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This article is about the episode of The Casagrandes. For the episode of The Loud House, see Pets Peeved.
Episode Information

"V.I.P.eeved" is the twentieth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Carlota becomes concerned that her family will embarrass her after her vlog is found by a famous musician.


The Casagrandes are happy to hear that Alisa sends them ten free tickets.

Carlota is recording her usual makeup vlog, but her family keeps interrupting her. When she tells her family that she's in the middle of something, she suddenly gets a notification from famous singer Alisa Barela, who wants her to do her makeup for her performance in Great Lakes City. The entire Casagrande family is awestruck at this news, and they become more excited when Alisa sends them ten free tickets.

At the Great Lakes City Arena, the Casagrandes head backstage and Carlota advises them to go to their seats. Upon going behind the curtain, Carlota's family starts to become a nuisance, as they won't stop following her and taking the snacks at the snack table. At that moment, Alisa arrives and Carlota is prepared to do her makeup. However, before she can start, her family starts to create trouble, such as...

  • Rosa throwing away the snacks on the table and replacing them with her tamales.
  • Frida and Maria trying on some of Alisa's outfits.
  • Hector playing with Alisa's collection of guitars.
  • Bobby mistaking a cardboard cutout of Alisa for Alisa herself, and crying when he thinks she got killed.
  • Carl chatting with Alisa while Carlota is distracted.

Needing a way to fully distract her family, Carlota asks Blaze, Alisa's manager, to give the family a backstage tour, and Blaze agrees. As Blaze takes them on the "tour", the family starts to get bored. Suddenly, Blaze leaves to answer a call from Alisa. As the family eats some of Rosa's backup tamales, they discover Carlitos walking into a room, prompting them to chase after him. Suddenly, the door of the room they run into shuts behind them and locks them in. At that moment, Carlota finishes putting on makeup on Alisa. As Alisa prepares for the interview, Carlota learns that Blaze has lost the family. However, before she could be given the chance to find them, she has to start the interview, but not long after starting, Carlota claims that she can't continue without her family and decides to find them.

The Casagrandes sing with Alisa.

Looking backstage, Carlota spots some food crumbs leading to the door the family is locked in. However, when she enters the room, the door locks them in again, and a backstage hand presses a button outside the door. As Carlota apologizes to her family for trying to shut them out, they realize that the room they're in is moving. It turns out that they're being lifted onto the stage. Alisa arrives and Carlota states that the people behind her is her family and explains that they may have been an embarrassment, but she still loves them. Alisa, feeling sympathy for Carlota, reveals that her family still travels with her, and to make her feel better, she decides to sing a song about family, where she invites the Casagrandes to sing along.



Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • Maria reveals in this episode that she used to sneak out to go to concerts.


  • V.I.P.eeved - The title of this episode is a portmanteau of "V.I.P.", which is short for "very important person", and “peeved”, meaning annoyed or irritated.
  • Shantae - Carlota whipped Carl with her ponytail like titular character of this video game series.
  • AirPods - A lady backstage is seen wearing these wireless earphones.
  • Sia - The outfit Maria wears while backstage is similar to the outfits worn by this Australian singer, especially how the wig covers most of her face in similar fashion.
  • Friends - The song in the episode, "I'll Be There for You", shares its title with the theme song of this television series.


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