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"What's Love Gato Do with It?" is the thirty-seventh episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


After a magician hypnotizes Bobby into thinking he's a cat, the family needs to snap him out of it.


The Casagrande family is arriving back home after a trip to the Great Lakes City Onion Festival. When they get home, they discover the street cats blocking their way, and Rosa makes them go away after spraying water at them from a hydrant. With the cats gone, the family express their hatred for cats.

Bobby was turned into a cat.

The next day, Bobby arrives to Alexis' apartment with a box of pan dulces, revealing that it's Alexis' birthday today. When Bobby says he has to get back to work, Alexis tells him to stay, saying that a magician is about to start her show. The kids and Bobby watch the magician, Greta the Great, introduce herself. After performing a few tricks, Greta says that she needs a volunteer for her hypnosis trick. When Bobby says he'll be the volunteer (at Alexis' suggestion), Greta asks the kids what she should hypnotize Bobby into becoming. When Bobby says anything but a cat, the kids state that they want Bobby to be a cat. After spinning her wheel, Greta hypnotizes Bobby by telling him that every time he hears a bell, he will turn into a cat, and when the word "papaya" is said, he'll turn back to normal. After reciting the spell, Greta demonstrates to the kids her hypnosis by ringing a bell to make Bobby think he is a cat, and undoing it by saying "papaya." After being unhypnotized, Bobby gets a call to come back to the mercado.

As Bobby is restocking the milk, Hector, who's running the cashier, pays for Vito's items and the ringing of the cash register causes Bobby to begin acting like a cat and drinking the milk. As Hector and Vito look on with befuddlement, Par arrives with a box of papayas, and his utterance of the word snaps Bobby back to normal. When Bobby offers to restock them, a customer enters the store and the door's bell causes Bobby to think he is a cat again, where he proceeds to play with one of the papayas. Bringing the papaya up to the Casagrande's apartment, Bobby proceeds to scratch on the door, where the family hears him. After being let in, the family can do nothing but stare in befuddlement as Bobby constantly goes back and forth from thinking he's a cat by the sound of a bell, to going back to normal every time "papaya" is said. After breaking a fight between Bobby and Lalo, Ronnie Anne discovers that Bobby thinks he's a cat, and despite Maria and Arturo's research, they couldn't find anything medically wrong with Bobby's behavior. Suddenly, Carl comes in and says that Bobby went to Alexis' birthday and was hypnotized by a magician, saying that he got her card.

At Greta's magic shop, Greta reveals to the family the hypnosis spell she put Bobby under. After saying "papaya," Bobby turns back to normal, but Ronnie Anne insists that Greta try to get rid of the spell for good. However, Greta sheepishly admits that she doesn't know how to undo spells and suggests that they live with it. After turning back to normal, Bobby is confused by everyone is looking at him unhappily, and the family proceeds to tell Bobby what's happening. Five minutes later, Bobby is horrified at what's happened and, not wanting to give his family any more troubles, proceeds to leave the family by ringing a bell, and running away like a cat, much to the family's sadness. Ronnie Anne, however, insists that she'll find him.

Throughout the day, Ronnie Anne, Carlota, CJ, Carl and Sergio proceed to go all around the city asking people about Bobby's whereabouts, all the while, Bobby proceeds to live like a stray cat by chasing dogs at the park, meowing songs on a fence (much to a neighbor's aggravation), coughing up hairballs, etc. During the search, a line of hairballs filled with price tags is discovered, and they assume Bobby is nearby. As Ronnie Anne, Carlota, CJ, Carl and Sergio traverse the alley in hopes of finding Bobby, they are about to get ambushed by the street cats. Just as the street cats get closer, Bobby jumps out (with his hair shaped like cat ears, more ragged clothes and a rope for a tail) and proceeds to screech at them. Ronnie Anne says, "papaya" to get him back to normal and they ask why he left the family. Bobby tells them the family hates cats and assumes that if the spell can't be broken, he can't stay with them, hence why he's living with the street cats. However, they explain that cat or not, Bobby will still be loved by his family, and Bobby, now knowing that the situation is far from dire, agrees to go back to his family.

The family hugs Bobby when he's finally back to his normal self.

Arriving back home, Bobby is quickly embraced by his family, and they reveal a surprise for him. They reveal that they remodeled his room into having cat furniture and décor, saying that regardless whether or not he's a cat, he'll always have a home here. After thanking his family for this act of kindness, Carl rings a bell to see if Bobby will like his room when he's a "cat". At first, Bobby is shown to love the new furniture, but when jumps into the air, he fails to land on all four like normal cats. Maria quickly utters "papaya" to make Bobby regain consciousness, and when Bobby says that he's fine, Carlota's phone rings and Bobby suddenly responds by replying to Carlota's statement. Maria realizes that Bobby hitting his head caused the spell to wear off, which is proven when Carlota's phone rings again and Bobby doesn't react. Realizing he's cured, the family embraces Bobby with hugs, knowing that he's finally back to his normal self (but not before he coughs up one more fur ball).


Carlitos has no lines in the episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.
As the DVD was released before the French dub of this episode aired, the DVD does not include this episode's French dub.


  • "Gato" is Spanish for "cat".
  • The way Frida cries "Oh, NOOOOO!" in this episode is the exact same way she says it in "Grandparent Trap".
  • This episode reveals that Alexis is Mrs. Flores' son.
  • This is the last episode and only episode in the The Casagrandes where Nika Futterman voices Alexis.
  • This episode reveals that the Casagrande and Santiago families hate cats, with the possible exception of Ronnie Anne, who watched cat videos in "The Horror-Scope".
  • Irony: Bobby also says he dislikes cats, despite the fact that his girlfriend Lori owns a cat.
  • Innuendo: When Maria and Arturo decide to check Bobby's temperature, Ronnie Anne reads that when taking the temperature for cats, the thermometer has to be inserted into the rear, and Arturo, knowing how awkward that would be on a human, decides not to proceed.
  • Cartoon biology: Bobby coughs up hairballs, but in reality, a human with short hair like Bobby wouldn't be flexible enough to swallow their hair.



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