Hey, Loud Crowd. MaverickGuy720 here with some news, I'm leaving the wiki and the LH community all together. Let me explain, for the last several months, I've lost interest in the show, and I have decided at this point to stop keeping up with it. The LH is honestly a good show, but with a sour fandom. I'm not mocking or saying it's bad, every fandom has its ups and downs. I can say the same thing with the wiki server as well, and as I do not hold a grudge with anyone or even the server itself. I appreciate meeting good folks there and here as well. Making edits on wikis is what I enjoy doing most, and I still plan on making edits on wikis that I have yet to explore. so before I take my leave, I just want to say, Thank you. It's been a wonderful experience, and I was glad to tag along. This is MaverickGuy720 signing off. Farewell.

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