Sesame Loud House

Hey everyone, this is something I've wanna to do for a little while. Recently my buddy TheMaximumMatt and I did a roleplay where Lori has a conversation with Oscar the Grouch, and that gave me an idea have all the Loud Family interact with the Sesame Street muppets. Thus this fanfiction was born. Before we begin, I just wanna thank Matt for helping me write this. You're a great man, Matt, and enjoyed doing this with you. Now without further ado, let's take a visit to Sesame Loud House.

Lola & Abby Cadabby

(It starts with Lola in her room looking bored.)

Lola: (sighs; grabs her stuffed unicorn) Oh, Unice. What can I do today?

Nolan: (walks by Lola’s room and notices her) Oh, hi Lola!

Lola: (uninterested) Hi, Nolan.

Nolan: (coming in) Lola, what’s wrong?

Lola: I'm bored, Nolan. Lana wrecked the only tea set I had after that whole doll incident, and until she finishes fixing it, I have nothing to do.

Nolan: Couldn’t you practice for one of your beauty pageants?

Lola: There aren’t any upcoming pageants this month.

Nolan: You could watch TV.

Lola: Nah, there are no new episodes of any of the shows I like.

Nolan: You could give yourself a makeover.

Lola: Nolan, I don’t need a makeover, I’m already fabulous.

Nolan: Good point. Hmmmm. (Gets an idea) Oh, I know what to do! Hang on, Lola, I’ll be right back! (runs off)

Lola: This better be good.

(Later, Nolan returns with his left hand behind his back.)

Nolan: Lola, I’m gonna introduce you to a very special friend of mine. I told her all about you, and she can’t wait to meet you.

Lola: Who is it?

(Nolan squats down and sticks out his hand to reveal a puppet of Abby Cadabby.)

Abby: Hi, Lola! I’m Abby Cadabby!

Lola: (Stares for a minute, then laughs) Nolan, what is this?

Abby: Oh no, I'm not Nolan, I'm Abby! (looks down) Oh, this guy underneath me, don't pay attention to him, look at me!

Lola: (giggles) Okay. I'll play along. Are you an actual fairy?!

Abby: Not just any fairy, I'm the daughter of Cinderella's fairy godmother!

Lola: (gasps) That is amazing!

Abby: I know, right?! I even have my own wand, which I use to do cool magic stuff with! But unfortunately, I don't have it today, because it's at the Fix-It shop being fixed.

Lola: Oh, of course. So, what can you do for me?

Abby: Oh, well Nolan told me that you were bored and looking for something to do, and I have an idea. Let's use our imaginations!

Lola: Oh, okay, that sounds like fun! By the way, I love your wings, they are so glamorous!

Abby: (laughs) Thanks, you’re too kind.

Lola: Can I pretend to fly with you?

Abby: Of course! Just pretend you have beautiful fairy wings, and let's go flying!

Lola: Okay!

(Lola closes her eyes and imagines herself with big, beautiful fairy wings, fluttering off the ground. Nolan has disappeared and Abby is now flying by herself. The two start flying around Lola’s room.)

Abby: Wow, Lola! You’re a natural!

Lola: (laughs) WEEEEE! This is so much fun!

(It reveals Lola is actually running around the room, flapping her arms like wings. Nolan is running after her with the Abby puppet still on his hand. Lori walks past and notices the two, but just rolls her eyes, and leaves. In Lola’s head, she finally slows down and lands on the ground.)

Lola: (pants) Oh, wow. That was fun. But you know, all of this flying made me a little tired.

Abby: Oh, well, I’m a little tired too. D-Do you want to take a nap?

Lola: (yawns) Yeah, a nap would be nice.

Abby: Ooooh, can I nap with you?

Lola: (sleepy) Yeah… sure. Let’s go.

(So, Nolan and Lola go over to Lola's bed, Lola gets under the covers and closes her eyes, Nolan slips Abby in her arms and then slips his hand out. Now Lola is holding Abby, fast asleep.)

Nolan: (As Abby) Goodnight, Lola. (kisses her cheek and tiptoes out)

Leni: (walks up) Hi, Noey! What’s u-

Nolan: (Normal voice) Shhhhhhhh! Lola’s taking a nap.

Leni: (quieter) Oh, sorry! What’s up.

Nolan: Oh, not much.

Leni: How is Lola? I know she was really bored, with her not having her tea set and all-

Nolan: No worries. Lola was plenty occupied.

Leni: Oh, okay. See you, Noey!

(Leni leaves. Nolan just smiles, and goes the other way.)

Lincoln and Clyde & Bert and Ernie

(It starts with Lincoln and Clyde in Lincoln’s room, looking at some cards they made together.)

Lincoln: (looking over some of the cards) The Eight of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, the Eleven of Hearts…

Clyde: (Looking at the High Card’s card) I love this one the most. (Sigh) The High Card is just perfect. She’s like Lori, but 1,000 times better. Are you sure we can’t have her and One-Eyed Jack get together?

Lincoln: (Secretly gags) Nah, Clyde. It wouldn’t work out that well.

Nolan: (appearing out of nowhere) Hey guys, watcha doing?

Lincoln: (screams along with Clyde) Oh, hey there, Nolan. Clyde and I were just looking at some of the cards we made for the Full House Gang deck.

Nolan: Oh, nice, they all look really cool.

Lincoln: Thanks, but I have to tell you, it’s getting kind of boring showing these to the same people over and over.

Clyde: Yeah, practically the whole school knows about our cards now. I wish we had just one more person to show these to.

Lincoln: Me too.

Nolan: Oh. Hmmmm. (gets an idea) Guys, I think I may have a person, no, two people who might be interested in seeing your cards.

Lincoln and Clyde: Really?

Nolan: Yes, really, hold on a sec. (runs off)

Lincoln: (to Clyde) Who do you think it is?

(Clyde just shrugs. Nolan returns with his hands behind his back)

Nolan: (to Lincoln and Clyde) OK, guys. These guys I'm about to introduce to you are actually best friends, just like you.

Lincoln: Really? Cool! Who are they?

(Nolan reveals two puppets of Bert and Ernie)

Bert: Hi there, I’m Bert.

Ernie: And I’m Ernie!

(Lincoln and Clyde look at each other, then at Nolan)

Lincoln: Uh, Nolan, you do know those are just puppets right?

Nolan: Could you guys just play along, please?

(Lincoln and Clyde look at each other)

Lincoln: OK.

Ernie: So, what are your names?

Lincoln: Well, I'm Lincoln, and this is my best friend, Clyde.

Clyde: Hi. (Awkwardly smiles)

Ernie: Oh, what a coincidence! Bert and I are best friends too!

Bert: So, our good friend, Nolan, told us that you have some cards that you made. Can we see them?

Lincoln: Um, sure. (shows the cards) These are cards that Clyde and I made.

Ernie: Wow, those are really something? Who are the people on the cards?

Lincoln: My sisters. I have ten of them.

Bert and Ernie: (shocked) TEN SISTERS?!

Lincoln: Yep. That’s a normal reaction.

Bert Wow, I just have one brother, and that's challenging. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have 9 more, and have them all be girls!

Ernie: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... that's a lot to count! [laughs]

Lincoln: Not that much, just 11. That's how old Clyde and I are, right Clyde?

Clyde: Right.

Bert: Back to the cards... do you like collecting cards?

Lincoln: Yeah, but not as much as like collecting coins.

Clyde: Yeah, me too.

Bert: Oh, nice. You know I like collecting too. Do you know what I collect?

Lincoln and Clyde: No, what?

Bert: Paper clips and bottle caps.

Lincoln and Clyde: Paper clips and bottle caps?

Bert: Oh yes. Very few understand the value that lies within these objects. You can use paper clips for-

Ernie: Aw come on, Bert. These guys don’t wanna boring stuff like paper clips and bottle caps, they wanna hear about fun stuff, like this. (Pulls out rubber ducky) Here it is! My rubber ducky!

(The two boys look at each other)

Lincoln: You have a rubber ducky with you? But, you’re not taking bath, right now.

