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The Loud House Vacation 🌴 Packing Guide 💼 – Nick

Vacation Packin' Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on May 23, 2018.


The promotional video talks about The Loud Family going on a tropical vacation. However, they only have one suitcase for the kids' stuff. This video talks about the ideal things that will fit into the suitcase.

  • Lori has a choice of either her cell phone or Bobby. Bobby won't fit, but the cell phone will let her stay connected with him.
  • Lincoln has a choice of either his comics or favorite sandwiches. Originally, it was the sandwiches for a snack, but they got smelly, so the comics were packed instead.
  • Luna has a choice of either her guitar or music player. At first, it was the guitar, but the music player eventually took its place due to taking less space.
  • Lucy has a choice of either her statue of Edwin or some sunscreen. Edwin originally went in for their love, but the sunscreen made it since Lucy's pale complexion won't do well in the sun.
  • Lana has a choice of either Hops or her plunger. Since frogs probably won't be allowed on the plane and would probably get an upset stomach anyway, the plunger goes in the suitcase after some adjusting.
  • Lynn has a choice of either her basketball or baseball. Originally it was her basketball, but her baseball was soon put in instead to make room, Lynn's throwing heat hotter than the summer sun anyway.
  • Luan has a choice of either Mr. Coconuts or her microphone. Mr. Coconuts was going to go at first as a travel buddy since he is "the only one who gets Luan's jokes," but it was changed to the microphone since there will be an open mic night at the resort.
  • Lola wants to take her tiara, mirror, toy car and tea set. Only the mirror went in the suitcase because Lola's cute face is better to look at then vacation views.
  • Leni has a choice of either her sunglasses or hairbrush. The sunglasses were considered, but the hairbrush was decided to be a better idea.
  • Lisa has a choice of either her beakers or a book on quantum physics. The beakers went in because Lisa would probably finished the book in five minutes.
  • Lily has a choice of either her blanket or diaper. The diaper was considered more important than the blanket.

After the suitcase is packed, an exclusive clip of the new episode, "Tripped!", is shown.

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