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"Wheel and Deal" is the forty-third episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-ninety-second episode of The Loud House.


Lana wants to win a race car ride-along with her hero, so she and Lincoln enter to compete in a soap box derby.


At the Loud House, Lincoln and Clyde are playing a racing video game. The moment they finish, Lana suddenly pops out of the couch and reveals to Lincoln that there's a soapbox derby where the grand prize is riding along her hero, Bobbie Fletcher, and wants him to be her co-driver. Being an expert on driving virtual cars, Lincoln agrees to join her.

Lana and Lincoln decides to enter in a soapbox derby.

Entering the garage, Lana reveals her vehicle: a bathtub with wheels she calls Loud Lightning. Unimpressed with its poor shape, Lincoln suggests that they soup up the princess car, but Lana denies, saying that it takes away from the spirit of the race. Lana also reveals that because of her connections to the dump, she can get all the necessary equipment to make her vehicle run on engine power. After some modifications, Loud Lightning becomes a fully powered vehicle.

While Lincoln and Clyde hang out at the racetrack where the race is set to take place, they discover that there are three competing vehicles, and they run much faster. They walk up Chandler, one of the competitors, asking where he got his car, and Chandler states that he and the others bought theirs. He also reveals that they're only competing because they want to win, not for meeting Bobbie. Thinking the competition is unbalanced, Lincoln tries to persuade Lana into buying their vehicle so they can be even with the other racers, but Lana, still going by her belief that her homemade vehicle will win, ignores Lincoln's advice. After clocking how fast the vehicles can go, Lincoln decides that there's only one way to help Lana guarantee victory.

Sometime later, the race starts, and the entire Loud family is there to support Lincoln and Lana. When Bobbie introduces herself, she officially starts the race. As the race starts, it becomes apparent that the competitors' cars are going much faster. As they race, Lincoln secretly calls for his friends to help them out. First, Clyde and Rusty set up a detour to help get ahead of the racers. Second, when their vehicle can't go up a steep hill, Zach secretly launches a plunger to pull them up. Third, Liam releases some of his pigs, which create mud puddles that slow down the other racers. As the two head on the final stretch, the competitors arrive and slowly advance. Lana attempts to give her vehicle a turbo boost, but when it doesn't activate, Stella operates two drones to give their vehicle extra speed. Just when it seems like victory is in reach, Lana hears something buzzing behind her. Looking behind her vehicle, she discovers the drones, and when she spots Lincoln's walkie-talkie in his hand, she halts to a stop, letting the others pass by. Lana eventually pieces together that all of the weird stuff that has happened was a result of Lincoln cheating. Because of this, Lana gets upset and fires Lincoln as her co-driver, and proceeds to head back, intending to start over and race the right way. Lincoln apologizes and when he comments that Lana is doing something admirable by starting over, Lana forgives him, knowing that he just wanted to help her win.

Dreams do come true.

At nighttime, Lincoln and Lana finally finish the race, passing by the now sleeping Loud family. When Lincoln comments that no one is awake to see them cross the finish line, Bobbie is revealed to be present, where she congratulates the two for being the only team with a homemade car. When she says that she would love to take a spin in it, Lana lets her jump in. However, the car breaks down and Bobbie offers to help Lana fix it up.


Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lucy, Lisa, Lily, Rita, Lynn Sr., Richie, and Rusty have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Bienvenue chez les Loud: Saison 4: Partie 2" DVD.


@SarahJSketches Twitter Picture.jpg
Sarah J - #NewDeal4Animation
I hate drawing cars. I SUCK at drawing cars. I ended the board pitch with, "The End. Please never make me draw another car." Thankful for @acastleton cobbling my garbage together and the whole LH team making it look great!
Jun 17, 2020[1]
  • According to Sarah Johnson, she found this episode difficult to board because of her inability to draw cars. When she completed her storyboard pitch, she said "The End. Please never make me draw another car."
  • This episode reveals that Bobbie Fletcher’s car has a stick shift.
  • The title card is similar to that of "Tripped!".


  • Wheel and Deal - The title of this episode is an expression meaning to take part in clever (but sometimes dishonest or immoral) business deals.


  • Plot hole: If the race was meant to use only homemade cars, then all the racers sans Lincoln and Lana should have been disqualified for using purchased cars before the race started.
  • When Lana fired Lincoln as her co-driver, she sits back in her car and puts on her seatbelt. But when Lana decides to start over with the race, she puts her seatbelt on again.
  • Lisa's voice actress, Lara Jill Miller, is credited despite her character not saying a word.
  • When Bobbie Fletcher puts on the helmet Lana made her, the buckle on it disappeared. Then it reappeared when she rides with Lana in her car.



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