Ernie: Who says rubber duckies can only be used in a bath, I always take Rubber Ducky with me, wherever I go. He’s so much fun. Aren’t you, buddy? (squeaks the duck and laughs)

Bert: Yeah, yeah, Ernie, we all know how much you like your rubber ducky.

Ernie: Like him? I love him! I love him so much I even wrote a song about him! (singing) Rubber Ducky, you’re the one. You make bathtime lots of fun. Rubber Du-

Bert: OK, enough! Stop! Stop the music! We do not need to hear you sing that song, Ernie. So, what kind of coins do you collect, Lincoln?

Lincoln: Lots of coins from around the world, (gets his coin collection and pulls out a coin) like this one I got from Poland. It's called a Zolty.

Bert Poland? No way! That’s where I got one of my bottle caps from!

Lincoln: Really? Cool!

Ernie: Yeah, sure. Hey Lincoln, I think it's really cool that you gave your sisters superhero identities. Hey, Bert! What if we were superheroes, which superhero would you be.

Bert: Oh, well, I think my superhero name would be, "Pigeon Man."

Ernie: Mine would be “Ducky Boy”. (laughs)

Clyde: Bert, you like pigeons?

Bert: Like pigeons? I love pigeons! They’re my favorite animal. In fact, I have a pet pigeon. Her name is Bernice, and she is really amazing.

Clyde: Oh. Well, I have two pet cats. Their names are Cleopawtra and Neopurrtiti, and they’re amazing too.

Bert: Oh, I bet. Nice names, by the way. (As Ernie) Do you have any toys you like to play with?

Lincoln: Well, we like to play video games.

Clyde: Lincoln also has toy planes and recently got an Acy Savvy action figure.

Bert and Ernie: Cool.

Ernie: Oh, that reminds me. Do you two live together, like Bert and I do?

Lincoln: No, we live separately.

Ernie: Well, you’re missing out! There's nothing better than being with your best bud!

Bert: Yeah, that is true.

Lincoln: Yeah, we know, but even though we would love to live together, we have different families that we enjoy living with more.

Clyde: Besides, we'll live together when we get into college.

Ernie: That's great! Say... you wanna see something cool? (pulls out a small set of drums)

Bert: Oh brother. Ernie, we've been through this already!

Ernie: What do you mean, buddy Bert?

Bert: You know exactly what I mean, Ernie! Every time you take out those drums, you get carried away and make a lot of loud ruckus!

Ernie: Oh come on, Bert. It'll be for a little bit. I promise.

Lincoln: You play the drums? Cool!

Clyde: Can we play too?

Ernie: Sure! The more the merrier!

Bert: No, no, no, wait-

(But it’s too late. Lincoln and Clyde both get drums and start playing with Ernie. Luna overhears the noise from her room.)

Luna: Where’s that beat coming from? (Follows the sound to Lincoln’s room and sees everyone drumming) HEY! (Everyone stops and looks at her) Nolan? Is that puppet playing drums?

Ernie: I'm not a puppet. I'm Ernie. (laughs)

Luna: ...Welp. I'm not one to judge. [brings out drums] You mind if I jam out with ya'?

Lincoln, Clyde and Ernie: Not at all!

Bert: Oh, you’ve gotta be ki-

(Everyone starts jamming out. Bert groans and faints, while everyone else keeps drumming)

Lynn Sr. & Cookie Monster

(It starts with Lynn Sr. making a special dessert in the kitchen.)

Lynn Sr.: Oh boy, this must be my best dessert yet!

(Just then Nolan comes in)

Nolan: Hey, Mr. Lynn? What’s up?

Lynn Sr.: Oh hey, Nolan! I just finished up making what may just be my best dessert ever!

Nolan: Really, what is it?

Lynn Sr.: Well, sport, I just made a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies!

Nolan: (Gasps) Cookies?! Oh boy! Uh, Mr. Lynn, I'll be right back! I have to get someone! (Speeds off)

Lynn Sr.: Nolan, wait! Don’t you wanna taste test… them? Huh.


(Lynn Sr. is putting his cookies on a plate, when suddenly he sees two googly eyes appearing from the counter.)

Lynn Sr.: [screams] What are those?!

(It's revealed Nolan is puppeteering a puppet of Cookie Monster from below the counter.)

Cookie Monster: No, no, it okay mister! Don't freak out! Don't freak out! It just me, Cookie Monster!

Lynn Sr.: (realizing) Uh... Nolan. What's going on?

Cookie Monster: No, me not Nolan, me Cookie Monster. (Looks down) Oh, don't pay attention to this guy underneath me.

Lynn Sr.: [laughs] Okay then, "Cookie Monster".

Cookie Monster: So, you got cookies? (notices cookies and gasps) You do! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

Lynn Sr.: Whoa whoa whoa! Slow down there, Cookie Monster! You can’t eat these cookies! I made them for my family.

Cookie Monster: (groans) Me knew this was gonna happen. But me have solution. Mr. Lynn, may me please have a cookie?

Lynn Sr.: Sorry. That's still a no.

Cookie Monster: Uh, but... wouldn't you like me opinion on cookies? Me mean, it always best to get constructive cookie- me mean- criticism on something, am me right?

Lynn Sr.: Hm, that is true... oh, alright. You can have one then. [hands the puppet a cookie]

Cookie Monster: (gasps) COOKIE!!! (digs in and eats it)

Lynn Sr.: (Chuckles) Well... you certainly enjoyed yours, so these cookies must be good... [looks at the ground] though I think you could do with more swallowing than chewing…

Cookie Monster: Oh, sorry, that force of habit. Me can fix that. (Gets down on the floor, and starts eating the crumbs.)

Lynn Sr.: (rolls his eyes) Good grief. Oh well, at least it’s good to know someone like my cookies. (chuckles) And at least none of my kids do this.

Lana: Hey Dad! Ooh cookies! (takes one and gobbles it up, making a mess) Mmm!

Lynn Sr.: I stand corrected. One of my kids does this.

(Just then, Lola comes in and notices the cookies)

Lola: (gasps) COOKIES!! (takes one and eats it)

Lynn Sr.: OK, two.

Lynn: (comes in) I call dibs on the next one! (takes one and eats it)

(Pretty soon, all the LKs come in and eat up all of the cookies. Once they’re finished, Lynn Sr. looks at the empty plate and groans.)

Lynn Sr.: I just now realized I’m the father of 11 cookie monsters.

Cookie Monster: Ain’t you lucky guy?

(Lynn Sr. just looks unimpressed.)

Lucy & The Count

(It starts with Lucy and her Edwin bust finishing watching an episode of Vampires of Melancholia.)

Announcer: This concludes another episode of Vampires of Melancholia. Tune in next time when we find out if Tristan is really dead.

Lucy: (smiling) Sigh. Oh, Edwin. I love that show, and I love vampires. I wish I could meet one, other than you.

Nolan: (appearing next to her) Hey, Luce!

Lucy: (screams and falls down) Oh, hi Nolan.

Nolan: What are you and Edwin doing?

Lucy: We just finished watching Vampires of Melancholia.

Nolan: Oh yeah, I know how you are with your vampires.

Lucy: Sigh. I wish I could actually meet one in person.

Nolan: Hm, meet a vampire. (thinks for a minute, then gets an idea) Hey, Lucy, you wanna meet a friend of mine?

Lucy: Uhhh, not really, I’m not good with meeting new people and-

Nolan: He’s a vampire.

Lucy: Show me him at once.

Nolan: No problemo!

(Nolan runs off. Later, he comes back and hides behind the couch)

Lucy: Nolan, where are you and your friend?

Nolan: (behind the couch) Hang on, he’ll be here in a second! (Holds up a puppet of the Count Von Count)

The Count: Greetings, I am the Count!

Lucy: Oh, hello. (in her head) Ugh, puppets. The creepy happy prisoners of the hand.

The Count: Do you know why they call me the Count?

Lucy: Because you’re Count Dracula, the most amazing vampire on earth?

The Count: Uh, no. My full name is Count Von Count. And they call me the Count, because I love to count things!

Lucy: What?

The Count: Allow me to demonstrate! (brings out five paper apples) One apple! Two apple! Three apples! Four apples! FIVE APPLES! (laughs and imitates lightning and thunder)

Lucy: That’s what you do?

