairs, pours the can into a glass, takes a straw, puts the straw in the glass, drinks the Sprite can, and comes back up.)

    Lana and Tuck: SORRY! (Walk away.)

    Lincoln: Now can you decide where we want to go? Here are some suggestions:

    1. The park

    2. The mall

    3. The movies

    Jenny: Tell us in the comments…

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