The Unnamed Brunette haired woman is a minor character in The Loud house. She made her first appearance in Raw Deal.


Like Lola she loves looking at her face in the mirror. Like Leni, she loves fashion. She doesn't like waiting in a long line for the bathroom.   


She is a tall adult with fair skin, two pairs of eyelashes, brunette, curly hair, a pair of white sunglasses, black earrings, a small jacket with an orange dress, and long, black boots.


  • Her sunglasses look similar to Leni's.    
  • Her earrings look similar to Maggie's, Carol's, and Leni's Friend's.  
  • Her personality is similar to Lola's, as they both love beauty, and looking at themselves in a mirror, as well as Leni's, since they both love fashion.                        
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