The Count: Precisely!

Lucy: (in her head) Groan. Seriously? This is the best Nolan can do?

The Count: Lucy, why don’t you give it a try?

Lucy: Uh, no thanks. Let me ask you a question. What kind of blood do you drink?

The Count: None. Blood tastes terrible.

Lucy: (in her head; gasps) He doesn’t drink blood? And he calls himself a vampire?

The Count: But I do like drinking water! Which is very good for you, by the way.

Lucy: Water. Bleh.

The Count: That’s 1, 1 bleh! Come on, Lucy, let’s see what else we can count!

Lucy: Um, how about we don't that, and instead we do real vampire stuff?

The Count: Real Vampire Stuff?

Lucy: You know like being in the dark, and-

The Count: The dark? Ah, I can do that! Just like in my castle. I will be right back. (The Count goes down behind the couch, and Nolan runs to the light switch and turns the lights off. He runs back behind the couch, and the Count pops up again. Then Nolan holds up a bunch of pictures of bats on popsicle sticks, and a mini organ.) I even have bats! (laughs and imitates lightning and thunder.)

Lucy: That’s better.

The Count: And I love to count bats! That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7 wonderful bats! (laughs and imitates lightning and thunder)

Lucy: Sigh. Is there anything else you like to do?

The Count: Well, I also love counting my friends, helping people with counting emergencies, counting sheep-

Lucy: Anything else besides counting?

The Count: No, not really.

Lucy: What about that organ?

The Count: Oh yes! I like to play my organ!

Lucy: You mind if I listen?

The Count: Not at all!

(Nolan makes the Count go over to the organ, and plays a piece of music.)

Lucy: Sigh. How I love the sound of a dark organ.

The Count: Ah, me too. And watch this.

(He presses a key and one of the pipes gets a face.)

Pipe #1: 1.

Lucy: A talking organ?

The Count: Precisely! (presses another key)

Pipe #2: 2.

Lucy: Wicked.

(He presses another key)

Pipe #3: 3.

The Count: Three! Three is the number of the day!

Lucy: Number of the day?

The Count: Ah yes. Every day on Sesame Street, we highlight a different number, and today the number is "3".

Lucy: Oh.

The Count: Hm, let’s see, what things are there three of?

(Lucy spots Lana, Lola and Lisa heading outside the front door.)

Lucy: Well, three of my sisters are heading out the door.

The Count: (counts them as they go by) One, two, three! Three sisters!

Lucy: (Looks down) And there are three cushions on the couch.

The Count: (counts them) One, two, three! Three wonderful couch cushions!

Lucy: And there are three of our pets over there. [points to Geo, Walt, and Charles] Lincoln's taking Charles out.

The Count: One, two, three! Three pets! Hahahaha! And those were three groups of three! Hahahaha!

Lucy: Wow. This is actually kind of… fun.

The Count: I know, isn’t it? In fact, I have one more thing to thing to count. Let’s count real vampires!

Lucy: Well, OK. (points to the Count) There's one, (points to Edwin) two, two real vampires in this room.

The Count: That is right! Two really real vampires! (Laughs and imitates lightning and thunder)

Lucy: Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. (to herself) Ok, this is the best Nolan can do, and I like it. (out loud) Oh. I just thought of something. Since you love counting so much, you must have a favorite number, so what is it?

The Count: Oh, that is easy, my favorite number is 2. No, 8. No, 100, No 17, No, 90. No, 4.

Lucy: (realizing what she just did) Groan.

(And so the Count keeps listing numbers while Lucy just sits there.)

Lynn and Big Bird

(It starts with Lynn getting on her roller skating gear, when Nolan comes up)

Nolan: Hi, Lynn! Whatcha doing?

Lynn: Oh, hey Nols! I was just getting ready go over to the park to practice my roller skating.

Nolan: Oh, cool! I like watching you roller skate.

Lynn: Thanks, you wanna come with me?

Nolan: (thinks for a minute, then gets an idea) Uh, actually, I have a better idea! Hang on, Lynn! I’ll be right back!

(Nolan runs back to his house. Lynn just shrugs.)


(Lynn is sitting and waiting, when suddenly she sees something.)

Lynn: Whoa!

(It reveals to be someone (Nolan) in a Big Bird suit, wearing roller skates.)

Lynn: (Weirded out) Uh... who are you? Some mascot of something?

Big Bird: No, I’m Big Bird.

Lynn: Yeah… you are.

Big Bird: And you must be Lynn.

Lynn: Wha-? How do you know my name?!

Big Bird: Well, my good friend Nolan told me that you were going roller skating.

Lynn: You bet I am! Not to brag, but I’m kinda a pro. (Roller skates around Big Bird)

Big Bird: Wow! You know, I like roller skating too!

Lynn: Really?

Big Bird: Yeah, and I was wondering if I could roller skate with you?

Lynn: … Sure.

Big Bird: Yay!

Lynn: Now come on, let’s go!

(Lynn skates off and Nolan, as Big Bird skates after her. On their way, Lynn jumps over a sewer entrance.)

Big Bird: Oh, that was great! Watch this! (Ducks down under a low hanging branch.)

Lynn: Oh, nice! Well, how about this?! (Jumps over a rock)

Big Bird Oh, I think I can do that! (Jumps over the same rock)

Lynn: Not bad! Can you do this? (skates down on handrail of some stairs)

Big Bird: Uh, no I don't think I can do that. I think I'll just use the ramp. (skates down the ramp, next to the stairs, and stops at the bottom.)

Lynn: Okay, that’s fine. Gotta know your limits. You have my respect.

(She holds his hand out to fist bump him, and he does so.)

Big Bird: Aw, thanks Lynn. You know, when I first started roller skating, I wasn’t very good at it.

Lynn: That’s cool, neither was I. I mean, I wasn't good at a lot of things when I was younger, but after some tough training, I eventually got the hang of things.

Big Bird: Yeah, m-my friend Gordon, always tells me practice makes perfect.

Lynn: That, my friend, is great advice. I mean, look what it did for me. Now come on! We're almost at the park! (Skates off)

Nolan: (As Big Bird) OK, coming! (skates off after her)

(Cuts to the two arriving at the park, where a lot of other people are.)

Nolan: (As Big Bird) Oh, wow. There are so many people here!

Lynn: Yeah, the parks really full on Saturdays. Come on, I know where the skating section is. (Skates off)

Big Bird: OK. (Follows her)

(The two finally get to the skating section of the park.)

Lynn: OK, Big Bird, watch this!

(She skates down the lower section and does a flip)

Big Bird: Wow, that was amazing! I'll give it a go! (rolls down the ramp and does a spin)

Lynn: Dang! You got sick moves, bird!

Big Bird: Thanks! I didn't even know I could that!

Lynn: Come on, let’s do some more tricks!

Big Bird: OK!

(Lynn and Big Bird start skating around the park and doing cool tricks, cuts to a few minutes later when the two are just finishing skating down a ramp. Once they do, they high five. Over somewhere, three other kids are also skating, when one of them skates to other side, and sees Big Bird. The kid stares in confusion.)

Kid #1: (calls out to his friends) Guys, you gotta see this!

(The kids skate over to their friend)

Kid #2: What is it?

Kid #1: Don’t look yet, but there’s a giant bird on roller skates here.

(The kids look over and see the Big Bird suit, which is indeed on roller skates.)

Kid #2: Oh my god.

Kid #3: Now I’ve seen everything.

(Just then Big Bird skates past the kids, and Lynn follows.)

Big Bird: Oh, excuse us, kids! Whoa!

Kid #1: OK, guys, let’s go to the skatepark down the street. I’m pretty sure that park is a little more normal.

(The kids skate away.)

Lynn: OK, Big, let's head home. It's almost lunch time.

Big Bird: Oh boy! I love lunch! What are we having?

Lynn: I don’t know. Whatever’s in the fridge


(Lynn is digging through the refrigerator, while Nolan, still in the Big Bird suit watches.)

Lynn: (Pulls out 10 foot long sub) Oh boy! Looks like we got ourselves a sandwich!

