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Vito Filliponio is a minor character in The Loud House and a supporting character in its spin-off series The Casagrandes. He makes his first appearance in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos". He speaks with a slight Italian accent.


Vito likes spreading gossips and he's one of Hector's best informers. He claims to be the loyal customer of Hector's bodega, but that is partially a lie as he also shops in other stores too. However, he does frequently shop at Hector's bodega, to the point of being considered a de facto employee, so his claim of being a loyal customer is partially true.

He's not very well-educated, because he thought Julius Caesar invented Caesar salad, when it was Caesar Cardini. He also appears to be either very superstitious or very gullible, because he believed every word of the story about the Mexican boogeyman.

He has a deceptive side-- in "New Roomie", he lies that his apartment is unavailable as an excuse for sharing an apartment with the Casagrandes when actually he was lonely, and in "Dial M. for Mustard", he steals a hot dog cart to try to prevent Bruno the hot dog salesman from leaving.

Despite this, he is generally a good sort-- in The Case of the Stolen Drawers, for instance, he celebrates his friendship with Hector, and in "New Roomie", despite annoying the Casagrandes, he tries to do well and cooks for them.


Vito is a round and short elderly man. He has light gray hair, and a very thin black mustache. He wears a cream white shirt, light brown jacket with black patches on elbows, red suspenders, light gray trousers, and black shoes.


  • In the comic "Tongue Tied" in "The Case of the Stolen Drawers", it's revealed that he cannot speak Spanish, but knows a select few words, including "amigo". He's also implied to be able to speak Italian, since Hector is keen to learn Italian from him.
  • "New Roomie" reveals that he sings in his sleep and that he wakes up before five AM to feed his dogs smoothies.
  • According to Hector in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", he whitens his teeth.
  • "Fool's Gold" reveals that he used to own a (male) goldfish, but can't remember the goldfish's name.
  • "An Udder Mess" reveals that his mother used to call him a winner.
  • "Uptown Funk" reveals that he wears a toupee and "Operation Dad" reveals that he wears dentures.
  • Despite his round body, he's apparently lighter than Lalo, as Hector can carry Vito in "Fails from the Crypt" yet can barely lift Lalo in "Battle of the Grandpas".
  • "Skatey Cat" reveals that when he first learned how to ride a bike, he was so scared of pedaling by himself, his mother held his hand the entire time.
  • In "Bend It Like Abuelo", Vito used to dislike the Gatos soccer team, claiming they lose every time. However, as of "Let's Get Ready to Rumba", he has warmed up to the Gatos.

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