S2E21B Leni hiding I'm hiding for your surprise party.
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Hello guys, RGL here. I made a theory about Cristina's life with Lincoln in the series and my prediction of her future in The Loud House.

I know Ronnie Anne's just moved away and with new episodes which features events following Relative Chaos. With just days away from airing, I've been thinking about Cristina of what purpose she can fill in after a long hiatus of absences (I don't know if Kick the Bucket List counts though).

Precautionary statement

Please be advised with the content presented in this blog may contain personal point of view, inaccurate data, and possibly harmful (if not, offending) words to some fans which could likely result to flaming and bashing so please don't read it.

I do not care if you are RonniecolnShipper or not. You have been warned.

About Cristina

NOTE: The following episodes are arranged in a possible order.

The Green House

S1E11B Mad class2

She, along with her classmates, fawn over a picture of an unnamed polar bear (which was later named after their teacher) and boos at Lincoln for ruining the challenge.

My thoughts

Yeah, yeah get the polar bear cuteness. Though it took me a long time to notice that she also booed at Lincoln since her was face blocked. I think the block was intentional, I mean who wants her seen hating the guy?

Making the Case

S1E02B We're laughing AT you, not WITH you

Cristina saw a video featuring her with Lincoln showing his admiration for her. She was shocked after seeing it and according to Lincoln, she switched classes (presumably to avoid making any further contact with him).

My thoughts

Well that's what you get when you go too far.
Okay, she was shocked about it and she moved to another class. But why wasn't she angry about it? A person seeing herself in an embarrassing video would likely take it as an insult rather than a joke.
She was not positive or negative of the video and Lincoln, so she must be a reserved person... and non-violent I guess.

For Bros About to Rock

S1E13A Luna and Cristina
S1E13A Luna embarrassing Lincoln for the last time

She waits in line for SMOOCH tickets, gets shipped with Lincoln by Luna, sees Lincoln (probably not knowing him with the costume on), and just vanishes away.

My thoughts

I've never seen Lincoln this mad before (and likely never again). Shipping him with Ronnie Anne can annoy him but shipping him with Cristina makes him go h*ll's fury?
I know Ronniecoln is way more popular even before and after this episode. But what I don't get is with the Loud Staff supporting Luna's ship of Lincoln and Cristina. Were they really pushing for it or was it something else, even more?
Okay back to Cristina. She disappeared when Lincoln approached Luna, but why? Even if she knew it was Lincoln, that doesn't completely explain her disappearing like that. She hasn't had eye contact with him since Making the Case or was she still recovering from his admiration for her.
This episode was the last time they met, or is it?


Kick the Bucket List

S2E09A Sign

She was waiting (likely with her friends) in a 3 day long line for "Fly Me to the Moo" at Dairyland.

My thoughts

So close. Whatever, close enough I guess. Important thing is she's there.
It's a sign that she's coming back. Will it be big or just another dig?

Unconfirmed photo

Tumblr o91g5e2gV31uuojtxo1 1280

Ronnie Anne sees Lincoln with another girl (Cristina). Then what happens next?

My thoughts

Some should've knew that I'd use this. Then you know it.
Since the day I first looked at this photo, it made me think that Cristina would return as early a several episodes. Though I could be wrong and so I did.
Season 2 started as early as May 25, 2016, and this photo was uploaded as early as June 2016 from who knows where it came from. As time passes by and with no Ronnie Anne-Cristina encounter in sight, this photo has become less relevant over the months. The series is already in its second season and with Ronnie Anne's redesign can prove this image as good as fake. Though I can't completely disprove it, a staff should've done it last year just to break the suspense, and with that, I also can't deny the possibility of it from happening with the current situation it can somewhat fit perfectly.

Final Thoughts and Prediction


Ronnie Anne may be Lincoln's girlfriend (which he denies), but Cristina is his crush. Also with Ronnie Anne away from Lincoln (like several miles apart by states), forms a rift and vacuum. The possibility of Cristina filling in by taking Ronnie Anne's place, as her substitute, or another person Lincoln wanted to go with can't be ignored.


With the ship being reduced to a long distance relationship, Ronniecoln (Ronnie Anne and Lincoln) is somewhat dying, unlike Lobby (Lori and Bobby) which is only having a 1 year hiatus. She's in a new world, meeting new people, and without a clear timetable of meeting Lincoln again personally, time will likely make her move on, and those can't be good signs.
Lincoln and Cristina (I don't know what the ship name is, my apologies), for what I believe is the ship behind the ship or Plan B.

Scenario 1: Moving on

At some point, the current ship could enter in a near-sinking conflict and the sailors would have the option to either salvage or abandon. If you didn't get my point, let me rephrase it: There will be a time that two people would get into a fight and that could risk their relationship, the outcomes would either be saving it or moving on. This scenario would have Lincoln breaking up with Ronnie Anne and Lincoln going in a relationship with Cristina.

Scenario 2: Love triangle

Without Ronnie Anne, Lincoln gets lonely and either tries picking-up with girls and/or finds someone else. Ronnie Anne finds out, rushes to Royal Woods(, violence arises), and forces Lincoln to choose. This Archie-like scenario will have Lincoln torn apart (not literally) and would likely have no clear winner.

Revelation: Dual switch

How about adding some seasoning to give a bit of flavor.
Before Ronnie Anne, Lincoln was first interested in Cristina and after the video incident, she switched classes with Ronnie Anne (which could explain why Ronnie was absent when Cristina was there). Therefore, putting Making the Case before Heavy Meddle in the timeline. Keeping Cristina away from Ronnie Anne and Lincoln would have been intentional by the writers to give the necessary development.
With Ronnie Anne away and now having less screen time, this would be perfect time for Cristina to do "the second switch" or "takeover" (which the writers were planning from the start). Ronnie Anne falls, Cristina rises, now that's an expected turn of events. Well played Loud Staff, well played.

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