Vanzilla is the nickname for the Loud family van.


The van has a two-tone green and white color scheme with two doors in the side, one of which has a broken lock and a window roller. It has four rows of seating; one with the drivers' seat and adjacent passenger seat and three with seats for other passengers. The license plate reads "LLLD", as seen on "A Tattler's Tale". On the front of the van is the word "FUNG", which may be the name of the van's manufacturer.


Despite the van bearing no distinct resemblance to any other real life vehicle, it takes design cues from various vans of the 1960's. The front grille resembles that of a 1964-1970 Dodge A-100, and the headlights slightly resemble those of a 1962-1967 Ford Falcon Club Wagon. The rear profile of the van also appears to be taken from the Econoline. It also has the split-screen windshield and taillight placement of the 1950-1967 Volkswagen Type 2. However, it also has some traits of more modern minivans, giving the van a more anachronistic appearance. The windows on the van are much larger, less round, and has less windows than 1960's vans. It also has single rear doors on both sides that are hinged, similar to the 1994-1998 Honda Odyssey.


  • The name of the van is most likely a pun of the famous Japanese monster Godzilla.
  • According to Lynn Sr., the van was his first car, as well as his father's and grandfather's.
    • This seems unlikely, as that would suggest that it goes farther back than a vehicle like this would have existed.
    • In "Vantastic Voyage", Rita said that Lynn Sr. is planning to passing the van to Lincoln when he's older.
  • Despite getting destroyed by the kids' violent brawl in "The Sweet Spot", it is seen perfectly intact in subsequent episodes.
    • It is possible that the van was fixed after the events of that episode.
S2E07B Lincoln looking at the photos

A van that resembles Vanzilla, but in red.

  • A similar-looking van appears in "The Whole Picture", when Lincoln and Clyde are looking at the former's recreated childhood photos.
  • "Tripped!" reveals that Lily can say its name, but she pronounces it "ban-zilly".

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