What's Your Loud House Spirit Animal? is an online quiz game based on The Loud House.


The theme of the game is determine which of the four main Loud House pets (Charles, Cliff, Geo, and Walt) the quiz taker is most like. Each option represents one pet and the player chooses which one of them they would have the most in common with. The results then determine which of the pets is their spirit animal.


What do you eat?

  • Kibble (Charles)
  • Birdseed (Walt)
  • Tuna (Cliff)
  • Carrots (Geo)

Where would you live?

  • A ball (Geo)
  • A cage (Walt)
  • A doghouse (Charles)
  • A cardboard box (Cliff)

How do you communicate?

  • Chirp (Walt)
  • Bark (Charles)
  • Meow (Cliff)
  • Squeak (Geo)

What's your biggest fear?

  • Big noisy shoes (Cliff)
  • Open/closed windows (Walt)
  • Vacuum cleaners (Charles)
  • Cucumbers (Geo)

What's your favorite pastime?

  • Using a scratching post (Cliff)
  • Playing fetch with a ball (Charles)

What's your method of transportation?

  • Roll (Geo)
  • Fly (Walt)

What best describes you?

  • Playful (Charles)
  • Independent (Cliff)
  • Musical (Walt)
  • Cute (Geo)

Pick a color!

  • White (Charles)
  • Brown (Geo)
  • Black (Cliff)
  • Yellow (Walt)


You're (insert pet's name here)!


You're the top dog in your house. Your favorite hobbies include marking your territory and pooping on the couch.


You're one cool cat. With so many people to give you attention, your life is purr-fect.


You're a tiny baller that knows how to roll out. Small size...big attitude.


You're free as a bird. Everyone loves you because you're so FLY.



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