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"Vacation Daze" is the fourth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


When Maria finally gets a day off, Ronnie Anne has to compete with her family for some much-needed quality time.


Ronnie Anne tells her mother about her plans with Maria for the day off.

Early in the morning, Ronnie Anne wakes up to the sound of Sergio, and says that today's the one time of the month that Maria finally has a day off. After greeting her mother as she wakes up, Ronnie Anne presents her list of things that she wants to do with Maria for the day, and Maria is reminded of the promise she made to spend with Ronnie Anne.

After Maria gets herself ready, Rosa is concerned that Maria will be too tired to stay awake, considering how much time she spends as a nurse. Maria, however, states that she'll be fine. However, before Ronnie Anne and Maria can spend their day together, Maria is faced with situations that require her, such as...

  • A new nurse who asks some outlandish questions,
  • Needing to remove a splinter from Bobby's finger (and other injuries),
  • Being a model for Frida's painting,
  • Carlota finding her three dates,
  • Carl needing her to remove his toy cabooses he accidentally glued onto himself,
  • Arturo calling her to ask what kind of rash he has on his hand.

These constant requests make Ronnie Anne snap, and tells everyone that she just wants to spend the day with her mother, and everyone promises to leave Maria alone so she can spend her day off with Ronnie Anne.

Ronnie Anne and Maria exit the apartment building, and prepare to head to the theater to watch a movie. As the two wait for the subway to arrive, Maria is starting to show signs of being tired. When the subway arrives, Ronnie Anne accidentally boards the train holding a stranger (it turns out Maria completely fell asleep on the bench). Arriving at the next stop, Ronnie Anne makes the assumption that Maria is at the previous stop. Back at the first stop, Maria is woken up by a pigeon drinking her coffee, and discovers to her horror that Ronnie Anne and her phone are missing. She assumes that Ronnie Anne is at the next stop, and boards the train, just as Ronnie Anne arrives back to the first stop. After exiting the subway, Ronnie Anne and Maria end up going around town hoping to find each other (and on a couple occasions, bumped into lookalikes of each other). After several hours of trying to find each other, Maria arrives back to the apartment building and calls Ronnie Anne via landline to tell her to come home.

Arriving back home, Ronnie Anne and Maria apologize to each other for ruining their day together, explaining that they had had problems that got in the way. Suddenly, the Casagrandes attempt to ask Maria for her help, but Ronnie Anne tells them that Maria is too tired at the moment, as she sleeps in Ronnie Anne's bed.

Maria thanks Ronnie Anne for letting her relax.

When nighttime comes, Maria is prepared to head to the hospital, and thanks Ronnie Anne for letting her relax. When Maria brings up that someone swallowed a wrench, Ronnie Anne is impressed, and Maria suddenly gets the idea to bring Ronnie Anne along, since it means that they can spend time together.


Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this episode.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Adios Anna Adios - Jonathan Hylander [Maria tells Ronnie Anne no more interruptions for the rest of the afternoon.]
  Move - Jonathan Hylander [Carlota finds a man who looks like Raul from Adios, Ana, Adios.]

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Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • The second half of the episode is similar to The Loud House Season 2 episode "Kick the Bucket List", as in both cases, the main characters were doing activities from their halves of list of activities.
  • This and "The Two of Clubs" are currently the most viewed Casagrandes episodes, with 1.09 million viewers.
  • Sergio breaks the fourth wall when he looks at the camera and says "It's a living."


  • Vacation Daze - The title of this episode is a pun of "vacation days".
  • The Flintstones - While fanning Maria while she sleeps, Sergio comments "It's a living", similar to how animals tend to accept their oddball jobs in this animated show.
  • Pac Man - While Ronnie Anne is looking for Maria and she is finding Ronnie Anne, a clip shows a map that looks like the original Pac Man map.


  • When the subway leaves, the door Ronnie Anne entered is shown to be on the opposite side of the platform she was on.


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