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"Walk Don't Run" is the second episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and Sid start a dog-walking business to save up for a new skateboard in a plan that quickly gets out of hand.


Ronnie Anne offer to walk Nelson.

While hanging out at the entrance of the Casagrande apartment, Ronnie Anne is performing tricks on her skateboard and Sid is swooning over Yoon Kwan in a magazine. Suddenly, the Street Cats attack and destroy Ronnie Anne's skateboard. When the cats leave, Ronnie Anne bemoans that her skateboard is destroyed and wishes that she could get a replacement board. At that moment, Mr. Nakamura exits the building, ready to walk Nelson. However, he happens to have severe back pain and can't take a few steps without his pain kicking in. Ronnie Anne and Sid offer to walk Nelson, and Mr. Nakamura thanks the girls, and proceeds to pay them for their help. The girls realize that if they get enough money walking Nelson, Ronnie Anne will be able to afford a new skateboard, and Sid can buy a cardboard cutout of Yoon Kwan.

As the girls walk Nelson, they theorize that with the pace they're going, they can get their items in two-and-a-half months. Seeing how far away that is from now, Ronnie Anne decides that they should expand their business by walking the dogs of all the other tenants of the apartment building. From this point on, Ronnie Anne and Sid proceed to walk the dogs of everyone they know, which include:

  • Miranda's dog, Ninja, who has a habit of sleeping wherever whenever
  • Mrs. Flores' dog, Buttercup, who like to eat everything in sight
  • Margarita's dogs, Fluffy (who's only allowed to eat organic foods) and Pickles (who loves puddles)
  • Lalo, under Carl's request, as he usually does this task
  • Vito's dogs, Big Tony (who often chases squirrels) and Little Sal (who likes to think he's a cat)

With the amount of dogs they're walking, the girls realize that they'll be able to afford all the things they want by the weekend. However, as they celebrate their success of walking the dogs at the park, the Street Cats suddenly arrive and attack, causing the dogs to run off in all directions. In addition, they also must be wary of a strict dog catcher who would fine dog owners for any violation. Acting fast, Sid grabs her mother's collection of animal whistles, and uses the dog whistle to bring the dogs back, however, only Nelson and Buttercup respond. Ronnie Anne theorizes that in order for her and Sid to find the remaining dogs, they have to use the information the owners told them.

The girls manage to find Ninja (and a sleeping Hector) by seeing him asleep in the park, and Big Tony by making him chase after a squirrel Sid looks after. The girls proceed to find Fluffy next, but discover that she stole a pack of salami, forcing the girls to use their earnings to pay for the salami. When the girls see Vito arriving, they quickly hide behind Bruno's hot dog cart before he notices that one of his dogs is missing. As Vito asks for two hot dogs, the situation gets increasingly awkward, forcing Bruno cover up everything by giving Vito the hot dogs for free. When Vito leaves, Bruno demands the girls to pay for the hot dogs he just gave away. The girls manage to find Little Sal by using a cat tower, and find Pickles rolling around in a mud puddle. Bobby steps in and say that if she pays him, he can wash Pickles. With Lalo the only dog they have to find, Carl says that he can find him for just $10 (who he just hid behind the entrance of the apartment building door). With all of the dogs found, the girls tie them to a fire hydrant. When Bobby comes back with Pickles, Sid attaches a leash onto her, but as she does so, Buttercup get a glimpse of Sid's dog whistle, and proceeds to eat it. As Buttercup barks, she ends up blowing the whistle, causing the dogs to follow her, resulting in the girls to chase after the dogs across the town. When the girls catch up to the dogs, the dog catcher captures them and fines the girls for the dogs not having leashes, leaving the girls penniless.

Ronnie Anne and Sid back to take Nelson for a walk.

Ronnie Anne and Sid are back to just walking Nelson, but they don't mind the long wait time. Also, Carl has taken the girls' job of walking all the dogs, but now has to deal with the trouble the Street Cats cause.


Hector has no lines in the episode.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Move - Phoebe Ogan, Jae Chong, Elizabeth Hooper and Andrew Bojanic [Ronnie Anne and Sid play Twelve is Midnight on the radio.]

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Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • This is the second episode where the Street Cats play a major role, the first being "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Miranda lives in apartment 4D.
  • This is the only episode where Carlos Alazaraqui voices Marcus the Animal Wrangler.
  • Innuendo: When Vito hears dogs barking behind Bruno, he makes the assumption that he makes hot dogs by using actual dogs.
  • Sid would eventually get her cardboard Yoon Kwan standee in "Operation Popstar", only to lose it in that same episode.


  • Walk Don't Run - The title of this episode is a common rule at public swimming pools, where moving slowly will prevent slippage.


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