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For the song, see Wet, Lather and Scrub (song).
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"Wet, Lather and Scrub" is a short based on The Loud House.

Prior to the short's official release on, the short's titular song was released on TV in March 2020 as a public service announcement (PSA) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sarah Johnson later revealed that, although the song came out during the pandemic, the topic of the song (washing your hands) was out of pure coincidence, since this short was pitched in July 2019 and wasn't meant to be a PSA in the first place.[1]


Lisa Loud's got the lowdown on healthy habits.


At the elementary school, Lisa enters her kindergarten class, ready to have lunch with her fellow classmates. However, before she can eat, she discovers her classmates disregarding their poor hygiene, whether it's sneezing on each other, picking their nose, or licking stuff off the table. Appalled, Lisa tries to explain to her classmates the dangers of giving each other germs, but they don't get what she's saying. In an attempt to appeal to them on their level, she decides to tell them through song about the dangers of spreading germs and how to they can prevent it by staying healthy (especially when it comes to washing hands). Upon finishing the song, Lisa's classmates cheer for her.


Petey Wimple has no lines in this short.




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