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Nickelodeon announced a while ago that The Loud House is getting a spin-off called Los Casagrandes, which will follow Ronnie Anne and her extended family. When I first read this, I thought this was some kind of a funny joke, but nope, it's actually a thing that's is going to happen. So I would like to give my first thoughts on this so called "idea" that Nickelodeon has.

Now don't think that I hate this idea, I actually will give this show a fair shot, just like I give for anything really... But I have a feeling that this "idea" seems to be rather useless and nothing special.

Before reading, handle this blog with an open mind. This is just my opinion after all.
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Doesn't it sound a bit too familiar?

The purpose of this show is to explore more of Ronnie Anne's life with her big family in a big city, where she "will make new friends, build stronger bonds with her relatives and explore the endless possibilities the city life has to offer."

Sounds actually interesting at first to be honest, but there is only one problem that I have with this idea... Isn't that kinda what The Loud House already does? (Except for the city life part obviously).

Now I don't know about you, but when I hear that a certain series is doing a "spin-off", they explore a certain aspect of the series a bit further or try something new with the show. The former is exactly what Los Casagrandes will be, we saw them in a few episodes before, so they'll be doing a series about the family of Ronnie Anne, so what's the problem?

Now when it comes to me, I like spin-offs, they can be very creative with their own ideas that the original series normally doesn't do. But that's the problem with the current description of this show (as of April 1, 2018), it sounds like a second The Loud House. Is there anything wrong with that? Not all, but when it sounds exactly like it's original series, then it can be a problem.
Again, this hasn't even released yet, just speculating, but so far I think it sounds unnecessary and redundant.

There is even some sources saying that more episodes of the Casagrandes will appear in the main series, a six-episode story arc to be exact.
Now if a show does that, then why throw a spin-off as well? You can save that six-episode story arc and just shove it to the spin-off, this plan from Nick sounds kinda stupid, because those six episode could have been used for something else, but also a good idea because it promotes the dang spin-off.

I don't know about you, but I'm certainly not excited for this spin-off, the current description of the spin-off sounds too much like The Loud House instead of being it's own original spin-off.
If the show can make episodes that wouldn't normally work in the main series, then I'll certainly take everything that I wrote back, but currently I doubt that.

For the ones that actually are excited for this spin-off, then that's great, continue to be excited, but for me, I'll just wait and see.


  • The current series description sounds to much like the main series.
    • Making it sound rather redundant and uninteresting.
  • I'm going to give the show a fair chance, but I'll put my expectations really low.

So that's everything I have to say, I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you want, give your opinions in the comments about the matter, I am always happy to read your opinions!

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