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"Weather Beaten" is the eighteenth episode of the third season, and the ninety-third episode of The Casagrandes.


A powerful artifact is coming to the Great Lakes City museum and it brings along a storm for the Casagrandes!


At the Great Lakes City University's art gallery, Charles Little Bull is hard at work putting up ancient artifacts of Aztec deities on display. As he does so while trying to prevent CJ, Carl and Carlitos from touching any of the artifacts, Ronnie Anne and Carlos arrive, carrying numerous crates. With everyone present, Carlos presents to the kids and Charles the centerpiece of the gallery: a statue of Tlaloc, the ancient god of rain. After Carlos and Charles explain that Tlaloc offered the people good weather whenever the people gave him their offerings, Charles places the statue on its pedestal. At that moment, Carl digs through a crate and discovers more Tlaloc statues; they're revealed to be souvenirs meant to be sold in the gallery's gift shop. As Carlos tells the kids about more Aztec deities, Carlitos pops out a crate and accidentally pumps into the pedestal, causing Tlaloc to fall and land in a bag on his stroller. Charles, after sitting himself up after being attacked by Carl's El Falcon toy, he discovers Tlaloc missing and mistakes one of the souvenir statues as the real one and places it back on the pedestal.

Later, as the kids arrive home, Hector tells them that they need to clean the roof of all the bird poop. As the kids begrudgingly get themselves ready to take on the dirty task, Carl discovers Carlitos holding the statue of Tlaloc and after claiming that it's the real statue, Ronnie Anne sarcastically wishes that it can rain so the roof will clean itself. Within seconds, rainclouds arrive and unleash a storm, which successfully leaves the roof completely spotless. When Carl questions Tlaloc if he just did that, Ronnie Anne thinks it's just a coincidence, but after Carl asks Tlaloc for snow, a blanket of snow suddenly plops down, proving that the statue is real.

Soon enough, the four kids proceed to spend their entire day using Tlaloc to change the weather to their liking so they can partake in many activates, like throwing snowballs, playing with water blasters, flying kits, and ice skating. All of these sudden changes in weather are unnoticed by Carlos, who remains asleep throughout everything. By the end of the day, Ronnie Anne says that they should return the statue back to the gallery tomorrow. After Carl throws the statue into a bin of dirty laundry while they go to sleep, Tlaloc's eyes suddenly glow red.

The next day, the kids wake up to discover snow falling inside their apartment. Confused by this abnormality, the kids realize that they might have provoked Tlaloc because of their greediness from the previous day, and Tlaloc responds with a "yes" by giving them a lightning strike. Because of this, the kids grab Tlaloc and quickly rush over to the gallery.

At the gallery, where heavy rain is coming down, the kids arrive and ask Charles to let them in. Upon being let in, they explain that they accidentally took home the statue of Tlaloc and want to put it back on its pedestal. After placing the artifact back on the pedestal, the rain stops, but suddenly, a giant cloud emerges from the statue; it's Tlaloc the deity himself. When the deity summons clouds to make it rain, Charles asks the kids what they did to anger Tlaloc, to which they confess that they asked him to change the weather so they can have fun. After chastising them for treating the artifact like a toy, Charles tells them that because they asked for weather without giving something back in return, they need to offer him something personal and tells them to do it quick before the gallery is ruined. One by one, the kids offer something for Tlaloc to appease him, like CJ giving his water blaster, Ronnie Anne giving a tamale, and Carlitos giving his pacifier. When it comes to Carl, he tries to offer a penny in his pocket, but relents and instead gives him his El Falcon figure. Examining the four objects, Tlaloc accepts the offering and proceeds to lift the curse, successfully preventing the artifacts from being ruined. At that moment, Carlos arrives, having gone through the weather, and congratulates Charles for keeping the gallery in shape.

Later, as the kids arrive back home to their snow-covered apartment, Ronnie Anne apologizes to Carl for having to give up his most treasured possession, but Carl reveals that he actually owns five more El Falcon figures. After making an insulting remark to Tlaloc, the deity himself arrives and shocks Carl with a thunderbolt, causing Carl to run away (while Tlaloc chases him) and quickly take back what he said.



  • This is the second episode where Charles Little Bull plays a major role, with the first being "Undivided Attention".
  • This episode reveals that Sergio has created his own currency called Sergio Bucks, and that Hector tends to use them to "pay" the kids to avoid giving them real money.
  • Underneath Sergio's feathers is a tattoo of a heart with a banner reading "PRISCILLA".
  • According to Carl, he owns at least five El Falcon action figures.


  • Weather Beaten - The title of this episode is an expression used to describe something damaged or worn by exposure to the weather.


I think the animators drew the stairs a little too short.

  • When Carlota notices the snow on the sidewalk, her boots are slightly cut off at the bottom.

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