What's Your Loud House Hairdo? is an online quiz game based on The Loud House. It was released on on July 27, 2016.


The game is a questionnaire. There are eight options to choose between one of two or more selections. Once you have made all your options, you will find out whose hairstyle you ended up with based on your selections.


Would you rather read...?

-Regular Books
-Comic Books

Pick a Doggy 'Do!

-Poodle with a bow
-Collie with a long mane
-Terrier with a ponytail
-Bulldog with a newsboy cap

Mermaid Man or Barnacle Boy?

-Mermaid Man
-Barnacle Boy

Time to accessorize!

-Spider hairband

I woke up like this:

-Calm kitten
-Cranky kitten

Choose a hair product!

-Shampoo that goes for the gold
-Hairspray that raises the dead

Which slide would you slip down?

-Multi-slot slide
-Tube slide

Which slice of 'za?

-Pasta noodles
-Spinach and olives
-Gummy worms


Classic Cowlick (Lincoln)
"As hard as you try to keep it all under control, there are always stray hairs that just won't listen. Like Lincoln, your 'do says...I'm always up to something."

Crispy Curls (Clyde)
"Wow! Your do is curl-tastic! Like Clyde your hair is as big as your heart and as wild as your schemes. With hair like that, you can never be pushed to the side. Keep cool, and just do you."

Luscious Locks (Lola)
"Like Lola, your long golden hair is always the center of attention! You can command any stage with this show-stopping mane. Your 'do always goes the distance."

Hat Hair (Lana)
"Your hair is cool and all, but for you, it's all about the backwards cap. Like Lana, you're way too busy cap-tivating everyone with your personality to style your 'do. Hat's on to you!"

Bangin' Bangs (Lucy)
"Your long black locks are really bangin'. It's a mystery to everyone how you keep your hair so shiny. Like Lucy, you might scare people with your unpredictability, but that is one deadly 'do."

Perfect Ponytail (Lynn)
"Now that's an MVP: Most Valuable Ponytail. Like Lynn, you need your hair out of the way to keep scoring. It's got so much bounce, it's the number one 'do in any game."



  • Mermaidman and Barnacleboy from fellow Nicktoon SpongeBob SquarePants appear in this game.

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