Big Bird: Oooh, a sandwich! Yummy! D-Do you have any birdseed I could put on it? Birdseed is my favorite food.

Lynn: Uh, birdseed, sure. Just hang on a sec.

(Lynn rushers off to get the birdseed. A few minutes later, Lynn and Big Bird have split the sandwich and Big Bird put birdseed on his half.)

Big Bird: Mmm, this sandwich is really yummy! Thanks for getting me the birdseed, Lynn. Where’d you get it?

Lynn: Oh, I just got some from Walt’s supply.

Big Bird: Oh. But won’t Walt be mad?

Lynn: Well…

(Just then Walt flies into the kitchen with his eyes narrowed.)

Lynn: Uh-Oh! Run!

Big Bird: No, wait! Maybe, I can calm him down!

(Walt is about to divebomb attack the two friends, when he stops and gets an eyeful of what’s in front of him.)

Big Bird: Hi there, bird friend! I’m Big Bird!

(Walt, now petrified of this giant bird, lets out a screech of terror and flies away.)

Big Bird: Was it something I said?

(Lynn just shrugs)

Lily and Elmo

(It starts with Lily, in her crib looking bored. She throws her rattle out of her crib and blows a raspberry. Just then Nolan passes by and notices Lily)

Nolan: Hey, Lily! (notices she looks down) What's wrong, Lils?

(Lily yawns boringly)

Nolan: Aw. You must be so bored, being all alone in there. Say, I know what’ll cheer you up! (Runs off)

Lily: Huh?


(Nolan returns with one of his hands behind his back)

Nolan: OK, Lily. I'm gonna show you a friend of mine. You may have even seen him before.

Lily: Fofo?

(Nolan reveals a small, red, furry monster-like puppet, known as Elmo)

Elmo: Hello, Lily!

Lily: (gasps) El-mo!

Elmo: That's right, Lily!! Elmo's so happy to see you!

(Lily jumps up and down and make excited sounds.)

Elmo: OK, let’s play peek-a-boo! (Covers and uncovers his eyes) Peek-a-boo!

(Lily giggles)

Elmo: covers and uncovers his eyes) Peek-a-boo!

(Lily giggles)

Elmo Oh, does Lily wanna tickle Elmo? (Lily nods and Nolan sticks his Elmo puppet out to her. She starts tickling Elmo, while he laughs.) Wow, that was really fun! Lily’s a really good tickler. (just then a sound goes off) Oh, you know what that sound means! It’s time for the letter of the day!

Lily: YAAY!!

(Nolan reaches into his pocket and pulls out the letter “L”)

Elmo: And the letter of the day is… “L”!

Lily: El?

Elmo: Yeah, L! L starts lots of neat words like lemon, and lion, and leg, and library. And L is even the first letter of Lily’s name!

Lily: El! El!

Elmo: That’s right, Lily! L is for Lily! And L doesn’t just start Lily’s name! It also starts her sisters’ names, her brother’s name, and even her daddy’s name!

Lily: Da-da?

Nolan: (As Elmo) Yeah, Lily’s daddy’s name is Lynn. L-ynn.

Lily: L-ynn!

Elmo Yes, very good, Lily! Hey, Lily, do you want Elmo to sing a song for you?

Lily: San! San!

Elmo: OK! (music starts playing; singing) La la la la, la la la la, Elmo's World! La la la la, la la la la, Elmo's World! Elmo love his goldfish, his crayon, too! That's Elmo's woooooooooooorld!

Lily: Naah! Elmah's Waaaaaahl! (giggles)

Elmo: Wow, Lily is a great singer!

Lily: [chuckles] Coo!

Elmo: Lily, Elmo has an idea! Let's use our imaginations and pretend to be... airplanes! Ready?

Lily: Reh-ee!

(Suddenly, the room and Nolan disappear, and Lily and Elmo are flying through the clouds.)

Elmo: Look, Lily! We’re flying over the ocean!

(Lily looks down and sees that she and Elmo are indeed flying over the ocean, and all of the fish come up and wave to her. She waves back.)

Elmo: Oh, now we’re flying through the jungle!

(Lily looks and sees the jungle and all of the animals, who look up and wave to her, and she waves back.)

Elmo: OK, Lily, we’re flying over Antarctica!

(Lily looks down and sees the ice and snow, as well as an eskimo, and some polar animals, who also wave to her, and she waves to them.)

Elmo: And now, Lily and Elmo are coming back to Lily’s home!

(The two fly through the window and land back in Lisa and Lily’s room. Then everything goes back to the way it was, and Rita peers her head through the door.)

Rita: Nolan, what are you doing?

Nolan: Oh, I was just playing with Lily, Miss Rita.

Rita: Well, could you please wrap it up? It’s time for Lily to take her nap.

Nolan: Oh, sure thing, Miss Rita.

(She leaves, Lily whines, clearly indicating, she doesn't want to take a nap.)

Elmo Oh, does Lily not want to take a nap?

Lily: (shaking her head) Mm-mm!

Elmo Aw, well don't worry, Lily. Taking a nap can be really fun! Because naps give you energy to play, and you can dream of amazing things! (After hearing this Lily perks up.) And Elmo will even nap with you!

Lily: El-mo nap?

Elmo: Yes, Elmo will nap with Lily.

(Nursery rhyme music starts playing as Nolan tucks Lily in, and rest the Elmo puppet in her arms. As soon as Lily drifts off, Nolan slips his hand out of the Elmo puppet.)

Nolan: (As Elmo; whispering) Goodnight, Lily. Elmo loves you. (kisses her cheek, and exits the room, while Lily happily sleeps.)

Leni & Grover

(It starts with Leni sitting on the couch trying to watch TV. Unfortunately, the remote isn’t working.)

Leni: (Pushing the buttons) Ugh! This thing isn't working!

(Just then Nolan walks by)

Nolan: Hey, Leni. What’s wrong?

Leni: Oh hi, Nolan! I have a problem. The remote isn't working, and I really wanna watch the Dream Boat!

Nolan: Hmm, let me try. (Leni hands him the remote and he tries pressing the buttons, but nothing happens) Wow. This really isn't working!

Leni: (Groans) Noey, what am I gonna do?

Nolan: (Thinks for a minute, then gets an idea) I think I know a friend who can fix this!

Leni: Really who?

Nolan: I’ll show you. (runs off and comes back two minutes later.) Ok, Leni, I wanna introduce you to my friend Grover.

Leni: Ooh, where is he?

Nolan: Right here! (sticks his left hand out to reveal a puppet of Grover)

Grover: Hello there! It is I, your cute and furry old pal, Grover!

Leni: Oh, hi! You must be the repairman!

Grover: Uh... sure. Let us go with that.

Leni: Well, can you help me? My remote isn’t working.

Grover: Hmm... let me see. Have you tried waking it up? Maybe it is asleep.

Leni: Hm. That’s actually not a bad idea. But how should we wake it?

Grover: Be my guest!

Leni: No, I’m asking you how we should wake up the remote.

Grover: Oh! Well why didn’t you just say so?

Leni: But I didn’t say "so". I asked how we should wake it up.

Grover: Oh, never mind then. Have you tried shaking it and saying “wakey wakey?”

Leni: No, I’ll try it. (Shakes the remote) Wakey wakey! (Nothing happens) Grover, it didn’t work!

Grover: Maybe you need to rhyme. [clears throat] Wakey wakey chocolate cakey!

(Still nothing happens)

Leni: That didn’t work, either.

Grover: Hm… Maybe you should try singing to it?

Leni: Hm, okay. (singing) Wake up, wake up, wake up! (Nothing happens) It still didn't work!

Grover: Allow me to try. (Singing) Wubba wubba wubba wubba woo woo woo! Wubba wubba wubba and a doodley doo! He went "Wubba wubba wubba" so I sang along! Yes, wubba wubba wubba is a monster song! (Still nothing happens) Oh dear. It did not work. That was my most popular song, too. Hm, (to Leni) maybe you should try shaking it!

Leni: OK! (Shakes the remote and pushes the buttons, but still nothing happens) Oh, nothing's working!

Grover: Grrruh! Alright, that does it! This calls for drastic measures! Leni, I will be right back!

