Which Side Character Are You? is an online quiz game based on The Loud House. It was released on on August 17, 2017.


This quiz is to determine whether the player is a lot like Clyde, Bobby, Ronnie Anne, or Lynn Sr. There are 10 questions and the player chooses any answer. After all the questions are answered, the results are shown as to which character they're the most like.


"What's Your Favorite Pastime?"

  • Skateboarding (Ronnie Anne)
  • Playing Video Games (Clyde)
  • Talking on the Phone (Bobby)
  • Playing the Cowbell (Lynn Sr.)

"What's your dream?"

"Who's Your Favorite Loud?"

"Pick an after-school snack"

"What would you do with Lincoln?"

  • Sing Karaoke (Lynn Sr.)
  • Read Comic Books (Clyde)

"Pick a 'do!"

  • Clyde's hair
  • Ronnie Anne's hair
  • Lynn Sr.'s hair
  • Bobby's hair

"What would you do when you see your crush?"

  • Pass Out (Clyde)
  • Punch 'Em (Ronnie Anne)

"Pick some plaid swag!"

  • Yellow (Lynn Sr.)
  • Green (Bobby)

"What don't you like?"

  • Mushy Stuff (Ronnie Anne)
  • Scary Movies (Clyde)
  • Low Battery Power (Bobby)
  • Spiders (Lynn Sr.)

"What would your dream pet be?"

  • 50 kittens (Clyde)
  • Unicorn (???)


You're (insert character's name here)!


You're wise beyond your years and a smooth operator, except when you're around a certain someone. Then your nose bleeds and you pass out.


AKA Bobby Boo Boo Bear. You're a man who wears many hats. Okay, not actually. We mean you have a lot of jobs.

Ronnie Anne

Tough on the outside, but a softie at heart. You love skateboarding and spicing things up in Dance Battle. Your favorite food? Knuckle sandwiches.

Lynn Sr.

A family man who excels at playing the cowbell and telling dad jokes. You're a whiz in the kitchen, but not when there are POT RACCOONS!.



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