Who's your Super Brawl Character? is a quiz game based on Super Brawl World. It was released on in 2016.


The game ask you questions about Super Brawl Characters. There are eighteen options to choose between one of two or three.


Where would you brawl?

-In the city
-In the ocean
-In the house

What's your brawl meatball?

-Power ranger meatball
-Raphael meatball
-Sky whale meatball

Would you rather?

-Fire rainbows out of your hands
-Make it rain bubbles

How do you kick butt?

-Like Raphael
-Like Red Ranger

What's your gaming strategy?

-Special move
-Button mash

Pizza or Doughnuts?


What do you wear to a fight?


What do you grab before you brawl?

-A gun
-A mask


You're Lincoln Loud!

Who's Loud? YOU ARE! Winning's easy when you've got ten sisters on your side. You don't want to mess with this fist-flying brother!!


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