Vanzilla Gets A New Look!? 🚐The Loud House Makeover Guide TryThis

Vanzilla Gets A New Look!? 🚐The Loud House Makeover Guide TryThis

Vanzilla Gets A New Look!? is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on March 5, 2019.


The Loud House LOVES Vanzilla! It’s the ultimate family van BUT what would it look like with a makeover?? 🚐 Each Loud is customizing Vanzilla with their own unique looks. Join us as we explore all the awesome designs!

First up is Lola, obviously we first need to change the paint job to pink. You can't have a princess makeover without a tiara, so one gets added. The host suggests a fairy sticker, but Lola's in to unicorns now, so we add a unicorn sticker. Lola really loves glitter, so that gets added, but it still needs something. The host suggests adding streamers to the back, and Lola thinks it's so beautiful.

Next we get rock and rollin' with Luna, purple is her favourite color so Vanzilla gets a purple paint job. Next we add some sick lightning bolts, and Luna lives up to the Loud name by adding a huge guitar, and huge speakers, that way Vanzilla can really crank it up. She's also packing the guitar with a guitar, a drum kit, a keyboard, and a mic so she can record songs on the go, it's the ultimate tour bus- uh, van.

The next Loud to customize Vanzilla is Lori, since Lori loves Bobby, she'd put his face all over the van, and since they need to be in contact twenty-four seven she's installing a satellite dish on top so she can talk to him hands free, from anywhere in the world. She customized the horn. And added a golf cart trailer on the back, so she can golf whenever and wherever she wants. Talk about a hole in one.

Next up, Lincoln, he's Ace Savvy's number one fan, so he's decking out Vanzilla in blue and red, we also gotta add that ace of spades logo, and a cape. Ace Savvy's van would have a few tricks built in, so we'll add an oil slick shooter, and a cloaking device.

The next to customize Vanzilla, is Lana, Bobbie Fletcher is Lana's favorite racing driver, so we're gonna make Vanzilla look just like her car, red and yellow paint job, number eighty-eight sticker, and some racing tires, Lana's gonna upgrade the engine and, other stuff. All of this might be too much.

The next Loud is way to young to drive, it's Lily, this one's easy, blankies everywhere, and Lily has the idea to put a diaper on the back. They also add her cute little tuft of hair, and a custom horn, that would make any driver get out of the way.

The next Loud is Luan, her customization is sure to fuel laughter. Luan loves clowns, so we're adding a big red nose, a big clown wig, a bowtie, and a bowler hat. The paint job is made as wacky as Luan's personality, we also made the accelerator a whoopee cushion.

Now the ball is in Lynn's court, she's putting all of Vanzilla's space to good use, and packing it full of sports equipment; baseball, basketballs, hockey sticks, hockey pucks, a skateboard, board games, and a referee. We add a red and white paint job, Lynn's signature #1, and one of her prized trophies. Now we're ready for a winning drive.

The next Loud is Lucy, black and white are her favourite colors, so black and white everything. And we add Edwin, making it vampzilla, and you can't have a vampire van without fangs and wings, and we throw in a coffin for good measure. Spooky.

Leni's up, and she needs to ride in style, so she's cruisin' top down. Speaking of riding in style, Leni's putting some fresh shades on Vanzilla, and a pair of cute earings, also the GPS is permanently set to the mall.

And lastly, our technologically talented toddler, Lisa. She's going all out; wings, a jet engine, a bunch of beakers, a core continuum processor, and since chocolate's her brain food, she's filling Vanzilla with candy bars.

There's so many looks to choose from, how do we know which one is best, the host wonders what would happen if we put them all together, but it's too much, the system overloads. The host decides that the original Vanzilla is still the best Vanzilla.

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