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"Washed Up" is the tenth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-fifty-ninth episode of The Loud House.


The Louds rent a boat for a relaxing day trip on the lake, but the family ends up marooned on a desert island.


Lincoln explains that for the very first time in forever, everyone is free this Saturday. As luck would have it, today also happens to be fishing season, so the family has opted to spend their day by taking a boat trip around Lake Eddy. As the family gets ready, Lola asks Lana for her tire pump so she can inflate her floatie, Lana eats Rita and Lynn Sr.'s bait for breakfast, Lynn exercises her butt in hopes of creating a big splash when she cannonballs, and Lincoln convinces Lucy to join him on the hunt of a mysterious creature lurking in the lake named Plessy.

Sucked in...

At Lake Eddy, the family rents their boat from Flip, who tells them to bring in back within three hours, or else he'll double their rental fee. As the family relaxes on the boat, the engine suddenly dies out. It turns out that the engine is leaking and filled with junk. Rita tells her family to get the oars, but the oars on the boat are merely just painted on. To make matters worse, there is nothing else that can be used to move the boat. Suddenly, the family ends up getting caught and swept down into the depths of a raging whirlpool.

With the boat completely destroyed, the family ends up getting washed onto a deserted island. As the kids begin panicking that they're marooned and that their hopes of contacting someone to help them are gone, Rita and Lynn Sr. tell them to not give up so soon, saying that while they wait for the coast guard to come and pick them up, they can make the most of what they can find on the island. As the family ventures around the island, Rita, Lana, and Lynn find wood to start a fire, Lynn Sr. and Lisa find fresh fruit, Lincoln, Lori, and Lucy follow tracks that lead to fresh water and Luna creates a giant "SOS" in the sand. At night, the parents express their happiness at how optimistic everyone has been.

The next morning, the family wakes up and discovers that wild animals have arrived and eaten all of their food. As they chase the animals away, strong hurricane winds come in and destroy the housing and beds. As Lola chases after the bed she has made, she suddenly gets caught in quicksand, and when Lana tries to help her, she gets stuck as well. The family manages to rescue the twins by lassoing them out with some rope Leni had. At that moment, the family hears a ship horn bellowing in the distance and discover that it's the coast guard. Unfortunately, the boat happens to be going away from the island, since the "SOS" lettering that Luna wrote was washed away by the tide. With all of their hard work destroyed, and Lisa informing them that the coast guard only surveys the lake during fishing season (which only occurs every eight months), Rita and Lynn Sr. break down, declaring that they're giving up. However, the kids, motivated by all the perseverance they were given, tell them to not give up just yet, and state that they may have missed the coast guard, but they can still create their own boat to leave.

Guess what Lily found.

Sometime later, the family creates a raft and start to sail off. However, just second after setting sail, a tidal wave flips them over, but this doesn't stop them, and proceed to paddle-kick back home. After several hours of paddling, a dinghy arrives, and it happens to be Flip, who was looking for them after going over their rental limit. When Lana tells him that the boat was in poor condition and that it's a miracle that they're still alive, Flip decides to forget about their fine and offers to let the family travel along. As they ride back home, Plessy, the lake monster Lincoln and Lucy were looking for, appears behind the boat and licks Lily. Lily tries to tell Lincoln about Plessy, but Lincoln misinterprets Lily's actions as going back to the island and tells her that home is the other way, much to Lily's annoyance.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Saison 4 : Partie 1" DVD.


  • The graphic novel "Livin' La Casa Loud!" has a chapter with the same title as this episode.
  • According to Flip in "The Loudest Thanksgiving," the only time when his store isn't open is during fishing season. Considering that this episode takes place during fishing season, the fact that he's present when letting the Louds rent his boat gives insight to this statement.
  • According to Lincoln's calendar, this episode takes place in April.
  • Lincoln uses his knowledge of survival skills he learned from Rip Hardcore again, right after "Mall of Duty."
  • The titles of the books in the boat's first cabinet read Sailor Speak, 218 Puppets and How to Keep a Stiff Upper Lip.
  • When looking in the cabinets of the boat, one of the items shown is a jar of meat molars, referencing Flip's homemade replacement tooth in "Roadie to Nowhere."
  • While looking for something to row the boat, one of the items Lynn Sr. finds is a prosthetic leg, and if one were to notice when the family washes up on the island, Lincoln and Lucy were using that same leg as their flotation device.
  • Irony:
    • When the kids began to freak out, the parents told them to not give up so easily. When all of the hard work the family created was destroyed, the parents began to lose hope until the kids told them to not give up.
    • Lincoln and Lucy kept looking for Plessy, but in the end when it appeared, they both missed their chance.


  • Washed Up - The title of this episode is a phrase that refers to something washing up to shore or no longer effective or successful.
  • The Swiss Family Robinson - The story of the Loud family getting stranded on a deserted island is similar to this classic novel by Johann David Wyss.
  • Cast Away - The handprints on the eyes of Mr. Coconuts II resemble those on Wilson the volleyball from this movie.
  • Loch Ness Monster - Plessy is a reference to this mythical creature in Scottish folklore. The Loch Ness Monster is also sometimes called "Nessie".
  • Gilligan's Island - The Louds going on a three-hour tour and getting shipwrecked on an island is a reference to this TV show.


When did Lana's front teeth grow back?

  • When the Loud family are seen steering and kicking the log through the water, the sisters and Rita are missing their eyelashes are missing while Lincoln and Lynn Sr. are missing their eye bags.
  • In several parts of the episode, Lana has front teeth.
  • When the Loud kids are panicking about being stranded on an island, Lori and Lana's eyelashes are missing.
  • The rope that Leni wore around her waist became longer when using it to rescue Lana and Lola from the quicksand.
  • When the family is shouting to the coast guard to come back, Lori, Luna, Luan, and Lynn's eyelashes are disconnected.
  • When Luna and Luan saw that their distress signal got washed away, Luan did not have Mr. Coconuts II. But as the family are shouting to the coast guard, she does.
  • When Lincoln, Lucy, and Lori are walking looking for animal tracks, Lincoln's cowlick is on the wrong side of his head.
  • Throughout the episode Lynn's eyelids are the same color as her skin.


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