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It's been nearly two years since The Loud House premiered on Nickelodeon. Since its release, it has been claimed to be some of the greatest Nickelodeon series of all time, even surpassing SpongeBob SquarePants in ratings! But not everything is sunshine and rainbows, we need to also talk about the bad side of the series, not the series itself actually, but the fandom of the series...

We all know that many fandoms have their problems, and we all can let most of those problems slide, but there are some that can be difficult to ignore, such as the one fandom that I'm going to talk about today, The Loud House fandom.

I'm only going to talk about the things in the series, and not outside the series, so you won't see anything about fanart, fanfiction or shipping here.

Before reading, handle this blog with an open mind. It's targeted to most of the fandom.
Also, when you finished reading, if you decide to comment, than you should only post your opinion on the matter, otherwise it will get deleted. And do not reply on other comments, if you do reply on a comment, it will be deleted without warning.

The problems inside the series

Episode reactions

This problem was noticeable when the infamous episode "Brawl in the Family" was released. Since it's release, it has been known to be one of the worst episode of the series, there is also "No Such Luck", but we'll talk about that one later.

S2E03B That's ridiculous!

How does Lincoln not know about the Sister Fight Protocol?

Now, what are the problems with "Brawl in the Family"? One of the most known problem would be the Sister Fight Protocol (SFP), which was introduced in this episode and has been featured ONLY in this episode, the SFP is basically a protocol where the sisters handle the bad situation, and Lincoln shouldn't participate, because apparently "the man with a plan" would only make things "worse".

You can basically already tell that the SFP is a plot device, and plot devices are always a bad thing, if you can't handle them right.

The other problem is that the characters were a bit out of character, which I'll talk about it in the next section.

S2E08A Lincoln with his feelings hurt

Well... At least he got breakfast, right?

Now to "No Such Luck", what's the problem with this episode? It's because Lincoln supposedly is getting "tortured" throughout the episode. Lincoln had the plan to convince the entire family, including the parents, that he is bad luck, his plan actually works for a while but backfires when the family takes this "problem" with Lincoln a bit to the next level. He's excluded from the family activities and Lincoln is even forced to eat breakfast outside, so he can't "spread" the bad luck to the rest of the family.

Lincoln then confesses that he isn't bad luck to the family and only did that because he wanted some time for himself, but unfortunately the family don't believe him and still think that he is bad luck. The rest of the episode is just Lincoln trying to show that he isn't bad luck, he actually succeeds and everyone is happy.

Now the problem with most of the fandom with these two episodes are that Lincoln gets unfairly "tortured" and that many of the sisters are out of character.

My comment: It's strange how most of the TLH fandom actually despise both episodes, and still to this day I might add. Let me explain...
Starting with "Brawl in the Family", the fans hated this because of the SFP, which I think their reaction was acceptable, so there is not a lot to talk about "Brawl in the Family" here, but in the next section, there will be more to talk about...
"No Such Luck" is the reason why this fandom can't even handle some episodes these days in the first place. Now the plot is simple, Lincoln convinces his family he's bad luck, it works, but then backfires, then tries to tell the family he lied, but the family doesn't believe him, and finally he tries to convince the family that he indeed did lie.
Fans hate it because Lincoln gets "tortured" in this episode, because he didn't deserve what happened in the episode. But in my opinion, I think that he deserved those "tortured" moments, I agree there were a bit too much of them, but he still deserved them.
That was Lincoln's karma, he brought this to himself, but honestly, it could have been executed better, might be because of that.

Out of character

S2E03B Luna and Luan are angry

Remember this beautiful moment?

Now this problem only depends what episode we talk about, so we'll take "Brawl in the Family", "Making the Grade" and "Kick the Bucket List" as examples.

  • In "Brawl in the Family", the most noticeable out of character moment is the moment where Luna and Luan growl at Lincoln, the scene demonstrates that they were going to beat the heck out of Lincoln.
  • Another well-known moment would be from the episode "Making the Grade", where Lori and Lola could have won free passes to the Royal Woods Day Spa, if they could name all three classifications of rocks. They gave the phone to Lisa, but Lisa didn't answer it correct, because she was out of the geology game, thanks to Lincoln. And because of that Lincoln gets kicked out of Vanzilla, with an annoyed look on his face.
  • And now to "Kick the Bucket List", a lesser known moment, but a moment nonetheless. There was a particular moment where Leni asked Clyde to play with him on the seesaw, but Clyde already had a partner to play, it was a rock with a drawing of Lincoln on it, and funny enough, Leni mistakes this rock for the real Lincoln.

All of these moments set off a bad reaction from the fans.

My comment: For "Brawl in the Family", yes, it looks pretty out of character... If you didn't watch the whole episode. Both of them had their reasons to react like that, and honestly, I think they wouldn't actually beat Lincoln up, even though Luan was actually ready to pummel Lincoln.
For "Making the Grade", we have one of the stupidest reason from the fans getting mad, and that is the one when Lincoln gets kicked out of Vanzilla. Now, this moment was supposed to be a humorous moment, but the fans swallowed this moment like it was an insult to them. This is one of the moments I can't really explain the reason of the reactions, so apologies for that.
For "Kick the Bucket List", it's understandable to get mad because Leni actually confused Lincoln to a rock, and it's quite sad if you think about it. But I think we should let this one slide, because Leni is supposed to be the dumb blonde one with a good heart.


I think that the explanations I made were enough to point out the biggest flaws of this fandom, those are:

  • Taking the episode moments, or the episodes as a whole, way to seriously.
  • Pointing out that the characters are badly executed, even thought they were executed well, in most cases...

How do we fix these problems?

It's a very simple thing to fix, but because this is the internet, it's going to be impossible for everyone to do this, but writing them down can't hurt:

  • Take the episodes with an open mind first before judging them.
  • Take a deeper look on the episode before pointing out the flaws of a character in said episode.

So that's everything I have to say, I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you want, give your opinions in the comments about the matter, I am always happy to read your opinions!

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