WikiMu here.

I briefly returned to the wiki after a very long absence and happened to notice something that troubled me: the "Absences" sections on some characters' pages (such as Lily, Clyde, Lynn Sr., Rita, etc.) are getting long to the point where it seems excessive. I don't normally have a problem with lists like these, but it seems counterintuitive to have long lists of all the episodes that don't relate to/involve a character on that character's page. I have a suggestion that would better convey the characters' individual episode appearances. It would affect all characters' pages.

I'd like to propose "appearance lists" in the format of Encyclopedia SpongeBobia (see an example here, with more here). This format is listing every appearance in tables, each divided by season. The tables have a box for the episode number, a box for the episode title, and a box for "Role in episode" where the type of role they play in that episode (major, supporting, minor, voice only, cameo, mentioned, pictured, etc.) is noted. I think this would be useful for all character pages, and it would be a much more relevant section to have than "Absences" lists. It also seems like a nice way to integrate the information from Character appearances into the Characters articles themselves.

If anyone has any questions about the proposal or wants to make a suggestion, please leave it here. If enough people think this change is worthwhile, I might try to start a discussion about instating it. Again, I've been away from the wiki for a long time, so if there's a major problem with this proposal or the way I'm suggesting it, please tell me. Thanks, -- WikiMu (talk) 02:39, August 10, 2018 (UTC)

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