Leni: Wait, where are you going?!

Grover: You’ll see! (Runs off)


(Leni is still waiting for Nolan and Grover to come back, when suddenly she hears a faint sound of screaming it gets louder and louder, until finally a blue streak falls down on to the ground, in front of her. It reveals to be the Grover puppet, except now he has a knight's helmet and a red cape. Nolan rushes in and gets his hand in the puppet, and sticks it up.)

Leni: Who are you?

Super Grover: Who am I? I am Su-per Grover! And I am here to help with you with your problem.

Leni: Oooh! Yay! A real superhero! Well, Mister Super Grover, I need help with this remote. No matter what I do, it won’t work, and I don’t know why!

Super Grover: Do not worry, I will just talk some sense into it! (To the remote) Ok, listen up, remote! This beautiful, young lady here wants to watch television, so you wake up and work for her! (Nothing happens) DO SOMETHING, DARN YOU, DO SOMETHING!!!! (Still nothing happens; Grover growls in frustration, before getting an idea) Ah, he must be hungry. (to the remote) Alright, mister. I'm going to give you the best sandwich you have ever had in your life, and once you are done, you are going to start up and let this girl watch some TV! Got it?! [to Leni] I will be right back.

Leni: OK.

(Nolan and Super Grover run off to the kitchen)


(They come back with a ham and cheese sandwich)

Super Grover: OK, remote here is a delicious ham and cheese sandwich, now eat it! (places the sandwich to the remote, but nothing happens. He pushes it some more) EAT THE SANDWICH!!!

Leni: I don’t think it’s hungry.

Super Grover: (groans) Guess well have to do this the hard way... (forcefully shoves the sandwich in the remote) Eat! The! Sandwich!

(Pretty soon the sandwich is undone, and the remote is covered in grease, and it still doesn't work)

Leni: (groans) It's hopeless! This remote will never work! And I'll never get to watch the Dream Boat again!

Super Grover: Of course you will! We just need to try something else. Now let's think, what can we do to get this remote to start working?

(The two start thinking when Lincoln and Lori come in and see everything that's going on.)

Lincoln: OK, I'm probably gonna regret this, but what are you two doing?

Leni: Oh Lincoln! It's terrible! The remote isn't working, so Noey bought one of his friends over to help me by waking the remote up, but that didn't work, so then this super hero guy came to feed the remote to get it to work again, but now the remote is covered in grease, and it still isn't working and- and-

(Leni starts crying, and everyone else tries to comfort her.)

Lori: Calm down, Leni. It’ll be okay. (Realizes) Wait. Did you say waking it up and feeding it?

Leni: Y-Yeah.

(Lincoln and Lori stare for a minute and then facepalm.)

Lori: Leni, give me the remote.

Leni: O-OK. (she hands Lori the remote)

Lori: (opens up the back of the remote) Ah, here’s the problem. The batteries are literally dead. That’s why it’s not working.

Leni and Super Grover: Oooooh!

Super Grover: Well, why didn’t it say so?

Lincoln: It’s a remote. It can’t talk.

Leni and Super Grover: Oooooh!

Lori: (Gets new batteries and puts them in the remote, and then presses one of the buttons and the channel changes) There, now the remote’s fixed. (Looks at the remote and her left hand, which are both covered in grease) Ewww! Now could someone please clean it off?!

Super Grover: Not to worry, Madame. I, Super Grover will clean the remote for you! It is one of my many specialties. (takes out a water-squirting gun from his suit) Here we go! (sprays, but it goes crazy and pushes Grover all over the place) AHHH! Stop it! I command you to stop!

Lori: (grabs the spray gun and stops it) You know what, never mind. I'll just clean it, myself.

Super Grover: Or that could work also.

Leni: Thanks for helping us, Super Grover!

Lincoln: Helping us?!

Super Grover: No need to thank me. It is all in the day's work. Now if you will excuse me, I must go find someone else that needs my help. Up, up, and away! (imitates flying sounds as he flies off.)

Leni: (waves) Bye, Super Grover!

(Just then Nolan comes back in, without Super Grover)

Nolan: Hey guys! I’m back!

Leni: Noey, you missed it! This guy named Super Grover came and he fixed the remote!

Lori: (annoyed) You’ve literally gotta be kidding me.

Nolan: Oh, you saw Super Grover, huh? He is one amazing superhero.

Leni: Yeah, he really is.

(Lincoln and Lori just roll their eyes.)

Lori & Oscar

(It starts with Lori coming through front door, clearly showing she’s not in a good mood.)

Lori: Ugh. I literally hate my life.

(Just then Nolan comes in, eating a cookie)

Nolan: Hi there, Lori! You look cheery today!

Lori: [gives Nolan a glum look] Gee... thanks…

Nolan: Hey, do you wanna come play with me and Lynn?

Lori: No, I’m literally not in the mood.

Nolan: Are you sure? We’re playing catch.

Lori: Nolan, I said no! I’ve literally got a bunch of other things to do!

Nolan: Like what?

Lori: (groans) Do you know how much homework I have to do this week?! I’ve got two projects to finish up, then a whole book's worth of worksheets, then I have a meeting with my friends at a mall that's literally important, then there's my job, and- and- [groans] It's making me miserable! Just, go away Nolan. I literally wanna be alone, now.

(Lori pushes Nolan aside, runs up to her room and slams the door.)

Nolan: Gee. Lori sure seems unhappy today. She sounds sad, grumpy, and kind of grouchy. (Gasps) Grouchy! That’s it! (runs off)

(Cuts to Lori, lying on her bed, groaning, when suddenly she hears a knock on the door)

Lori: Go away!

(Suddenly Lynn bursts through the door carrying a huge trash can, she places it next to Lori's bed.)

Nolan: (from inside the trash can) Thanks, Lynn!

Lynn: No problem, buddy. (leaves)

Lori: Nolan, what is going on here? Why did you have Lynn bring a trash can into my bedroom?

(Just then a puppet of Oscar the Grouch arises from the trash can. Nolan is puppeteering him)

Oscar: Okay, where is she? (to Lori) Are you Lori Loud?

Lori: (Screams) Okay, who or what are you?

Oscar: The name’s Oscar, and I’m a grouch. I live on Sesame Street. It’s a little street, you probably haven’t heard of it.

Lori: No I haven’t! It sounds dumb and I literally don’t have time for this preschool nonsense! I just want to be left alone!

Oscar: You’re right. It is dumb, but it’s where I live, and I’m here to talk to a fellow grouch, which is you.

Lori: Me? I’m literally and figuratively not a grouch!

Oscar: Well, you sure sound like one.

Lori: I do not! Now scram!

Oscar: Wow! You are so a grouch! You even said "scram" like a grouch!

Lori: I am not a grouch!

Oscar: Of course you are! [laughs] You're all grumpy and angry and all that! Don't you just feel miserable?

Lori: Well… yeah. I am. I will give you that.

Oscar: You know, I love being miserable, it makes me feel happy, but I don't like feeling happy and that makes me miserable.

(Lori looks puzzled)

Lori: What?

Oscar: It’s true.

Lori: That literally makes no sense.

Oscar: Eh, we grouches have very complicated emotions. Hey, do wanna know another thing grouches love? Trash! (goes into his can and comes back up holding a crumpled up piece of paper) Like this crumpled up piece of paper.

Lori: Eww.

Oscar: Aw, come on! You'd love this kind of stuff!

Lori: No, I would not! Trash is disgusting!

Oscar: I know that's what makes it so great! (goes back into the can and brings out some more trash) Like these, I've got a banana peel, a worn out sneaker, a broken cup, and a chicken bone? Aren't they great?

Lori: Ew! Get those out of here!

Oscar: Hey! You're a grouch, aren't ya?

Lori: No, I am not!

Oscar: Hm, I'm still not convinced. You're miserable and glum from having to deal with so many people around here right? Just like me! We can't stand to be around other people!

Lori: That's not it! I'm just so stressed from having so much on my schedule! I have homework, projects, actual work, meetings... it's just too much for my mind to wrap around.

