Hey guys, this is LongNick20. *sighs*, I didn't want to do this blog post, but I had no choice. Basically, over 2 months of this situation, the fans are constantly been bashing over on Lincoln ever since the episode: "Kings of the Con", and they said that they are leaving the show and that the writers hate them. First off guys, just because a character was portrayed like that in an episode does not mean they hate the character. Also, if you say you dislike an episode then that's your opinion and we respect it, but you guys have been constantly been acting negative and traumatized over this one episode. Also guys, there is NO such thing as a mean/nice sister trope. Have you guys seen any episode that onvolves this trope: No you guys did not. Because the staff has never made an episode that contains that trope. For those of you who are saying that Lincoln has been acting selfish since Chris Savino was fired, elaborate. Lincoln has been acting selfish even when Chris Savino was working, and heck Season 1 was the most evident. You guys were acting like babies over this, you guys need to let this go because it isn't going to make you better if you keep bringing this up over and over again and trying to avoid episodes that involves Lincoln in a risky situation. And lastly, why do you guys think the problems will be solved if a writer leaves the show, in that case, it would be Sammie Crowley on how she wrote "Kings of the Con", despite the fact that Whitney Wetta has also written that episode? Sammie Crowley has already left the show and is working for Disney now. This isn't even a joke on how you guys are thinking, it's just stupid, and that is the same way you're thinking the staff is getting rid of Lincoln. Overall, all I'm saying in this blog post is that you guys need to move on from this crappy situation so we don't have to deal with this drama, and if you guys don't like it, then that's too bad, and for those of you are saying that you're leaving the show because you didn't want to deal what happened to "Kings of the Con", if you guys say you're leaving, why are you still present on watching the show? This is just baffiling. This post is not to offend people and I know there are some people who are dealing the same mess as I am, I thought these people would move on, but apparently I'm wrong at the moment and please refrain from any drama in this post.

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