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Welcome to another LNN, the fived issue of this so called series.
This one came really late, we apologize for the delay.


Well, let's get to the news!
And what better way to start off then to remind people again that the comment section is disabled for good. Well, not a good thing for everyone, but many.

Today, RoniX2D asked some users in this wiki what they think about this recent change, and asked if it is, so far, working well. Here are the responses of some of the users:

Veenster7 - "At first, it wasn't looking that good due to all the complaining about it actually being gone (even though the majority was for taking it away). However, I think the wiki has already adapted to not having article comments quite well. We'll see how this goes when new episodes arrive. So far, I'd say this is a success."
RKSPokéBeast987 - "To be honest, I think the change is actually working out very well. However, some other people have despised it with a passion, and those who seemingly haven't let it go should know actions speak louder than words and disabling article commenting also lowers the number of flame wars that occur on our wiki per day. You know, there are many other places where you could express your opinion on an episode instead of just putting it all in one ordinary comment."
Entertainment&mediafan98 - "Well, I think the change of disabling article comments is actually quite working for majority of the users, well except for ones who complained that they were gone, but I am surprised to see that the wiki has calmed down ever since the article comments were disabled, especially the talk with the two "hated" episodes by many fans has been decreased now. It was for the best idea because mainly, people need to respect others opinions in certain episodes or characters as with the article comments had were getting users in heated arguments. Other forms of sharing opinions except the article comments has been quite making in good use as I haven't seen much defense of any episode or character in particular. Disabling article comments was a good idea for the wiki so that it would be able to repair damages that some has caused by not bringing up faulty argumentation. (that is only looking in one side, which the key is to look at both sides of the argument.)"
TMNT1987Dude - "I honestly think that the comments being gone has really helped out the wiki. There's a lot less drama, and we no longer have the wiki activity being flooded with angry comments.
The drama hasn't completely gone away, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was when the comments were around. I've really gotten used to the comment sections being gone, and I think it should stay like this.
Other wikis don't have comment sections, and they work just fine."

I want to thank all four users for taking their time to answer these questions.

User of the Month

Here are the results of the last UotM:

1st - Veenster7 with 12 votes.
2nd - Jaylop91 with 3 votes.
3rd - Muppetspot, RKSPokéBeast987 and BlazingSword101 with 1 vote.

And now, let's see the nominations of this month's users of the month.

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And now to MuppetSpot's Fanfiction recommendations.

MuppetSpot's Fanfiction recommendations

Hello it is I, MuppetSpot reviewing the fanfiction, Damaged Boy.

So, the basic story is after Lincoln experiences a tragic event. He changes deeply as in only trusting his younger sisters and his dad, always carrying around Bun Bun, and keeping his distance between his older sisters and his dad. Will Lincoln be able to get back to normal or will Lincoln be a damaged boy? Read the story to find out.

Let's go over some the negatives first. One problem, I have is the ending is kind of unclear if Lincoln is fully better or still a little damage. I believe personally Lincoln is still damaged but mostly fixed because, he was still carrying Bun Bun. Another problem, I have is Lynn being the most focus on out of the characters but, I can't complain about it too much because, it's actually who you would expect to be the most impulsive character on the show. This is a little bit of nitpicking but I wish we saw some other things changed in Lincoln but, I digress.

Now, let's go over the positives. The biggest highlight in the story is portrayal of Lincoln in the story. He acts like how would Lincoln would be in that type of situation. One another highlight, the lack of other characters, my problem in most FanFictions is they use too many characters but, in this story it's only the family which is better for the drama of the story. Also, I know I was nitpicking about Lynn being a little over focused but, I can't say it's bad because I think Lynn would be the most devastated sister after hearing this. Also, here's some little details I enjoyed the inclusion of Bun Bun, references to Project Loud House & Space Invader, and the lack of Clyde & Ronnie Anne.

So overall this is really great and dramatic story. I would give a 4/5, great concept and drama, but could use more tuning up. So this is MuppetSpot saying goodbye.

And now, TMNT1987Dude, with his Character's Corner!

TMNT1987Dude's Character's Corner

Hello there everyone, and welcome back to Character's Corner. This time I will be talking about two characters, but they go together, so it makes sense. I will be talking about Howard and Harold McBride.

Anyone out there who knows me well knows that I am not the biggest fan of Clyde McBride. I find him to be one of the most annoying, and probably the most one note character in the series. However, I will have to admit that I really like his two dads. Howard and Harold McBride are both funny characters, and they are also characters I wish the show would use more often.

Of course, we can't talk about Howard and Harold without acknowledging that they are a gay couple, and the first time that a gay couple has been outright shown in a family cartoon. They aren't the first gay characters in a family cartoon, as there was also the lesbian character Maggie Sawyer from Superman: The Animated Series, and of course, there's Mr. Simmons from Nickelodeon's own Hey Arnold, but those characters weren't directly seen as gay/lesbian characters, and it wasn't flat out mentioned either. I know that they've never used the word gay in The Loud House, and I assume they can't, but the point is that them being a gay couple is directly shown, and I love how they did this, as it stands as a bit of a landmark for children's television. I also love how the two characters are just portrayed as normal people, and they don't make them gay stereotypes. They treat them as if they're just like anyone else, which is another admirable part of their characters.

One thing that I really love about them is how they're used for humor on the show. I love how they make it almost like a silly and a straightman type of situation. I know it's not actually done that way, but the way Harold reacts to Howard's over the top reactions to things almost gives it that type of feel. Howard is funny with how he's shown to be such a protective parent, and how he will make such a big deal out of everything. The way he acts when they are dropping Clyde off at the Loud House in "Overnight Success" is pretty funny, and of course I love how Harold tries to be the more down to earth one of the two, and consoles him when they are leaving. It's always funny seeing how they react to each other, and even how they react to other things, such as what happen with their son. In "ARGGH! You For Real?". I loved their roles in that episode, and their reactions to Clyde's new behavior. I also found it interesting that they say Clyde doesn't believe in leprechauns anymore, and how Howard starts crying. It's just so funny with how Clyde is 11 years old, and that would be the age when a child doesn't believe in things such as this. The way these two act off of each other, and how they react to what Clyde does is just hilarious, and really makes me wish that they would use these characters more often. I also loved their roles in "Snow Way Down". Howard fainting was always funny, and it was just humorous seeing them both as overprotective parents. While Harold is still shown to be the more level headed of the two, it's still amusing to see him being too serious with how they should really look after their son. They also did it to the point where neither of them become annoying. They're just as funny as they've always been, and it's also cool to see how Harold has a cool head with how he doesn't get upset when Lincoln reveals that he was the one who gave Clyde the idea that Howard and Harold are too overprotective.

While I may not be a fan of Clyde, I really like his two dads. As I said, they're both funny characters, and I love what they use them for, and it's admirable that they took a bold risk with making them a gay couple. It really paid off, and in all honesty, I could see these characters working even if Clyde had never existed. I could imagine them being neighbors of the Louds, and that could have been a funny situation if they lived on the other side of the Loud House, and the house would have had two homes with childless people living in them. That could have been something that could have led to some funny interactions if the McBrides had just been a childless couple. I'm not saying it should have been done that way, but it is something that could have worked.

Anyway, that's it for this edition of Character's Corner, and I'll see you in the next one. Bye everybody.

That's it for this issue of LNN, we'll see you folks next time.
Have a nice day!
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