Oscar: Hey, we grouches have a lot of things to do too! Be annoying, collect trash, be annoying, be miserable, be annoying, take mud baths, be annoying, feed our pet worms, and did I mention being annoying?

Lori: (Annoyed) Yes. You did. Several times, actually.

Oscar: Oh, well that’s just me being annoying. (laughs)

Lori: Well, I’m not annoying!

Oscar: Well, you’re groaning and moaning loudly, you’re being rude to other people, you wanna be by yourself, and you’re making everything feel sour! That’s perfect!

Lori: No, it’s not!

Oscar: To a grouch, it is, and trust me, Miss Big Hair, you have the makings of a true grouch.

Lori: B-But, I don’t want to be a grouch.

Nolan: (Popping up out the trash can, with his normal voice) Then don't act like one.

Lori: (screams) Nolan! I literally forgot you were puppeteering or whatever.

Nolan: Yeah, that’s kinda the point of puppeteering. But that’s not the point. If you’re feeling grouchy, don’t push other people away. There are lots of other ways to deal with your negative emotions. You can talk to the people you’re close with, or ask someone for help with what you have to do, lots of things. We all care about you, Lori and we want you to be happy.

Lori: I guess you're right... Sorry for acting up lately.

Nolan: Aw, it's okay. Maybe this will help you feel better. (He jumps out and gives Lori a hug)

Lori: [laughs] It does actually.

(Their hug lasts for a few more seconds.)

Nolan: By the way, if you want any homework help, ask Lisa, she’s really great it.

Lori: (Chuckles) Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.

Luna and Rosita

(It starts with Luna in her room trying to come up with a new song, but failing)

Luna: No, that’s not right!

Nolan: [opens door] Hi, Luna. Can I come in?

Luna: Sure thing, bro. (groans)

Nolan: What’s wrong?

Luna: I’m trying to write a new song, but everything I think of is complete rubbish!

Nolan: Aw, I’m sure they can’t be that bad. Sing me something you thought of.

Luna: OK. (strums her guitar and sings) I like songs! I really like songs! Songs are good! Really really good!

Nolan: OK, that is pretty bad.

Luna: I know! Its like I most my mojo! What am I gonna do?

Nolan: (Gets an idea) Don't worry, Luna! I think I know someone who can help you!

Luna: Really?! Who?!

Nolan: You’ll see! I’ll be right back!

(Nolan runs off. Luna looks confused. A few minutes later, Nolan comes back.)

Luna: Dude, you’re back! So, where’s that friend of yours?

Nolan: RIght here!

[Out of his back, Nolan pulls out a puppet of Rosita]

Rosita: Hola! Soy Rosita!

Luna: [confused at first, but knowing how playful Nolan is, decides to play along] Aw! Cute! I'm Luna!

Rosita: Hola, Luna! It's very bonito to meet you!

Luna: Bonito? Oh! I got this! Hold on. [clears throat] Sí! Hola, amigo! Como estás?

Nolan: Whoa.

Luna: I learned some espanol a grade back, and from the Casa-Gs.

Rosita: Oooh, impressive. Anyway, my good friend, Nolan told me you were having trouble writing a new song, and I think I can give you some ayuda!

Luna: Well, do you know how to play any instruments?

Rosita: Si! I love play, (pulls out a small guitar) My guitar!

Luna: Sweet!

Rosita: And I also have an idea, why don’t we make a song in Spanish?

Luna: Never tried that before! Let's do it!

Rosita: Okay, first we need to come up with some letra, some lyrics.

Luna: Okay? What do you like singing about?

Rosita: One of the thing I like to sing about is mi familia.

Luna: Yeah, me too. But how can we work that into our song?

Rosita: Hmm, maybe we can say how much we love our families.

Luna: Oh, so something like, “Our bond is nothing like no other. Livin with 9 sisters and a brother!”

Rosita: Oh, muy bien, here's that in spanish. “Nuestro vínculo no es como ningún otro. Viviendo con 10 hermanas y un hermano!”

Luna: Oooh! Impressive! How about this? Side by side you and I. Members together come to unite.

Rosita: Bonito! Here's that line in spanish, “De lado a lado, tú y yo. Los miembros juntos se unen.”

Luna: Rockin! OK, how about this?

(Rosita and Luna spend the next few minutes coming up with lyrics and finding a melody for their song. Once they finish they look at each other and smile.)

Luna: OK, Rosita, I think we got ourselves a song!

Rosita: Oh, excellente! Let’s invite your familia to hear it!

Luna: Yeah, let’s do it!

(Cuts the rest of the Loud Family in Luna’s room.)

Lincoln: So, what’s this new song you’ve written, Luna?

Luna: It’s called “Life in the Loud House”, written by yours truly and one of Nolan’s friends, Rosita!

Rosita: Hola!

Leni: Hola? What does that mean?

Rita: It means hello in spanish, honey.

Leni: Oh.

Luna: Alright then! Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!

(Luna and Rosita sing their song, 5 minutes later, they’ve finished and everyone else claps and cheers as they take a bow.)

Lana & Snuffy

(It starts with Lana in the backyard, looking sad. Hops jumps up to her and croaks.)

Lana: Not now, Hops. I don’t wanna play right now.

(Hops looks down as well, and sadly hops away. Just then Nolan comes through the back door and notices Lana.)

Nolan: (walking over to Lana) Hey Lans, what’s wrong? You look sad.

Lana: Oh, hey Nolan. I’m just bored.

Nolan: Bored? Why is that?

Lana: Well, it’s just… I feel like I’ve seen every animal on Earth.

Nolan: Oh, really?

Lana: Yes really! Frogs, newts, spiders, termites, squirrels, mosquitos, hamsters, hogs, beetles, robins, crocodiles, moles. Even the endangered animals like tigers, gorillas, and otters. I've seen them all! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still love them all, but you can only spend so much time with the old stuff, until you want something new. I wish there was a new kind of animal. One I've never seen before.

Nolan: (thinking) Wanna see a new animal, you say? (Gets an idea) That’s it! Wait right there, Lana, I’ll be right back! (Runs off)

Lana: Hm, I wonder what Nolan’s gonna get.


(Lana is still sitting, when she looks up and gasps. It's a Mr. Snuffleupagus (Snuffy) puppet suit, that's being puppeteered by Luan (in back) and Nolan (in front))

Lana: WOW! What are you?!

Snuffy: Oh, hi! I'm a Snuffleupagus!

Lana: Snuffleupa-wha?

Snuffy: Snuffleupagus. It’s a type of animal. We usually get mistaken for elephants.

Lana: Well, you do kinda look like an elephant.

Snuffy: Well, can an elephant do this?

(He hugs Lana with his trunk)

Lana: Yeah, elephants can do that. But, this is nice.

Snuffy: Well, can an elephant do this?

(He lifts Lana up in the air)

Lana: Whoa! Weee! This is fun! (Snuffy puts her down) Thanks, Mr. Snuffleupagus!

Snuffy: (laughs) You can just call me, Snuffy, Lana.

Lana: OK, Snuffy, do you wanna play with me?

Snuffy: Yeah, and I know exactly what we should play. Let’s play hide and seek.

Lana: OK!

Snuffy: I’ll hide and you count.

Lana: (Stops) Wait a minute. You hide?

Snuffy: Yeah.

Lana: Uh, Snuffy, I don’t think that would be very fair. I mean, you’re huge! I’m sure I’d find you easily.

Snuffy: (laughs) Don’t worry, I’ve played hide and seek lots of time. You’ll be surprised by what I can do.

Lana: Okay.

(Snuffy goes off to hide, and Lana goes over to the tree to count. Cuts to a minute later, when Lana has finished.)

Lana: 29, 30! Ready or not, hear I come! OK, now if I were a snuffleupagus where would I hide?

[Lana searches every hiding spot there around the house, such as the shed, under the porch, inside the bushes, and even behind the gate between the Loud house and Mr. Grouse's house. Cuts Lana in the front yard.]

Lana: Man, How is the guy so good at hiding?! He’s huge! How have I not found him, yet?! (sighs; calls out) Alright! Snuffy, you can come out now! Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!

Snuffy: (jumps out from out of nowhere) Here I am!

Lana: AHHHH! Snuffy, where were you hiding?!

