The Loud House Vanzilla Seating Guide 🚐 Special BONUS Clip Nick

The Loud House Vanzilla Seating Guide 🚐 Special BONUS Clip Nick

Vanzilla Seating Guide is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on November 11, 2018.


The promotional video talks about The Loud Family about to go on a road trip, but there's one problem: who's going to sit where in Vanzilla? This video talks about the best seating arrangement for all the Louds.

  • Rita and Lynn Sr. will take the driver's seats, since Leni can't drive quite drive right yet, and Lori might lose focus if she ever thinks about Bobby. Instead, Leni is seated in the back row, while Lori is seated in the middle row.
  • Next up is Lisa. Taking into account the average speed of Vanzilla, multiply it by the wind speed, and factor in the angle of the tires, she is best suited for the back row.
  • Next up is Lincoln. Because Lincoln put a lot of hard work identifying where "the sweet spot" is, he can sit right there.
  • Next up is Lana and Lola. They can't be close to each other because of how someone could get caught in their crossfire, so Lola is placed in the front row, while Lana is placed in the back row.
  • Next up is Lynn. She is placed in the front row when she might cause trouble in the back row, and how she could torment Lincoln if she's seated right next to him.
  • Next up is Lucy. She is placed in the middle so she can read everyone's fortunes, and Lori is moved to the back row because of how she's eating bean chip, and they can make her pretty gassy.
  • Next up is Luna. She can be seated up front so she can provide a little bit of musical entertainment.
  • Lastly, there's Luan. At first, she's seated in the middle row, but because of she can pull off some pranks, she switches places with Lynn so Lynn Sr. can keep an eye on Luan.

Just when the seating is complete, it turns out they forgot Lily, who can be seated right beside Rita.

With the seating actually complete, there's one more problem: Vanzilla broke down... again. Nonetheless, at least there's a seating chart.

After asking the viewers who they would like to sit next to in Vanzilla, a clip of "Vantastic Voyage" is shown.

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