The Loud House Valentine’s Day Guide 💖 BRAND NEW Clip TryThis

The Loud House Valentine’s Day Guide 💖 BRAND NEW Clip TryThis

Valentine's Day Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on February 5, 2019.


What's that lovely smell? Oh nothing, it's just the scent of LOVE in the air at the Loud House! 💖 For this family, Valentine's Day is about DOING what you LOVE to do.

Lincoln is up first, it's first suggested that he could spend Valentine's Day at Grand Venture State Park, but based on what happened last time, that's a no. But the park could be the perfect place for Lisa, she's had her heart set on finding a new species.

Lincoln loves Gus' Games and Grub, and since they have a two for one deal, he can go with Ronnie Anne, as a friend.

Next is Luan, since she loves telling jokes at the Royal Woods Comedy Club, The Chortle Portal is the perfect place for her.

Lucy's next, since her one true love is immortal, the Royal Woods cemetery would be a cool place to visit.

Next up is Lola, it's first suggested that she celebrate at camp, but Lola doesn't love that idea. But, Lana loves everything at camp, making it perfect for her.

There's really only one way into Lola's heart, brilliant pageantry; so Miss Liza's Pageant Training Center is the perfect pageant place for this princess.

Lynn is the next Valentine's volunteer, and she's got a huge crush, on competition. She can go to Hole In One-derland, that way the only score she has to beat is her own.

The next Loud is Luna, she loves rock and all things British, the obvious spot for her and Sam is Banger's & Mosh. But, the host forgot Lynn Sr. and Rita love to go on dates here, but at least we know where they're gonna be.

It's suggested that Luna can show her affection for her rock obsession at the Royal Woods Opera, but she turned that opera into a nopera, no one is going to the opera for Valentine's Day. But Luna can go see Mick Swagger play at the Royal Woods Mall auditorium. And Leni can give her a ride since she was on her way there anyway, because she adores shopping, and her crush Chaz also works there.

On to the smallest Valentine of the group Lily, she's gonna spend the day at home with her favorite teddy.

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without the most lovey-dovey couple in the Loud House; Lori and Bobby, even though they've had their share of love fails, it's wondered if they should go to Gus' Games and Grub, but Lori probably won't wanna hang out with Lincoln and Bobby, they created quite a bromance last time. Jean Juan's French Mex is the perfect place to talk about love.

Guess Clyde will be there too.

That's it, the Loud's are all ready for a heck of a Valen-time.

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