Snuffy: It’s a secret.

Lana: Awwwwwwwwww.

Snuffy: OK, Lana, it’s your turn! Hide and I'll try to find ya'!

Lana: OK, I can do that!

(Lana runs off to hide, while Snuffy closes his eyes and starts counting. Inside the puppet suit, Luan who’s operating the back part of Snuffy, is looking tired and sweaty.)

Luan: Gee Nolan, this is getting pretty tiring. How much longer do we have to wear this?

Nolan: Only for a few more minutes, Luan. Remember, we're doing this to make Lana feel happy.

Luan: (Sighs) Well, at least I’m getting my exercise for the day.

Snuffy: OK, Lana, ready or not, here I come!

(Snuffy goes and checks all the places Lana normally hides, but she's not there)

Snuffy: Wow, Lana really is good at hiding. (calls out) OK, Lana! You can come out now! Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!

Lana: (appearing above Jimmy’s head, upside down) Peek-a-boo!

Snuffy: (Surprised) Whoa! (laughs) You got me, Lana!

Lana: (laughs) You’re so fun, Snuffy! Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t come live with us?

Snuffy: Really?

Lana; Yeah, you could be another one of our pets!

Snuffy: You mean it?! Oh boy! That would be great! But, I can't.

Lana: What?! Why not?!

Snuffy: Because, I have a family that I really love living with, and don't wanna leave them.

Lana: Oh, yeah, I get that. I wouldn’t wanna leave my family, either. Does this mean you have to go?

Snuffy: Actually, yes, it's almost lunch time and I promised my mommy I'd help her set the table, but don't worry, I'll come back soon!

Lana: OK, Snuffy, I’m gonna miss you!

Snuffy: I’ll miss you too, Lana!

(The two hug and Snuffy heads off)

Lana: Bye, Snuffy! Come back soon!

(Cuts to a few minutes later, Lana and Hops are playing together in the backyard, Nolan comes up to them.)

Nolan: Hi, Lana, hi, Hops. What are you two doing?

Lana: Oh, Hops and I were just playing tag.

Nolan: Oh, did you happen to come across my friend, Snuffy?

Lana: Oh yeah, I did! He was really fun! We played hide and seek together. But then he had to go back to his homes, so I went to get Hops and now we’re playing together.

Nolan: So, are you still longing to see new animals?

Lana: Eh, not really, I think one new animal is enough for one day, and besides, old animals, like frogs are really awesome too. (to Hops) Isn’t that right, Hops?

(Hops nods and tags Lana. She laughs and chases him.)

Nolan: (Chuckles) Animals. Man’s best friend.

Lisa and Telly

(It starts with Lisa about to give a lecture to her kindergarten classmates, in her room, including David and Darcy.)

Lisa: Alright, my fellow kindergarten comrades since you all seem to be struggling with knowing your shapes, I have volunteered to help you learn more about them, and here helping me today is a certain... let's say, friend of mine. Uh, please, come up, Telly.

(A puppet of Telly Monster pops up from behind the table)

Telly: Hi, kids! My name is Telly!

(The kids all wave and say hi to Telly)

Darcy: Hi, Telly!

Lisa: (whispering down to Nolan) Elder male friend unit, I still don’t understand why you wanted to help me teach my kindergarten co-workers with a puppet of all things.

Nolan: (whispering) Kids love puppets, Lis. Trust me, this will work. Just continue with the lesson.

Lisa: Okay, if you insist. (pulls out a chalkboard with a circle on it) Now first of all, can someone tell me what this shape is?

(The kids are silent)

Lisa: No one? Telly, will you tell them?

Telly: Sure thing, Lisa! That’s is a circle! And it has no cornes, no sides, and no angles.

Lisa: Precisely. A round plane figure with a boundary containing points equidistant from a center point.

Telly: Lots of things are circles! (grabs a plate) This plate is a circle, (Grabs a cookie) A cookie is a circle, (grabs a doughnut) a doughnut is a circle, (grabs a few coins) these coins are circles, (grabs a picture of a whole pizza) A whole pizza is a circle, (grabs a picture of the moon) Even the moon can be a circle!

Lisa: Very good Telly. Although this cookie does appear to be off at some points. Next up, we have a quadrilateral. Shapes that contain-

Telly: Four sides and four angles. The cool thing about quadrilaterals is that there are so many kinds of them!

Lisa: The ones we'll be talking about today are Squares and Rectangles.

(Just then David raises his hand)

Lisa: Yes, David?

David: I think I may know the difference between squares and rectangles.

Lisa: (Blushes) Oh, well, please tell us. (Smiles her creepy smile)

David: Squares have sides and angles that are all the same length, whereas, rectangles have to long sides and two short sides that are parallel to each other.

Lisa: That is, correct. Thank you, David. (Blushes and giggles)

Telly: (To Lisa; Whispers) Stay focused, Juliet.

Lisa: (Clears throat) Right. Like David has informed us Squares have sides and angles that are all the same, while rectangles have both long and short sides.

Telly: And lots of things are squares and rectangles. (Holds up a little door) Like this door, (Holds up a little window) and this window, (holds up a small checkerboard) and this checkerboard, (holds up a little box car) and even this box car!

Lisa: Precisely, Telly. Now, onto the next shape...(Draws a triangle on the board) Triangles.

Telly: Oh boy, triangles! I love triangles! They're my favorite shape in the universe! Triangles here! Triangles there! Triangle triangles everywhere! [Laughs] That’s the triangle club motto. Baby Bear came up with it.

Little boy: Who's Baby Bear?

Telly: (splutters) He's only my bestest friend in the whole world! That's who he is! Anyway, who can guess how many sides and angles a triangle has?

(Darcy raises her hand)

Telly: Yes, Darcy?

Darcy: A triangle has three sides and three angles! Right?

Telly: Correct! And they're all so wonderful! You can find triangles everywhere! (Holds up a picture of a pizza slice) This pizza slice is a triangle! (Holds up a party hat) This party hat is a triangle! (holds up a chip) This chip is a triangle!, (Holds up a sail on a sailboat) And this sail is a triangle too!

Lisa: That is once again correct. Stupendous job, Telly.

Telly: Why thank you, Lisa.

Lisa: So you see everyone, circles, squares, rectangles and triangles are the shapes that make up everything in on Earth.

(David raises his hand again)

Lisa: Yes, David?

David: Um... there are much more shapes than just triangles, rectangles, circles and squares.

Lisa: I know, David, but Telly and I are limited to tell you about these four shapes only because Ms. Shrinivas says going beyond is too much for this class.

Telly: Yeah, we’re keeping it nice and simple.

David: (Shrugs) Fair enough.

Lisa: OK, everyone, that’s all for today. And Telly, thank you, for helping me teach.

Telly: No problem, Lisa! I’m always happy to help teach kids shapes! Especially triangles!

Lisa: OK, class, say goodbye to Telly.

Kids: Bye, Telly!

Darcy: (gets up hugs Telly.) I love you, Telly!

Telly: (laughs) I love you too, Darcy! Okay, see you guys, later! (disappears behind the desk)

Lisa: OK, since you’ve all been such good listeners, why don’t we all go downstairs for a snack.

(All the kids jump up and rush downstairs, except for Lisa. Nolan gets up and takes the Telly puppet of his arms)

Nolan: So, Lis. Wanna go down stairs and have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, just the way you like it?

Lisa: I would much appreciate that, but how can you make them the way Lincoln does?

Nolan: Easy, he taught me how.

Lisa: Oh. PB&J it is then.

(Nolan and Lisa head down to the kitchen.)

Rita and Zoe

(It starts with Rita in her and Lynn Sr.'s room, with a radio that's playing music.)

Rita: OK, I think I've got it. (starts stepping to the music) One, Two, Three, WHOA! (she trips and falls on her face; groans) It's hopeless. I'm never gonna get this right.

(Just then Nolan comes in)

Nolan: Hi, Miss Rita! Why are you lying on your face, and why are you dressed like that?

Rita: Oh, hi, sweetie. I was trying to dance, and... I think you can guess what happened…

Nolan: (helping her up) Oh, well what dance were you trying to do?

