Not to be confused with Whitney Wetta.

Whitney is a recurring character mentioned by Lori on the latter's cell phone in multiple episodes.


In "Get the Message", as Lori kicks Lincoln out of the bathroom, Lori says: "Bobby, you'll never guess what Whitney said to me today."

In "Suite and Sour", (her first onscreen appearance) she works as a manager at a spa and is seen talking to Leni.

In "L is for Love", she can be seen in the restaurant Banger's & Mosh when Lynn Sr. shouts "MEAT PIES FOR EVERYONE!".

In "Spell It Out", Lori is complaining about Carol until losing the call: "Whitney? Whitney? Hello? What? No! This can't be happening!"

In "Change of Heart", Lori says "Whitney, wait till you see my new shoes. They will literally blow your mind!", then after Clyde bleeds on them "Ugh. Never mind, Whitney.", and hangs up. Then later in the episode: "Carol did what? Hang on, Whitney. I literally need chips for this story".

In "Health Kicked", when Lori is jogging with her parents: "So, Whitney was like "I don't think highlights are right for you", and I was like, "Ugh. I already bought the lemon juice", and so she goes-".

In "The Crying Dame", she and Becky visit Lori and later leave the house after listening to Fenton's annoying song while Lori pleaded them to come back.

In "Roadie to Nowhere", she can be seen at Luna's concert.

In "Selfie Improvement", she is seen at a golf tournament in a flashback.

In "Pipe Dreams", she works as a crewman to prep up the bathroom.

In "Rita Her Rights", she is seen talking with male friends at school.

In "Friendzy", Whitney is one of the many friends which Lori invites over in order to get special privileges at home.


She has long, curly blonde hair, pink eye shadow, white earrings, and three pairs of eyelashes.

She wears a pink sleeveless shirt, white shorts, white socks, and purple shoes.

In "Friendzy", she wears a purple dress that is identical to Whitney Wetta's avatar, and light blue heels.


  • She shares the first name and appearance of Whitney Wetta, one of the series' writers.
  • She is the Loud House version of writer Whitney Wetta.

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