S1E02B Lincoln observes his empty trophy case I've tried everything to get into this trophy case.
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The following is a transcript for the episode "Wheel and Deal".

[The episode begins with Clyde and Lincoln playing a car game, Lincoln is player one and Clyde is player two, they seem to be on Lap 5/5]
Clyde: [inaudible] AHHH!
[Clyde and Lincoln see a cow on the road]
Clyde: "Lincoln! Look out! Road cow!"
[Lincoln avoids the cow and drives to the finish, while Clyde waits for the cow to cross the road, Lincoln's screen gets covered with yellow text that says "Turbo-Tastic!" with stars floating on the corners, it also has a badge that has a star on the center.]
Game Narrator: "Turbo-Tastic! Player one! you've-"
[while The Game Narrator is speaking, Clyde reaches the finish, Clyde's screen also gets covered with text, but green, and says "Safe!" with a badge that has a thumbs up hand on the center.]
Game Narrator: "-crushed the time for this track!" [now speaking to Clyde] "way to stay safe, player two! you've obeyed all of the rules in the road!"
Clyde: "Y-YES! now that's what i'm talking about!
Lincoln: "Nice going, Clyde!"
Clyde: "You two, bud!"
[Lana, unexpectedly appears popping out of the sofa, which startles Clyde and falls to the ground.]
Lincoln: "Lana! how long have you been in there?"
Lana: "Long enough to see what a good driver you are and to find this old donut."
[Lincoln gets uncomfortable while Hops eats the ant in the disgusting old donut, then Lana eats the donut whole.]
Lana: "Lincoln, how'd you like to put those driving skills to the test in real life? your favorite sister [Lana shows a Royal Woods Go-Kart Advertisement to Lincoln] impress her hero!"
Lincoln: "Sign up now for the Royal Woods Go-Kart Grand Prix. First Prize is a ride with Superstar Racer "Bobbie Fletcher"."
Lana: [eyes sparkle and sighs] I've been dreaming about it all week.

[Lana imagines Bobbie Fletcher coming to The Loud House while fixing Vanzilla, honking her car.]
Bobbie Fletcher: "Hey, Lana. Ready for our ride?"
Racecar: "Hop in!"
Lana: "I don't care if I'm dreaming. Nobody pinch me." [Grabs Hops and gets in the car]
Bobbie Fletcher: "Buckle up." [Sets her car to drive]
Racecar: "Let's fly!"
[They take off into the sunset.]

[The imagine spot ends.]
Lana: "That's why I'm scouting you as my co-driver. I need the best."
Lincoln: "Well, I am a pro at driving super-fast virtual cars. What kind of ride are we working with?"
[The scene cuts to the garage.]
Lana: "Presenting, Loud Lightning!" [Pulls away the tarp, revealing a bathtub.]
Lincoln: "Lana, that's a bathtub, and are those Lily's old stroller wheels?"
Lana: "Don't focus on what it is, Linc. Focus on what it will be!"
Lincoln: "Okay." [Focuses on the vehicle, but his opinion doesn't change.] "I'm still just seeing a bathtub. Hey, why don't we soup up Lola's old princes jeep instead? That's something humans are actually meant to drive."
Lana: "Psh! That would totally violate the spirit of the race. A true racer builds her own car from scratch. That's what Bobbie Fletcher does and that's what I'm to do do, too." [Lana busts a piece of the tub as a result of leaning on it.]
Lincoln: "But this thing doesn't even have an engine."
Lana: "Not yet!" [Lana brings engines in a wagon] "But thanks to my connections down at the scrapyard, that is gonna change. We'll make this tub purr in no time."

Lana: "Detour? Has that always been here?"

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