Rita: Well, I was trying to do... a ballet.

Nolan: Ballet? (Gasps) Miss Rita, I think I know someone who can help you!

Rita: You do? Who is it?

Nolan: You'll see! I'll be right back!

(Nolan runs back to his house, and comes back a few minutes later.)

Nolan: OK, Miss Rita, I’m back and and brought my friend with me.

Rita: OK, who’s your friend?

(Nolan sticks out his left hand to reveal a puppet of Zoe)

Zoe: Hi, Miss Rita! My name is Zoe!

Rita: (knowing what’s going on; laughs) Oh hello there, Zoe.

Zoe: My friend Nolan told me that you need help dancing ballet, and I can help you! I dance ballet all the time!

Rita: Really?

Zoe: Yeah! In fact, I even taught my friend, Elmo, a few moves.

Rita: OK, can we get started?

Zoe: Hm… Not yet. First you need the proper clothes.

Rita: Proper clothes?


(Rita has on a pink ballet tutu and pink ballet shoes)

Zoe: OK, now that we're all suited up, let's begin! First, show me what you can do, already.

Rita: Alright. (Tries to tip toe but trips)

Zoe: (deadpanned) Oh boy... we have some work to do.

(Cuts to Zoe and Rita by the door.)

Zoe: OK Miss Rita, just follow my lead. (gets on her tiptoes, and takes a step) 1.

Rita: (does the same thing) 1.

Zoe: (takes another step) 2.

Rita: (Does the same thing) 2.

Zoe: (takes another step) 3.

Rita: (Does the same thing) 3.

Zoe: Yeah, now you're getting it!

Rita: Yes, I-I am!

Zoe: Let's try again!

Rita: Okay.

Zoe: (gets on her tiptoes, and takes a step) 1.

Rita: (does the same thing) 1.

Zoe: (takes another step) 2.

Rita: (does the same thing) 2.

Zoe: (takes another step) 3.

Rita: (does the same thing) 3.

Zoe: Now, can you do this? (balances on one foot)

Rita: I can try... (tries but slips and falls) Oh, I fell.

Zoe: It's alright. You’ll get it, eventually. Try again.

Rita: Okay.

Zoe: Don’t worry, I’ll help you.

(Rita tries balancing on one foot again, and Zoe keeps her balanced.)

Rita: [balancing] Ooh! I'm doing it!

Zoe: Alright. You think you can handle it on your own?

Rita: Yes, I can! Let me go! (Zoe lets go of Rita, and she’s balancing; gasps) I’m doing it! I’m doing it!

Zoe: Yay, you’re doing it! You’re doing it!

Rita: Okay, what do I do now?

Zoe: Gently put your leg back down.

Rita: [does so] Phew! That wasn't too bad.

Zoe: Okay, now it’s time for my favorite dance move, the pirouette, which is basically just spinning. (She starts spinning around ) Now, you try!

Rita: Okay! (spins but stumbles) This is making me feel a little dizzy…

Zoe: Don't worry, it happens to all the beginners. Even me. You'll get used to it after a while.

Rita: (spins and falls over again) Ahh!

Zoe: OK, let's try one more time!

(Rita spins again, but she doesn't fall over)

Rita: Woooo That was kind of fun!

Zoe: Good job, Miss Rita! Now we have a few more moves to learn.

(Zoe and Rita spend the next few minutes go over moves and steps. Later...)

Zoe: OK, Miss Rita, now it's time to put everything you've learned to the test. Please dance for me.

Rita: OK, 1, 2, 3, here I go! (The music plays and Rita does 10 ballet steps does two jumps a pirouette and stops, balancing on one foot.) Ta-da!

Zoe: Yaaaaaaay! You did it, Miss Rita!

Rita: Oh, wow! I did it! I did it! I actually did a ballet dance! Yes! (hugs Zoe) Oh, thank you, Zoe! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (Kisses her on the cheek)

Zoe: (laughs) No problem, Miss Rita! (continues laughing)

(Then Nolan Pulls Zoe out of Rita’s hug)

Nolan: OK, Miss Rita, this was fun, but I actually have a question I wanna ask you.

Rita: Oh, sure Nolan. What is it?

Nolan: Why do wanna dance ballet all of a sudden.

Rita: Well, you see-

(Just then Lynn Sr. comes in wearing his tuxedo.)

Lynn Sr.: Hey there, honey. Looking fabulous. Ready for the talent show? I cannot wait to see you dance!

Nolan: (in realization) Oooooooooooooh! A talent show! So that’s why you wanted to learn how to dance, because you and Mr. Lynn are part of a talent show!

Rita: (laughs) Yes, Zoe, that why I wanted to learn how to dance ballet.

Lynn Sr.: oh, hey sport. (referring to the Zoe puppet) Who’s this?

Rita: (to Lynn Sr.) This is Zoe, dear, and she helped me get ready.

Lynn Sr.: Oh, well that is very nice of you, Zoe! Maybe you could teach me a thing or two someday.

Zoe: Hmmmm, maybe. I’ll what I can do.

Lynn Sr.: (chuckles) Thanks. (to Rita) Now come on, honey let’s go. The show starts in ten minutes. (walks to the car)

Rita: OK, coming! Hey, Zoe, why don't you and Nolan come with us?

Zoe: Really?

Nolan: Really?

Rita: Of course, I would nothing more than the two people who helped me get the hang of dancing watch me at the talent show.

Zoe: Ok, sure! I'd love to watch you dance on stage!

Nolan: Yeah, me too!

Rita: OK, then, let’s go.

(And so Rita walks out with Nolan and Zoe following close behind.)

Luan & Baby Bear

(It starts with Nolan and Luan putting on a puppet show for Lana, Lola and Lily. Luan is Mr. Coconuts and Nolan is Baby Bear.)

Luan: Ladies, and gentlemen. Put your hands together for the one, the only, Mr. Coconuts!

Mr. Coconuts: Thank you, thank you. And today, I'd like to introduce a new friend of mine. Please give warm welcome to... Baby Bear!

Baby Bear: Thank you! Thank you! And thank you, for having me, Mr. Coconuts!

Mr. Coconuts: Ah, no problem my furry friend!

Baby Bear: So, you got any good jokes?

Mr. Coconut: Do I?! I got a whole load of em! You’re gonna have to bear with me! (laughs)

Baby Bear: Oh! [Laughs] I get it! Because I'm a bear! [Laughs]

Mr. Coconuts: Hey, Baby Bear.

Baby Bear: Yes, Mr. Coconuts?

Mr. Coconuts: I think I know what your favorite food is.

Baby Bear: Oh, really? Tell me. What is my favorite food?

Mr. Coconuts: Bear-ies! (laughs)

Baby Bear: (laughs) I get it! I get it, but actually, no. My favorite food is actually porridge.

Mr. Coconut: I don't have a bowl of porridge, but I do have a bowl of... pie!

Baby Bear: I think I know where this is going, I'm gonna try and eat the pie and then you throw it in my-(Mr. Coconuts throws the pie in Baby Bear's face.) Face.

[The three kids from the audience laugh]

Mr. Coconuts: Ahahahaha! Funny! Right?!

Baby Bear: Yes... very... hey, what that over there?

[Mr. Coconuts looks behind him and Baby Bear slams a pie at his face]

Baby Bear: [laughs]

Mr. Coconuts: Ah! The bear got me! Well played.

Baby Bear: Guess you could say you’re "nuts" for pie!

(Lana, Lola, and Lily laugh, as does Mr. Coconuts)

Mr. Coconuts: And he has good jokes! This bear knows his comedy!

Lynn Sr.: (off-screen) Kids! Dinner’s ready!

(Lana, Lola, and Lily dash off-screen.)

Baby Bear: (to the viewers) Well, I guess now would be a good time to tell you that this fanfiction was brought to you by the letter "L" and by the number "3".

Mr. Coconuts: (to the viewers) See you again, soon! We'll be here all week!

(Nolan pops up)

Nolan: OK, actually, I am getting kind of hungry, let's go eat.

Luan: (also pops up) Sure thing, buddy.

(Nolan and Luan go over to the dining room to join the rest of the Loud Family.)


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