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When I Grow Up is an upcoming installment of graphic novels featuring The Loud House comics, to be published by Papercutz.

Official Description

The Loud House is looking to the future as a school project forces the kids to plan careers! Can Lynn pick just one sport? Could Lola be a pro pageant queen? Would Lana make it as a professional worm catcher? Lincoln and his 10 sisters are about to put their imaginations to work, literally! Meanwhile, Lucy leads a freaky quest and Lincoln's friend Zach hunts a monster at the school. All this and the Casagrandes too! CJ needs to use his pirate know-how to rescue his cousin Bobby -- can the seven seas help him? Can his trusty dog Lalo? The shocking answers to these questions, some big belly laughs, and more in all-new stories by the Loud House creative comics team!

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