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Which Loud House Character Are You? is an online quiz game based on The Loud House. It was released on on April 14, 2016.


The game is an online personality quiz. There are nine questions that the player must answer. After finishing the quiz, the player is paired with one of the main characters from The Loud House who matches the answers they chose.


"What's in your backpack?"

  • Dark poetry book (Lucy)
  • Soccer ball (Lynn)
  • Microphone (Luna)
  • Tiara (Lola)
  • Beaker (Lisa)
  • Wrench (Lana)

"How would your friends describe you?"

  • Funny (Luan)
  • Determined (Lincoln)
  • Cute (Lola/Lily)
  • Loyal (Clyde)
  • Stylish (Leni)
  • Talkative (Lori)

"Pick something to play with!"

  • Toilet plunger (Lana)
  • Groucho glasses (Luan)
  • Necklace (Lola)
  • Robot (Lisa)

"What's your dream pet?"

  • Crow (Lucy)
  • Puppy (Lynn)
  • Mouse
  • Snake (Lana)
  • Parakeets
  • Poodle

"What's your go-to activity?"

  • Planning (Lincoln)
  • LOL-ing (Luan)
  • Singing (Luna)
  • Shopping (Leni)
  • Running (Lynn)
  • Helping (Clyde)

"Pick a phone case!"

  • Spiderweb design (Lucy)
  • Pink sparkle design (Lola)
  • Basketball design (Lynn)
  • Music note design (Luna)

"What sibling would you want to be?"

  • The middle (Lincoln)
  • The youngest (Lily)
  • The smartest (Lisa)
  • The oldest (Lori)

"What can't you live without?"

  • Football (Lynn)
  • Guitar (Luna)
  • Mirror (Lola)
  • Family (Lincoln)
  • Whoopee cushion (Luan)
  • Cell phone (Lori)

"Pick a poster!"

  • Ghost (Lucy)
  • Shopping bags (Leni)
  • Stuffed animals (Lola)
  • Rubber duck (Lily)
  • Beakers (Lisa)
  • Snake (Lana)


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