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For the DVD, see The Loud House: Welcome to the Loud House.

Welcome to the Loud House is an online game based on The Loud House. It was released to on April 25, 2016, one week before the premiere of the show.


The objective is to explore the Loud House with Lincoln and his ten sisters. The player can choose up to four sisters to join Lincoln in all sorts of hijinks around the house. Three rooms are available:

  • Living Room
  • Lincoln's Room
  • Lori and Leni's Room

Version comparison

  • 4 sisters (PC browser version)
  • 2 sisters (Smartphone, tablet and PlayStation Vita browser version)

Selection quotes

These quotes happen when you drag a Loud sister for the player's chosen room.

  • Lori: "That is literally the worst thing I have ever heard."
  • Leni: "These are all the rage right now."
  • Luna: "Stay cool!"
  • Luan: "*laughter* Get it?"
  • Lynn: "Two minutes to game time! WOO!"
  • Lucy: *morose sighing*
  • Lana: "No running in the hallway!"
  • Lola: "This is a mandatory diaper zone!"
  • Lisa: "Classic."
  • Lily: *baby talk*

Trunk Items

A trunk found in every room contains several items. They change depending on which characters are selected. Since Lincoln will always be in the room, his walkie talkie is always in the trunk (in addition to the basketball):

  • Lincoln's Walkie Talkie
  • Basketball
  • Lori's Phone
  • Leni's Special Driving Outfit (from "Driving Miss Hazy")
  • Luna's Guitar
  • Luan's Microphone
  • Lynn's Soccer Ball
  • Lucy's Poetry Book
  • Lana's Gum
  • Lola's Bouquet of Flowers
  • Lisa's Beakers
  • Lily's Dirty Diaper

Item Effects

Each item has a different effect depending on which character you give it to. If you give it to the sibling it rightfully belongs to, it will trigger a short event.

Lincoln's Walkie Talkie

If you give it to Lincoln, he will call Clyde and tell him to meet him over at his house. Clyde will appear and respond and say, "Cadet Clyde, reporting for duty!"

If you give it to any of Lincoln's sisters, they will play around with it with no response. If given to Lori, she will say her selection quote to Clyde (likely rejecting his feelings towards her).


This item has no special effects. It can be thrown around when clicked and dragged. It will only bounce off of the characters' heads.

Lori's Phone

If given to Lori, she will get a voicemail from her boyfriend Bobby. Bobby asks her if they will be together forever or if their couple name should be "Bori" or "Lobby."

The other characters perform the following actions with Lori's phone.

  • Lincoln will hesitate to use it, afraid of what Lori might do to him if she finds out he has it.
  • Leni will take selfies.
  • Luna will take rockin' selfies.
  • Luan will commence a prank call.
  • Lynn will not know what to do with it.
  • Lucy will shrug it off.
  • Lana will make funny face selfies.
  • Lola will dial a random number.
  • Lisa will not do anything.
  • Lily will try to eat it.

Leni's Driving Outfit

If given to Leni, she will put the outfit on and pose for a fashion group.

The other characters perform the following actions with Leni's outfit.

  • Lincoln will stare at it, confused.
  • Lori will admire it.
  • Luna will make a gagging face, not liking it at all.
  • Luan will look at it with her lips puckered.
  • Lynn will kick it around in a wad.
  • Lucy will do nothing with it.
  • Lana will roll it up into a wad.
  • Lola will grin widely at it.
  • Lisa will look at it in discomfort.
  • Lily will play with it as a wad.

Luna's Guitar

If given to Luna, she will perform a rockin' guitar solo on stage with her siblings dancing to the beat (except for Lori, who will try to block out the sound).

If given to another character, they will try playing, but not very well. Leni does not try it at all, for she has no idea how to play. Lynn will hold it like a bat.

Luan's Microphone

If given to Luan, she will tell a joke to her siblings and an audience at a comedy club.

  • Luan: "Hey! Did you hear the one about the thief who stole a calendar? He got twelve months! *laughs* Get it?"

If given to someone else, they will say something into it. Luna will rock out with it, while Lola will sneer with it, and Lily tries to teeth it.

Lynn's Soccer Ball

If given to Lynn, she will kick the ball in the house. Her siblings run in panic and the ball will ricochet into the screen. If given to anyone else, they will give it a light kick.

Lucy's Poetry Book

If given to Lucy, she will recite a new poem she wrote in a dark and scary setting. Her siblings run in fear of what is happening.

  • Lucy: "I actually just wrote a new poem called "Ventilate".
"Inside the wall
I choose to be alone
If I ever get stuck
Please listen for my moan."

If given to Lynn, she will kick the book away. If given to Lily, she will play with the book on her face. If given to Luan, she will laugh it off. Other characters will be too disturbed by Lucy's writing to recite anything.

The poem is later used in the episode "Get the Message".

Lana's Gum

If given to Lana, she will blow a bubble so big that it pops and gets everywhere in the room.

Other characters will try blowing bubbles as well. Some are small, while others pop in the siblings' faces. The only exception is Lily, who will try to eat the gum while it is still in its wrapper.

Lola's Flowers

If given to Lola, she will win a beauty pageant against her stuffed animals.

The other characters perform the following actions with Lola's flowers.

  • Lincoln will have no idea what to do with them or who to give them to.
  • Lori will amorously hold them tight, thinking they are a gift.
  • Leni will cheerfully hold them.
  • Luna will flail her arms while holding them, probably thinking someone likes her.
  • Luan will giddily hold onto them.
  • Lynn will kick them across the room.
  • Lucy will cause them to wilt.
  • Lana will dance around with them.
  • Lisa will carefully study them.
  • Lily will play around with them.

Lisa's Beakers

If given to Lisa, she will perform an experiment that results in a massive explosion as her siblings run in panic.

If given to Luan, she will sneakily pour some drops on the floor. If given to Lucy, she will accidentally spill some chemicals on the floor. Other characters will not do anything with them.

Lily's Dirty Diaper

If given to Lily, she will cause a major stink cloud to surround the room, trapping her siblings within it as they panic.

If given to anyone else, they will run away from it in disgust.


  • Lincoln's Room Pioneer: "Find all the gizmos in Lincoln's room."
  • Living Room Adventurer: "Find all the doodads in the living room."
  • Leni & Lori's Room Explorer: "Find all the doohickeys in Leni & Lori's room."
  • The Gang's All Here: "Play the game using every character!"
  • Only Have Eyes For You: "Use Lincoln's Radio while Lori is in the room."
  • Home Wrecker: "Break something..."
  • Master Of The House: "Visit all the rooms!"
  • Hops: "Find the frog!"
  • Fashionista: "See every outfit on the mannequin!"
  • Air Raid: "Trigger a swarm of airplanes!"
  • Takeover King: "Discover every character's unique item."


  • Most of the characters' quotes came from "Heavy Meddle", except for Luan's which came from multiple episodes and the twins' which came from "Get the Message".


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